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To Sir, With Love

By: Madison J. Edwards | Other books by Madison J. Edwards
Published By: Turquoise Morning Press
Published: Feb 07, 2013
ISBN # 9781622371020
Word Count: 19,000
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Categories: Erotica>BDSM

When Beth Sanders attends Club Breathless, Jonah Carter is immediately attracted to her. He realizes she’s new to the Dominant / submissive world, and normally that would deter him, but something about this seemingly demure woman piques his interest, and soon his curiosity sets events in motion that will change his life forever.

Beth wants a man to love her for herself and she’s always harbored a secret fantasy about being bound and helpless at her lover’s hand. Friends invite her to Club Breathless to learn more about the Dominant / submissive lifestyle and Beth relishes the submissive role. It also helps that one of the more experienced Dungeon Masters participates in her training. She’d love to know which of the more experienced Doms has been bringing her fantasies to life, but he demands that she remain blindfolded for all sessions.

Sparks fly when Beth discovers the truth about her secret Dom, who happens to be her boss, Jonah Carter.
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Jonah Carter surveyed the crowded bar, skimming past familiar faces.
It was his night as Dungeon Master, or DM as members called them at Club Breathless. Once a month he volunteered to patrol the play areas and mediate any disputes that might arise among members. If necessary he would escort patrons from the premises. When you combined domination, testosterone and sex, the mixture had potential to become volatile, and every now and then an aspiring Dom had his wings clipped by more experienced Doms, like Jonah.

He nodded at his business partner and fellow DM, Troy Reid. Troy slid in beside him and leaned back with his elbows on the bar.

“Busy tonight,” Troy said. He signaled the bartender for a coffee.


Troy grabbed a handful of peanuts and popped them in his mouth, one at a time. His coffee arrived and as he turned to add milk he asked, “Have you spoken with Seth? He should be in San Francisco by now.”

“Not yet. I’ll give him a call tomorrow afternoon. His meeting with Grayson isn’t until tomorrow morning.”

Troy laughed. “Are you sure you can find his number? Your office is a disaster. What you need is a secretary.”

Jonah lifted his brow at the last remark. “I believe you already found the perfect secretary and don’t like sharing anymore.”

A smile crossed Troy’s face. “I know. We have something… I’m not sure what, but Sheila’s different.”

Jonah nodded in agreement.

Together they watched the action, from the few who danced on the small space which had been carved out between tables and booths, to the buffet style table where finger foods and non-alcoholic beverages were laid out for everyone to enjoy.

A young male sub approached them, clearly nervous.

“Umm… Master Troy. Could you come arbitrate in the fetish room?”

Troy placed his empty mug on the bar and Jonah heard him question the sub, “Is it Darren again?”

Jonah went back to surveying the bar. About to order another coffee, his gaze stopped on a woman. Of average height, she was a little heavy by media standards, but Jonah appreciated the womanly curves filling out what looked like a squeaky new leather corset. Her matching skirt fell to mid-thigh and lovingly caressed an ass that would fill his hands perfectly. Beneath the wrought iron sconces, her hair shone, falling past her shoulders like a dark curtain. Rich mahogany in color with shades of red gleaming bright, he idly wondered if her hair would be as silky to the touch as it looked.

He guessed this was her first time at a club like Breathless, given the way she stayed tucked tight with the couple she arrived with as they made their way to one of the many booths lining the room. Jonah recognized the man, Sam and his wife, Janet. Both were warm and caring, often bringing friends who expressed an interest in their lifestyle, but didn’t know where to start, or how to engage safely.
So what was it about this woman that piqued his interest? Jonah watched her as he sipped coffee, noting she sat in the booth, feet crossed at the ankles, hands clasped in her lap like a good sub. Once in a while Sam gestured, drawing her eye to different aspects of the bar. Based on her frequent blushes, Jonah assumed he was educating her about the activities members could partake. Activities she either had never participated in, or heard of.

She had to know what Club Breathless was about. No one was allowed on premises without first signing a waiver and confidentiality agreement, and the rules of behavior were posted throughout the bar and play areas.

First timers in the Dom/sub lifestyle didn’t appeal to Jonah anymore. He made that mistake a long time ago and didn’t care to repeat it. Nope. He liked his partners to know what they wanted. Just because she had curves he longed to run his hands over didn’t negate the fact she was the equivalent of BDSM jailbait.

After about a half hour, the three rose from the booth and headed to an arched doorway. Jonah pushed away from the bar, slapped down a ten for his coffee and began weaving through the crowded room toward the door he’d seen them pass through.

Around the perimeter of the bar, wide arches spilled into passageways that led to areas where Doms and subs played out scenes in public. Once he reached the arched door, he faced a long, well-lit hall leading to the bondage/slave area. The woman and couple were long gone. He walked slowly down the corridor, stopping once and a while to monitor the activity.

In one roped off area a Dom had his sub strapped to a sawhorse style table face down, wrists and ankles shackled to the table legs. In his hand he held a soft leather flange, which he lightly stroked over her buttocks. With every stroke, every soft slap she quivered and moaned. Although mild by some member’s limitations, this excited both the Dom and his sub.

As Jonah passed by another room, he heard the crack of a paddle and the excited cry of a male submissive. For a moment he was mentally transported back to a private room on the third floor with his two business partners and their willing secretary, Miss Sheila Adams. He’d enjoyed smacking Miss Adam’s reddened buttocks as he slid into her tight warmth. With each thrust, his business partner Troy mirrored him, pushing into her swollen pussy, her satisfied moans muffled around their other partner Seth’s happy cock.

Although he engaged in a few more sessions with Miss Adams, Troy exhibited a growing possessive streak and Miss Adams had her hands full with him. Jonah sighed. Another business partner on his way down the twisty, matrimonial trail.

Jonah continued down the hallway, glancing quickly into each room without seeing the woman and other couple. In the last room he found them. Spread eagle on a St. Andrews cross, the new sub was bound tight at her wrists, ankles and mid-section. A leather blindfold covered her eyes. While Janet waited, kneeling at the base of the cross, Sam checked the bindings, adjusting them so they wouldn’t cut off her circulation.

Jonah’s cock thickened at the sight of this woman’s excitement. With her eyes covered she probably didn’t realize a small crowd gathered, watching the scene. He stayed, trying to ignore his growing erection. He’d love nothing more than to thrust his aching cock into her glistening pussy, but this was not his scene to enter. He turned and went back to the bar.

To Sir, With Love

By: Madison J. Edwards