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Zombie Games (Running Wild) Book Two

Series: Zombie Games , Book 2.0
By: Kristen Middleton | Other books by Kristen Middleton
Published By: Kristen Middleton
Published: Feb 11, 2013
ISBN # 9781300709398
Word Count: 41,145
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Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Science Fiction & Fantasy


Zombie Games (Running Wild) Book Two (Zombie Games) by Kristen Middleton - Romance>Paranormal/Horror

Cassandra Wild is on the run from an deranged psychopath while she fights to stay alive during the zombie apocalypse. After being kidnapped, injured, and thrown together with a new band of misfits, things get more complicated and it takes all of her strength and courage to survive in a world gone completely mad.
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Chapter One

Like most children growing up, I was afraid of the dark. Or, rather, what was lurking inside of it. Every night, I’d insist on having a nightlight in my room and beg my mother to keep my bedroom door open. Most nights, she’d be tucking me into bed, reassuring me that there weren’t any boogiemen hiding under it, nor were there any monsters watching from outside of my window. When that wasn’t enough to satisfy me, she’d sigh wearily, look me straight in the eye, and say, “Wild One, your daddy will shoot anyone or anything that tries to harm you, so please, just go back to sleep.”
That statement made perfect sense to me; my daddy had lots of guns and he certainly knew how to use them. So, I’d finally relax and fall asleep, content with the fact that he wouldn’t let anything harm me or my sister. Little did I know that my mother’s promise would someday come back to haunt us; when we’d discover that there were indeed monsters and that daddy was only human; he couldn’t protect his daughters every second of the day. This rang especially true when the zombies arrived in Wolf Creek and all hell broke loose.

It had been only four days since our lives were completely shattered. An untested flu vaccine had basically killed most of the population, leaving in its wake, horrors that fed upon the rest of us who were struggling to survive. Now, many of my loved ones were missing, including my mother and younger sister, Allie. My father and I were in the process of preparing to search for them; apparently my sister had been attacked by a zombie and mom had taken her to the only place she could think of for help – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Miraculously, some scientists were still alive, racing to fix the mayhem they’d helped to create. Now, ironically, they were our only hope.
“Cassie!” hollered my father from the kitchen, which was just down the hall from my bedroom.
I opened my eyes. “Yeah, hold on. I’m coming!”
I was sprawled out in my bed, lying down with Goldie, a young Golden Retriever puppy I’d helped to rescue a couple of days before. She’d worn herself out by getting into my closet and tearing up some of my old stuffed animals. Not that I cared much, she gave me something I needed right now; a reason to smile. And watching her play made it happen every time.
I crawled out of bed and glanced back at her. “Are you coming with, girl?”
She stretched out her front paws, then jumped off the bed and followed me to the kitchen.
“Hey,” I said.
My dad looked up and smiled. “Hi, sweetheart.” He was sitting at the kitchen table cleaning some of his many guns.
“Hi, Wild,” said Bryce, sitting across from my dad, apparently helping. He’s my karate instructor, as well as the guy I’m hopelessly in lust with.
“So, I have a plan,” said my dad. There were dark shadows underneath his brown eyes and wisps of silvery-gray hair near his temples that seemed to have sprouted overnight. “All three of us are going back to my dealership to pick up a suitable vehicle for the trip to Atlanta. Jesus,” he rubbed a hand over his forehead, “it’s a good thing they installed those backup generators after the floods last year, or we’d never have access to the fuel pumps. Anyway, I’m thinking a Suburban or an Escalade would be a good choice.”
“Oh? Why can’t we just save time and take the truck you brought home yesterday? That thing could plow through zombies like nothing.”
My dad had borrowed a Sierra from the Chevrolet dealership he works for. He’d been M.I.A. during the initial zombie attacks, and I’d almost given up on him until he surprised us all by making it home yesterday.
He smiled at my last comment. “Plow through zombies, huh? Well that may be so, but it’s not big enough to hold everyone. There are, what, six of us going? And you can’t forget the two dogs. We certainly can’t leave them behind.”
I raised my eyebrows. “Six of us?”
“Bobby and I are coming with,” replied Bryce, “and don’t forget your personal bodyguard, Austin.”
Bryce was coming with? On account of my dad, I tried not to squeal in pleasure. He wasn’t aware of my feelings for Bryce, and knowing him, he wouldn’t be too fond of the idea. My dad was overprotective of both of his daughters and didn’t think any boy was good enough for them.
Bryce was also keeping his distance. He’d already expressed mixed feelings about starting a relationship with someone who was three years younger – and one of his karate students. His mentors had been strictly against involving one’s self with a student, and Bryce had even received a tongue-lashing about flirting with me from the Karate Master a few days before. It hadn’t stopped either of us in weak moments of passion, however; we’d shared a few hot and steamy kisses; ones that had left my knees weak and my heart doing flip flops.
“Oh, well, that’s nice,” I said, trying not to sound too excited.
Just then Eva entered the kitchen, who I’d known from high school. We weren’t exactly friends, and as far as I was concerned, she was a selfish and arrogant nitwit who’d recently stolen my best friend, Paige’s boyfriend. Now, her newest conquest seemed to be Bryce, who was so naïve about the whole thing. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy that we had to drag her along for the ride. Her mother had also been injured by a zombie, so for now, Eva was our problem until we could drop her ass off in Atlanta.
“When did Kristie and the others leave?” she asked, yawning. I was happy to see that she was wearing a long T-shirt and shorts, and not one of her, “rub it in your face” expensive designer outfits or short, skimpy nighties that left little to the imagination.
“They left a few hours ago. Sara, Megan, and Hannah tagged along,” I answered, pulling my long, brown hair into a ponytail.
Kristie had taken her daughters, Paige and Kylie, along with three other survivors, to the safety of her mother’s cabin in Wisconsin. Apparently, they were under the assumption that the zombies preferred the luxuries of city life a little more than the deep woods. Unlike our home, the cabin not only had a large generator, but also a good supply of food that could keep them comfortable for a few weeks. We were going to try and meet up with the group later and Kristie had given my dad directions.
Eva’s face lit up. “Great. Now I don’t have to put up with Paige’s snide comments. Just because her boyfriend dumped her, doesn’t mean she has to take it out on me.”
I wanted to punch her. “Like you didn’t have a hand in that,” I muttered under my breath.
She apparently heard me, because she tried to look innocent but ended up failing miserably. “Well, maybe she doesn’t know how to treat a man. I’m sure Bryce would even agree with me when I say that a guy wants to feel appreciated and not like their girlfriend is always trying to show them up.”
I glared at her, even though I was trying my best to remain calm. I knew exactly what she was referring to this time: Bryce and myself.
“Well, if the guy has enough self-confidence, then he wouldn’t feel threatened by his girlfriend’s independent nature,” I snapped, feeling my eye twitch.
“How ‘bout those Vikings last season?” interrupted my dad. “Bryce, are you a football fan?”
“Definitely, but I’ve always been more of a Packer’s fan myself,” he replied, loading my dad’s new Berretta. “The Vikings just can’t seem to get their stuff together.”
I cringed. My dad was a huge Vikings fan, through and through. I knew that housing a “Packer Backer” would be a giant thorn in his side.
My dad scowled. “Son, saying anything negative about the Vikings in this house is bad for your health. I’ll let it slide this time because you’re holding that loaded gun.”
“Oh, dad,” I laughed, nervously, “you’re such a kidder.”
“Did someone say Vikings?” drawled Austin, as he swaggered into the kitchen. “I may be from Texas, but I have to say, I’ve always enjoyed watching those guys throw the ball around.”
Austin was the ruggedly handsome military soldier my mother had saved the night the zombies started waking up all over the world. He’d been shot in the shoulder by some hysterical woman, thinking he was trying to attack her. My mother had risked her life by driving him to the hospital, and now he felt he owed something to her. This included being my personal bodyguard. Needless to say, Bryce wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea.
Bryce rolled his eyes. “When do you find time to watch the Vikings, Tex? Between sweeping up hay and saving damsels in distress?”
Austin smiled smugly. “What can I say? I’m a man of many talents.”
“Well, I, for one, think that it’s wonderful that you are helping us, Austin,” gushed Eva. “I’m sure Cassie’s mom will be especially delighted to find out you have such a soft spot for her daughter.”
My face turned beet-red. Now I really wanted to hurt her. The truth was, Austin and I hardly knew each other, but she was acting like we had something special going on between us.
“Well,” beamed Austin, “not only is she beautiful, but she has a lot of fire in her belly. This little filly isn’t afraid of anything,” he said, staring at me. “If you ask me, it’s quite an honorable trait.”
Everyone turned towards me, their eyes filled with amusement. I just shrugged.
Bryce turned back to Austin and snorted. “Are you referring to Cassie or a horse?”
“Listen up, kids, let’s get serious, here,” interrupted my dad, I could tell his patience was wearing thin. “There are only a few hours of daylight left, so we’d better get a move-on. Austin, you stay here and watch over Eva and the dogs. If everything goes the way I’ve planned, we should be back in less than two hours with a new vehicle and a full tank of gas.”
“I feel more comfortable coming along,” replied Austin. “I promised your wife I’d stay close to Cassie at all times. I’d hate to have anything happen to her. It’s just too dangerous out there.”
My dad turned to Austin, and if looks could kill, he’d be deader than anything I’d shot in the last few days. He smiled coldly. “I think I can take care of my own daughter, Tex,” he replied in a strained voice.
“For the last time, I can take care of myself,” I stated. “I think I’ve proven that in the last few days.”
Bryce nodded. “She did a great job, too. Tex could probably take some lessons from her.”
Austin shook his head. “I didn’t mean any insult, sir. I’m just a man of my word and I promised Kris I’d protect her daughter in any way that I could.”
“That’s very honorable, but I think you’d better stay with Eva and Bobby. They need protection, too,” replied my dad.
“Well, Bryce could stay here,” interrupted Eva. “Keep us safe.”
Over my dead body, I thought as she twirled her long, red hair around her fingernail and stared at him hungrily. Bryce, as usual, remained impassive.
My dad shook his head. “No, I need Bryce to cover me at the dealership. Unlike Austin, his shoulder isn’t injured and things could get pretty nasty. Cassie needs to accompany us so that she can drive the Sierra back. I might need that truck again.”
“Sounds like a plan. I’m going to change my clothes,” I said tightly, leaving the kitchen. I didn’t trust myself around Eva, especially with all of the loaded weapons sitting on the table.

Zombie Games (Running Wild) Book Two

By: Kristen Middleton