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Written in Ink

Series: Montgomery Ink , Book 4.0
By: Carrie Ann Ryan | Other books by Carrie Ann Ryan
Published By: Carrie Ann Ryan
Published: Oct 13, 2015
ISBN # 9781623221867
Word Count: 75,000
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Eligible Price: $4.99

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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller Romance>Erotic Romance


Written in Ink (Montgomery Ink) by Carrie Ann Ryan - Romance>Contemporary eBook

There’s nothing worse for a writer than missing a deadline. For Griffin Montgomery, his failure to do what he loves comes at a blow. He didn’t understand how it was affecting his life until his well-meaning family intercedes. His sisters have hired him a new personal assistant and he’s outraged—that is, until he sees who it is.

Autumn Minor is light on her feet and a bare memory for most people she meets. She does her best to blend in everywhere she lives, even if it’s only for a short period of time. Making sure no one truly notices her is the only way she’s survived this long. Only when she meets Griffin and the rest of the Montgomerys, she’s afraid she won’t be able to let go when its time to run.

Though the two begin a tentative but explosive relationship, they know it can’t last forever. Neither of them are made for the long haul when it comes to love and romance. When the demons from Autumn’s past find her and put both their lives at risk, Griffin will stop at nothing to protect her. In the end, though, he'll be the one who needs a second chance
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Sensuality Rating:   lipliplip
Sometimes there was nothing better than a well-worn pair of jeans. Okay, perhaps it would be more accurate to say there was nothing better than a well-worn pair of jeans encasing a very tight butt. Especially as the owner of said butt worked around a construction site.
Autumn Minor leaned against the side of the truck and crossed her arms over her chest, appreciating the view before she had to start work. At least five different men worked around her, bending over and lifting heavy things, using their large thighs and flexing nice butts. It was as if she’d entered the mecca of sexy men in jeans.
She really needed to stop by the Montgomery Inc. construction sites more often. Maybe standing back and drooling over men was a bit sexist, but she’d also seen the appreciative glances from who she assumed were the single and willing men on the site. She didn’t whistle or holler at them, so really, as far as she was concerned, she was one step ahead of the game when it came to checking out construction workers.
“Are you checking out my fiancé’s very fine butt?” Meghan Montgomery-Warren, soon to be Montgomery-Dodd, asked as she leaned against the truck next to Autumn, her long legs crossed one in front of the other, muddy boots looking well worn but cared for.
Autumn stretched from the truck, her back a little tight, and pulled her long auburn hair back into a ponytail. “Pretty much. Got a problem with that?” She winked over her shoulder at her friend, and Meghan rolled her eyes.
“No problem at all. As long as all you’re doing is looking and not touching.” Meghan’s teeth bit into her lip as she tilted her head, presumably checking out Luc’s…assets. “Damn, I love that man’s butt. Well, I just love him in general.”
Autumn grinned; ignoring that little ache inside that she hoped wasn’t jealousy. Not over Luc, of course, but of the idea that someone could love another with that much emotion and not be scared by it. The depth of heart and soul displayed on her friend’s face surprised her, though it shouldn’t have. Meghan looked so freaking in love that Autumn’s teeth hurt with the sweetness of it. The look in Meghan’s eyes when she thought Luc wasn’t looking made any amount of discomfort worth it, though. Her friend was well and truly loved. And after Meghan’s first abusive and disastrous marriage, she deserved all of that and more.
“You two are perfect together,” Autumn said. She put her hands in her pockets, trying to warm up in Denver’s winter weather. It hadn’t snowed in a couple of days, so of course the foot of white powder and ice they’d gotten during the last storm had already melted thanks to Colorado’s lovely weather patterns. But it still wasn’t warm enough for her. She preferred more temperate weather. Maybe the next place she lived wouldn’t have such cold winters.
She held in a sigh. Thinking about the next stop in her never-ending nomadic life didn’t tend to put a smile on her face.
Enough of those thoughts.
Reader Reviews (2)
Submitted By: dragonmum on Jan 30, 2016
So far for me this has been a good series of books which bring together a diverse loud, rowdy family and friends. But, in this story based around Montgomery brother Griffen, I could not warm to his character at all. I felt he had few redeeming qualities I could appreciate or accept, he just came across as a selfish, unpleasant person. A real shame as her other characters are all flawed but show great depth. For me this was not one of her better stories.
Submitted By: blue3 on Nov 2, 2015
I love this Author! As these books can be read as a stand alone you get more out of the books by reading in order. Griffin's story is here and follows along with the theme Family makes you strong. This is a sweet read.

Written in Ink

By: Carrie Ann Ryan