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Wish List

By: Sylvia Day | Other books by Sylvia Day
Published By: Sylvia Day
Published: Dec 02, 2005
ISBN # 9780985114657
Word Count: 11,000
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Available in: Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Short Stories Romance>Erotic Romance


Wish List by Sylvia Day - Romance>Contemporary eBook


When Nicholas James draws Stephanie Martin's name in their law firm's Secret Santa exchange he knows he's in for a merry Christmas--if he can figure out what to give the woman he's wanted for months. When he works late and finds a crumpled piece of paper listing Steph's personal wish list, he knows he's in luck. Because all Steph wants for Christmas is him, in a number of naughty ways.

And not-so saintly Nick is going to make every one of her carnal wishes come true.
Reader Rating:   4.0 starstarstarstar (5 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
Editorial Reviews:
From Joyfully Reviewed
"I don't know how she managed it, but in fewer than fifty pages, Ms. Day wrote one of the finest Christmas romances I've ever read."
From RT Book Reviews
"This is a fun, sexy read that will entertain regardless of the time of year. Nicholas is a wonderful hero who makes a perfect 'Naughty Santa.'"
From Ecataromance
"With just the right blend of a touching romance, amusing moments and fiery sex scenes, Sylvia Day has penned a delightful holiday story. WISH LIST is a sizzling and wickedly fun story which is perfect for a cold, winter night."
From Fallen Angels Reviews
"WISH LIST is erotic holiday romance at its finest; engaging, multi-dimensional characters, a credible romance, hot sex and a happily ever after set against the backdrop of Christmas."
Nicholas James, the hottest man on the planet, was bare-assed naked with a bow covering his cock.

Steph gaped. And not just any kind of gape, but a "bug-eyed, mouth hanging open to catch flies" kind of gape. Before she could even think twice, she flipped up the red bow and then drooled at what was under it. Oh. My. God.

"Jesus, Steph," muttered her paralegal Elaine, bringing her sharply back to the festive boardroom and the sounds of Frank Sinatra singing holiday songs. "Your Secret Santa gift can't be that bad. Let me see it." She held out her hand and beckoned with her fingers, showing off long acrylic nails with airbrushed snowmen.

Hugging the silver foil box to her chest, Steph thrust over the restaurant gift certificate that had concealed the photo beneath—the photo with the clever little bow strategically glued with just enough hinge to afford her an eyeful.

"Ooohhh, nice. I love Dominico's." Elaine's red painted mouth curved in a smile. "You should take me. All of my dates are too cheap to go there."

"Uh." Turning her head, Steph searched the crowded boardroom for the naked man of her dreams. Of course, Nicholas wasn't naked right now. Not at the Mitchell, Jones, and Cline annual holiday party. No, right now he was wearing beautifully tailored slacks in dark blue, a crisp white shirt with blue tie and white silk vest. She loved that he wore three-piece suits. Somehow, the urbanity of his clothing only served to accentuate the raw masculine power of his body. He was single and gorgeous, and like most single and gorgeous men, he led an active lifestyle which kept him in fine shape.

Just the sort of man most women were wildly attracted to. She, however, avoided him like the plague. She'd learned her lesson the first time.

Her breath caught.

There he was. By the door.

You could hardly miss him. Not when he was so tall and broad shouldered. His dark hair gleamed under the glow of blinking strings of Christmas lights, as he leaned his lanky frame casually against the doorjamb. He was staring at her with a wicked half smile.

Then he winked.

Realization hit her hard and made her gasp.

Somehow, he'd found her wish list. The fantasy one. The silly stupid naughty wish list.

Oh. My. God!
Reader Reviews (8)
Submitted By: moccha29 on Jan 21, 2014
A quick read and it was okay but did think it should of been longer.
Submitted By: rameau on Aug 3, 2013
The writing is good, but the story didn't work for me. Stephanie is too determined against having any fun for Nicholas’ forced seduction(s) to read as anything other than borderline rape to me. She tells him to stop too many times for me to fully immerse in the fantasy weekend off she’s supposed to be taking. And his refusal to take a no for an answer seriously hinders my ability to consider him as a romantic hero.
Submitted By: ucsaccount on May 29, 2013
Very good quick read would recommend, but so haven't read anything by this author I haven't like.
Submitted By: ronny2001 on Jan 15, 2013
I really liked this story and wish it had been a longer read.
Submitted By: lady_blue on Jan 14, 2013
Hmm wish I had made a wish list like this, loved the story.
Submitted By: Tigerlil on Jan 10, 2013
Love the writer. Liked the story. Surprising twist. I'd love to see a follow up to thi s story and maybe the secondarybsharacters could get their own short stories.
Submitted By: mommabree on Jan 6, 2013
Everyone should have a wish list like this. Have to love a man who takes matters into his own hands
Submitted By: myelf on Jan 2, 2013
This was a fabulous short read, I reeeally LIKED it. It had all the good stuff. Humour, subtle underhandness, compassion and alittle kink all rolled into a great plot. I'd highly recommend this story

Wish List

By: Sylvia Day