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Series: Master's Boys , Book 1.0
By: Patricia Logan | Other books by Patricia Logan
Published By: Westburg Publishing
Published: Mar 05, 2013
ISBN # 9781301735631
Word Count: 29,800
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Eligible Price: $2.99

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Categories: Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Romance>BDSM Romance>Contemporary


Trick (Master's Boys) by Patricia Logan - Romance>LGBTQ>Gay eBook

Wade is a throwaway, forced into prostitution at fourteen and living on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Nearly four years later, and now calling himself Trick, he’s still struggling to survive. While huddled in a doorway on a cold rainy morning, he thanks his lucky stars when an expensive Mercedes pulls up and rolls down a window.

Phoenix, known as Master P, may be a big intimidating Dom, but he has a soft spot for vulnerable young men. When he sees a homeless kid trembling in the cold, he has to stop and pick him up. What he finds is a boy with a naturally submissive nature and a damaged soul. As he begins to train the boy at the online BDSM club where he’s employed, DOMZ.com, they form a fast and explosive combination.

When Trick begins to fall for his big Dom, Phoenix is forced to tell him that this is only play. The resulting fallout will shake Phoenix to his very core. Is this chance encounter doomed for failure or can the two men find a balance?
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Phoenix marveled at how beautiful Zack was. If he hadn't been a Dom himself, he'd have played with Zack a long time ago. Watching him go at the subs they shared had been hotter than hell, but since committing to Cassidy Ryan, Zack's hot new cop boyfriend, Zack had stopped booking sessions with subs. It seemed that Zack wanted only one man these days, a blond Malibu Ken doll with a badge.

"Spill, Ivan, anything I can help with," Zack said.

"I brought someone back to the studio with me this morning," Cassidy said. Zack lifted an eyebrow, uncrossed his arms and leaned forward.
"Do tell," the Dom said.

"I was driving in to the studios this morning and saw this young kid huddling in a doorway. He was turning tricks. The minute I rolled down the window, he shoved his groin out at me and asked me if I wanted some. It was pouring fucking rain."

"Aw hell," Zack said. "How young are we talking here, Ivan?" Phoenix knew that Zack was a very good and decent man, but he wouldn't put his business in jeopardy by harboring a minor under his roof.

"He says he turned eighteen last week. I think he's telling the truth," Phoenix answered.

"You confirm it, Ivan. Then, you can let the kid stay as long as you want."


Zack knew of Ivan's background of being kicked out by his parents as a young man. Picking this kid up had been an entirely compassionate move on Ivan's part. Zack also knew that Ivan had a thing for young submissives. He'd worked for him for several years and was a huge draw on the internet. People loved logging in and seeing him pound away at his subs, in more ways than one. One of the favorite Doms, Phoenix was well known for his play with very young men and he wondered whether Ivan had the intent to bring him into the lifestyle.

"What are your intentions with him?" Zack asked.

"I intend on training him. He's already a natural submissive and quite innocent even though he's lived on the streets," Phoenix said. Zack wondered about that, but because the kid was so young, he didn't doubt it. If he'd been on the streets for a while, that meant he hadn't finished school or much of anything else. Just because he sucked cock so that he could eat, didn't mean he had the emotional maturity of an adult.

"What's his name?" Zack asked.

"Wade, but he uses the name Trick," Phoenix replied. Zack just shook his head.

"That's too bad, Ivan. I hate to see young kids sell themselves. Unfortunately, it's all too common."

"I thought I could broadcast our training sessions," Phoenix offered. Zack nodded, looking Phoenix in the eye.

"I don't have a problem with it, but how are you going to get the kid to agree to that?" Phoenix grinned.

"You just leave that to me, Zack. I think the kid is going to be into this once I get a chance to begin his training. I'll break the ice with him tonight once he's had a shower, a nap, and a hot meal." Zack smiled back, nodding. Phoenix stood and Zack did as well.

"I know you'll take care of him, Ivan." Zack reached out and shook his hand.
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Submitted By: Ashar on Mar 8, 2013
ePub will not open in iBooks. Wasted money. Cannot read. 😞
Submitted By: Trish2144 on Mar 8, 2013
Patricia Logan has definitely written another home run hit! Trick shows us a side of life that most people would rather pretend doesn't exist. She definitely knows her stuff and I can't wait until the next book in the series comes out!!


By: Patricia Logan