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Undone by Moonlight

By: Wendy Etherington | Other books by Wendy Etherington
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Sep 01, 2012
ISBN # 9780373797134
Heat Index
Price: $3.99

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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Fiction


Undone by Moonlight by Wendy Etherington - Romance>Contemporary eBook

For the past six months, writer Calla Tucker has had it bad for über-hot and intense detective Devin Antonio. And those smoldering green eyes? Amazing! But he's always been hands-off--until now.

When Devin is suspended for a crime he didn't commit, Calla finally sees an opportunity to help out a friend...and finally find a way into her hottie detective's bed!

But Devin doesn't accept help--especially from the stunning blonde he's always wanted and never allowed himself to touch. But when the plot against Devin thickens, there's only one person he can turn to. And this time, she's not taking no for an answer....
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Lions and Tigers and Scandal Among the NYPD by Peeps Galloway, Gossipmonger (And proud of it!)

Oh, Dear Reader, one of our own has fallen. And fallen hard.

Detective Devin Antonio (highlighted in this column last spring and summer!) has been mysteriously suspended.

Apparently (Oh, my, don't you just love that word?) he found himself at the scene of a robbery last night. The suspect was apparently (there it is again) escaping as the detective arrived, so he apparently (oh, joy!) felt the need to not only slap on the handcuffs, but also use his size and prowess to subdue and control the situation.

I'm shocked and downtrodden. I'm horrified and sympathetic. I'm literally unable to get out of bed.


Though, NYPD, I'm, of course, on your side. I stand for truth and justice above all.

Apparently, there are some secrets in the great detective's past he failed to share with those most important in his life. Will this derail his flirtations with a certain travel writer he's been seen around town with? Will this get him (gasp) fired?

As documented in this column, he's helped solve some high-profile crimes over the last several months, including the Jenkins Scandal and the Rutherford Theft. But those triumphs are unlikely to sway the D.A., who's apparently tired of explaining to the attorney general about why corruption is so prevalent on our beloved island of Manhattan.

Maybe a hotel heiress or two will do something more scandalous next week...though I'm not counting on it. (Kidding again! I so am!)

Stay tuned for more apparently bad behavior and (please, oh, please) more hot cops, —Peeps

I dream of you day and night.

"Yeah, yeah," Calla Tucker muttered at the text message she'd received nearly a month ago and had yet to erase.

She couldn't imagine brooding detective Devin Antonio had actually meant the words. And if, by some miracle, he had, he probably hadn't meant them for her.

Of course her sarcastic response, Are you feeling okay? hadn't helped matters. He hadn't responded to that question at all, and when she'd tried to talk to him about the message, he'd acted as if he hadn't known what she was talking about.

Yet she'd left her best friend's wedding reception early because he hadn't shown up as he'd promised and now she was scooting around Manhattan in a cab, racking up a fare that she was going to need a loan to pay for, simply because she was worried about him.

"You want me to wait again?" the cabbie asked as he pulled up to the police station.

She glanced at the amount, winced, then handed the driver a wad of cash. "No, thanks. I think this is my last stop."

She'd already called Devin's cell phone and sent half a dozen text messages, checked his apartment and phoned Paddy's bar across the street from the precinct house—his usual haunt—all with no results. If he wasn't at work, she was out of ideas.

Wearing a full-length, navy blue taffeta bridesmaid's dress and a sprinkling of white flowers in her hair, she got a number of stares and two whistles before she yanked open the door and strode inside.

"I need to see Detective Antonio, please," she said to the bored-looking clerk, snapping gum as she lorded over the small, dingy waiting room from behind a high, faded-wood counter.

The clerk tapped on her computer, then announced, "Antonio's off duty."

He certainly promised to take the day off, Calla thought peevishly. And if a luxurious and wildly romantic wedding didn't get him to finally make a move on her, she wasn't sure anything would do...

Undone by Moonlight

By: Wendy Etherington