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Vampire's Fury

Series: Vampires Destined , Book 4.0
By: Rachel Carrington | Other books by Rachel Carrington
Published By: Author Rachel Carrington
Published: Jul 06, 2013
ISBN # 8307062013
Word Count: 39,344
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Eligible Price: $1.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>Vampires


Vampire's Fury (Vampires Destined) by Rachel Carrington - Romance>Vampires eBook

He returns home to find a killer. Instead, he connects with a vampire whose heart is as lonely as his own.

Devlin never expected to find love after 150 years, but Detective Joely Grayson slowly strips away the barriers around his heart. In the midst of a potential vampire rebellion, he discovers a woman whose been desperately trying to fit into the human world to which she no longer belongs.

Joely's been struggling to live the life she used to have, but all that changes when someone tampers with the local blood bank supply. Her hunger overwhelms her, and the creature overtakes the human she's pretending to be.

Saving Joely will help prevent a massacre of a small town, but it will also reveal the truth Devlin isn't ready to face. And it could rip away his only chance at the happiness that has been eluding him since he was changed.
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“You obviously don’t remember me, but I’m the one who saw you last night.” His strong hand curled around her upper arm. “We need to talk.”

She tried to yank free, but his strength surpassed hers. That must have something to do with the smell of his blood. Now that he was up close, the scent had grown stronger, telling her he wasn't a newly turned vampire. Far from it.

“I don’t know you, and unless you take your hand off of me, I’m going to throw your ass in jail.” It was a false threat. With her abilities, she could take down mortals without breaking a sweat. She’d be at a disadvantage with this guy.

“Before you go waving that badge, Detective, let me refresh your memory. I saw you snacking on some poor bastard last night. He’s still in intensive care. Are you starting to recall now?”

Fear curled in her stomach. “That’s crazy! I don’t feed on humans.” Only in her nightmares.

His lips twisted into a bitter line. “Tell that to the guy who’s lucky to have half a neck left.”

Joely shook her head even as the memories tried to force themselves to the forefront. Those flashes had returned. Blood. The briny taste on her tongue. “No! That wasn’t me.”

He still hadn’t released her. “If there’s one thing you and I have in common it’s that our eyesight is perfect. I know it was you. So we’re either going to talk about this, or—”

“Detective, come see this!”

Relieved at the interruption, Joely turned just as the stranger dropped his hand. “I’ll be right there.” She gave her visitor a cold look. “Go away. You’ve made a mistake.”

“I don’t make mistakes. I was a cop, too.”

Her lip curled, and she wielded sarcasm like a weapon. “I’m sure in the 1900’s solving crimes was especially difficult.”

He didn’t smile. “Try mid-1800’s.”

That surprised her. She'd heard that older vampires had a distinct scent, much different than ones who'd been turned in the current century, but she just couldn't picture this guy living in the nineteenth century. Maybe it was because he was too damned gorgeous, it was hard for her to focus on anything besides his face.

It had been a long time since Joely had been distracted by a man, mainly because she kept to herself. Working the night shift made that a little easier. Sure, she had to deal with some humans, but if she didn't stay busy, she'd go insane. And usually, her hunger was easier to control than it had been of late.

“Detective!” The cop sounded a little whiny.

“On my way,” she shouted over her shoulder before picking up the conversation. “Now, get lost. I have a job to do and only a few hours of night left.”

“Three if you’re lucky. I’ll find you when you’re done.”

His words started a tingle in the pit of her stomach. She couldn’t seriously want him to find her, could she? The guy was trying to pin a gruesome crime on her. Yet, there was something in those blue eyes that drew her in, made her want to be close to him. She hadn’t felt that way in at least three decades.

Vampire's Fury

By: Rachel Carrington