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Beneath the Scales
Beneath the Scales
By: Aurora Peppermint
Published by: Harmony Ink Press
Are Best Seller 
Loyalty and truth will be redefined as a young orphan undertakes a quest that will change his life. Martus is doing all he can to help his magically gifted sister, Elsaben, dealing with the frustration that it’s never enough. They’re living hand to mouth on what he can steal, and under-the-table more...
The Mermaid Scale
The Mermaid Scale
By: Sage L. Morgan
Published by: Sage L. Morgan
Broken-hearted and fed up, Nicole agrees to an impromptu beach vacation proposed by her best friend, but she has no idea what she's in for when she accepts a gift from a psychic at a pop-up stand. Somehow, she wakes up later in the body of Kyrie, a mermaid with a tangled past. Kyrie is everything Ni more...