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Upon A Midnight Clear (Oak Hill: Book 2)

By: Laura Leone | Other books by Laura Leone
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Published: Apr 12, 2012
ISBN # 9781614172598
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary

'Tis the season... for mayhem, mischief, and romance! During the busiest week of the year, Fiona Larkin finds her business menaced by a prowler whose actions are as mysterious as his-or her?-identity. But the gorgeous, charming, and slightly cranky investigator who reluctantly gives up his Christmas to handle Fiona's problem soon proves to be an even bigger distraction than her unknown prowler... According to Romantic Times: "The immensely gifted Laura Leone... blends a touch of mystery with a heartwarming romance... Ms. Leone plays skillfully on all our emotions, making us both laugh and cry as her attractive lovers find their happy ending."
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Upon A Midnight Clear (Oak Hill: Book 2)

By: Laura Leone