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When Chocolate Is Not Enough...

By: Nina Harrington | Other books by Nina Harrington
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Jan 01, 2013
ISBN # 9780373178582
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Fiction


When Chocolate Is Not Enough... by Nina Harrington - Romance>Contemporary eBook

A shared passion for...chocolate!

One taste of Daisy Flynn's delicious confectionery and Max Treveleyn is hooked! This quirky chocolatier is just the person to showcase the cocoa from his plantation.

Daisy jumps on the idea--she's always dreamed of having her own chocolate shop, and with Max's offer, that dream can become a reality. But Daisy finds sexy single dad Max very distracting!

Keeping focused on work isn't easy. But Daisy has learned the hard way that she's safer indulging in chocolate than in relationships. She mustn't be tempted by something even sweeter....
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Make your hen party extra special with our Luxury Chocolate Man Parts!

Max Treveleyn stopped in his tracks and stared in astonishment at the espresso and cream-coloured banner splashed across the top of the food stall promoting 'Tara's Tantalising Party Treats'.

This was central London, and party catering was big business. But 'man parts'? It was the last thing he had expected to see at a classy organic food festival.

Max peered over the heads of the ladies who were clustered around the stall, jostling for a position in line to try the samples before making their selections. He didn't want to think about what they would do with them when they got home—but this stall was certainly doing brisk business for a Monday lunchtime.

He glanced swiftly at the digital clock on the wall above the entrance to the underground station. He had twenty minutes at most to find the art gallery where he had arranged to meet his ex-wife Kate for lunch—but he could spare a few of those minutes to find out just how far organic chocolate had come since his last visit to London.

It was only as he got closer that Max realised that a short, bubbly blonde girl was running the stall, completely concealed behind the crush of customers who were waving cash and pointing furiously at the trays of remarkably life-size and anatomically correct shapes.

The blonde was wearing a T-shirt with the words 'Tara's Treats' across the front. In another place, with a different audience, those words might be misconstrued—especially since the T-shirt was rather on the small side for a girl with a substantial bosom.

Perhaps this was the famous Tara herself?

The party treats seemed to be going down extremely well, and it took Max a few minutes to shuffle forward and find a gap in the queue. If only the organic chocolate he made was as popular as this he would never have to worry again about the future of his cocoa plantation back in St Lucia. But, then again, perhaps moulded chocolate man parts were not exactly the premium outlet he needed to bring in extra income.

The blonde looked up at him, blinked twice, then grinned. 'Hello, handsome. Looking for something for your stag party? I have just the thing.' She reached over the counter and pulled out a tray of milk chocolate shapes which literally took Max's breath away. 'It's your lucky day—we have a special offer on all body parts. How many would you like?'

He coughed politely before shaking his head. 'Um... Thank you, but I don't need any milk chocolate toes today—although I am sure they are quite delicious,' he said, when he finally managed to get some air into his lungs. 'But would you mind if I took some photographs of your stall? It certainly is...er...different.'

She glared at him open-mouthed for a second, before throwing her head back and laughing out loud with a laugh that echoed around the London street where the festival was being held. It was the kind of laugh that meant that she had to snort in a breath halfway through.

'Daisy! One of our gentleman browsers wants to photograph your chocs. Are you okay with that?'

Max looked over the blonde's shoulder towards a tall brunette wearing chef's trousers and a white jacket, who was rummaging around inside large plastic food boxes. As the brunette flicked a glance towards Max her eyes smiled at the same time as her mouth, crinkling the sides of her cheeks into a rosy glow, so that when she spoke her face was animated and full of laughter and fun.

'Only if he buys something. Here.' She whisked around and presented him with a box of flesh-coloured chocolate half domes made into bosoms, with...

When Chocolate Is Not Enough...

By: Nina Harrington