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Virgin Lesbians: Erotic First Time Stories

By: Lexie X | Other books by Lexie X
Published By: Lexie X
Published: Oct 23, 2011
ISBN # LXXLXX0000017
Word Count: 20,100
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Categories: Erotica>LGBTQ>Lesbian Erotica>Contemporary


Virgin Lesbians: Erotic First Time Stories by Lexie X - Erotica>Contemporary eBook

Five erotic stories about women exploring sex with other women for the first time.

"Brianna" - A girl realizes she's crazy about her best friend after a shocking incident opens her mind to new perspectives. Can she make a move, or will she just lose her friendship?

"Brianna's Fantasy" - Brianna tells the story of her first sexual encounter with a girl... and her new girlfriend is more than willing to re-enact it.

"Practice" - A college girl and her best friend realize that they can get attention by doing sexual acts with each other... but their practice sessions take on a life of their own.

"Lexie's Lessons" - A girl who has never really enjoyed sex receives a lesson from her roommate... who is more than willing to show her how it's done.

"Teaching Lexie" - A girl who is just starting to understand sex shows her roommate how fast a learner she is... by turning the tables on her in the shower.
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With my eyes still closed, I lay my hand on top of hers, guiding her up and down my panties, telling her silently that it's alright, that I want this, too. Her hand achieves a gentle rubbing motion on top of my panties, and I let go, focusing on how it feels to have Brianna touch me there. Her touch is soft, but firm, and I feel myself starting to get really excited. The scent of my crotch somehow reaches me. This is more turned on than I have ever been!...

... until I feel her fingers slow, and then curl under the edge of my panties. They slide down my thighs, then around my knees, following my jeans to who knows where. I lean back, my eyes still closed. I feel her hands on my thighs again, and this time, I don't hesitate to open my legs. The scent of sweat and musk reaches me again, stronger now. I hear an intake of breath below me somewhere. Is she smelling me? The thought really excites me for some reason. Another few tense moments pass, and then...

Virgin Lesbians: Erotic First Time Stories

By: Lexie X