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Vegas Curves (A Masters of the Game BBW Erotic Romance)

By: Christa Wick | Other books by Christa Wick
Published By: Straw Man Digital
Published: Jan 25, 2013
ISBN # STRMND0000015
Word Count: 32,400
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Available in: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat

Categories: Romance>BDSM Romance>Rubenesque Romance>Erotic Romance

*****This title also is available in the Perilous Curves collection*****

Big Girl Lesson #1 - The House always wins...

Reformed con artist and card sharp Marie Lafayette never had a chance to "come of age." She was too busy staying out of jail and keeping her little brother and sister out of the morgue. Six years on the run from her father, living as clean as she can to raise her siblings, she was hoping L.A. would give her family a fresh start.

Instead, her sister is taken hostage by a violent criminal from their past who forces Marie to once again put on her game face and take a seat at a Vegas Blackjack table.

Busted by casino owner Luke Masters when Marie's soft lips and lush curves catch his eye, she has one chance to save her sister and erase the past -- if she surrenders to Masters' every passion for thirty days.

This 32,000+ sensual romance features a second chance coming of age in the arms of a dominant billionaire casino owner with a bag of tricks and toys meant to teach a plus-size cheat that there are no rules when it comes to love.
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Luke, who has spent the entire interview standing behind the couch where I cannot see him, takes a seat next to me. "More tea, Marie?"

I shake my head, suddenly afraid to say anything. I haven't forgotten, not for a second, what transpired between us in this room. I have no idea what might trigger that behavior in him again or whether I can resist another round of his touching me.

"Good. I've been waiting to get down to terms."

I risk looking at him. While his voice is smooth and relaxed, tension lines frame his eyes and mouth. I don't want to ask, but I do. "Terms?"

He blinks, slow and sensual, then nods. He rests an arm along the back of the couch then curls his hand around my opposite shoulder. "You want to get Rose back alive. You don't trust the cops to do it for you or you never would have stepped foot in my casino. Now you're facing jail and so is Tommy."

Biting my lip, I inhale sharply. Luke hasn't said anything incorrect yet. If I had gone to the police, they would have focused on my warrants and put me in jail. Even if they had believed me about the kidnapping, Solandro isn't ransoming Rose for a bag of money -- he wants to test his new method for cheating casinos so he has an unlimited supply of money. The only difference between the scenario I faced two weeks ago -- Rose dead and me in jail -- and the one I face here in Luke's interrogation room is time and the chance that Tommy will also go to jail.

"I have resources the Vegas and L.A. police departments can only dream of, Marie. I can make your arrest warrant go away, too." Luke wraps his free hand around my knee. "For a price."

I inhale again, my first breath still unreleased.

"You are the payment." Leaning in, he presses his lips against the side of my neck.

The first kiss settles like a warm blanket over my body. The second one, a little lower down my neck, makes me wet. I want to move away from him, but I am already at the end of the couch.

His hand skims across my thighs and I practically levitate with pleasure.

I understand my body's reaction, but Luke's motivation eludes me. He has a casino full of beautiful women, showgirls, waitresses, call girls...half, if not all, of them would drop their panties or thongs in a heartbeat if he so much as smiles at them.

Does he actually want me?

Not possible. Quality and beauty surrounds him. The way the penthouse is furnished, his expensive suits -- all of it is here by his choice. Choosing me is inconsistent with his past behavior, so I am certain that some facet of his game is escaping me. No other explanation fits.

He growls, the sound sensual but menacing. "Is that a no?"

Glancing at him, I realize that I shook my head in rejecting the idea that Luke Masters finds me attractive. Now he thinks I am turning down the offer. I have to correct him before he withdraws it, but I can't admit why I made the gesture or how everything but my brain is enthusiastically screaming my acquiescence.

Rule number 6 -- Know the rules of the game, the stakes and the quitting time.

"What do you require?"

"Thirty days of you." His hand eases over the swell of my stomach to find my breast, arousing the nipple once more to a sharp pucker. He kisses below my ear, his tongue sliding against the skin. "Whenever I want you. However I want."
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: sarahd on Jan 9, 2014
This book was fun and a quick read i love reading books from this author.
Submitted By: PianoACS on Jun 16, 2013
I really enjoyed this one, the emotional stuff, while seeming extreme to some, stuck a cord with me and knowing some others who would say similar things about themselves made the heroin very realistic. The emotions between hero and heroin seemed a little less believable, we seemed to have skipped the scenes were her insecurities lessened and her trust in the hero reached love.
Submitted By: lady_blue on Jan 31, 2013
I usually love Christa Wicks BBW books, but this seemed a bit rushed and disjointed, seemed the characters needed more depth.

Vegas Curves (A Masters of the Game BBW Erotic Romance)

By: Christa Wick