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Uncle Sexy: Hot for Niece (erotica/erotic)

By: Larissa Chase | Other books by Larissa Chase
Published By: WyzardWorx
Published: Oct 15, 2007
ISBN # 9781602090552
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Price: $4.95

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Categories: Erotica>Contemporary


Uncle Sexy: Hot for Niece (erotica/erotic) by Larissa Chase - Erotica>Contemporary eBook

A missing niece. young, hot and sexy.and a hot-blooded, big, rugged man, who is her uncle sets out on her trail with more than an interest in finding her! Uncle Sexy is in the case: Amy's uncle, Drew, sets out to find her in Europe. When he finds her, will the sparks that follow lead to a flaming sexual affair between the two of them? His chest rose and fell and he stared at her with open and questioning eyes, pleased that she was not blushing, that she made no move to turn her eyes away from the sight of his naked and lusty body. "You look older," he said in a soft and gentle voice. "Last time I saw you, you seemed more like a child. Now ... you've been through a lot, I guess," he stammered, suddenly at a loss for words...
Reader Rating:   1.0 star (1 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lip

Uncle Sexy: Hot for Niece (erotica/erotic)

By: Larissa Chase