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Thor's Yule

Series: Force Me
By: Shara Azod | Other books by Shara Azod
Published By: Shara Azod, LLC
Published: Jan 01, 2013
ISBN # 9781300515241
Word Count: 5,000
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Categories: Romance>Short Stories Romance>Erotic Romance


Thor's Yule (Force Me) by Shara Azod - Romance>Short Stories eBook

When Jeanna decided to spend Christmas in the German wilderness, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Not only was it just as lonely as it was stateside, but there's the matter of this naked man in the living room who claims to be Thor. Yeah. Right.

Thor could have granted Jeanna's wish with a mere thought, but something about the compelling, feminine voice touched him deep inside. Deciding to grant her request in person, Thor decides the only option he has is to seduce her into spending the Yule -- and every other night -- with him.
Reader Rating:   4.7 starstarstarstarstar (3 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
May Thor accept this Yule and grant me an end to my loneliness.
The wish was easily enough granted with little more than a thought, but something about the sweetly compelling voice stirred him. It had been a really long time since anything mortal had roused his curiosity. Perhaps it was simply the way she'd resurrected the old ways where no one really cared about them anymore. She'd actually said a prayer to him when no one had cared about him in more centuries than he cared to think about. As far as he was concerned, that warranted more personal attention.

Bifröst opened with ease, far easier than normal, as if he had a direct gateway to the woman. Not surprising since she knew the traditions, but it was something he'd have to look into later. But when he caught sight of the dark-skinned beauty, he found he really didn't give a shit how the thing opened, only that he was there with her.

She wasn't naked—yet—but the pants and tight tunic she wore showed her curves to perfection. Her modern clothing inspired a man to unwrap what stood before him. Though he was a god, he was also a man. He was definitely going to enjoy unwrapping what he'd found here.

"Your request has been heard and I have decided to grant it."
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: PianoACS on Nov 28, 2013
Oh man this was a little longer, 20 pages. Fell in love with Thor and Jeanna in the first chapter and wanted it to go on. And now I want a Loki story... pouts!
Submitted By: yveswms on Mar 4, 2013
Yuletide/Christmas will never be the same.... ;)
Submitted By: lurker1 on Feb 8, 2013
This was an enjoyable short story. The characters and set up were fun and the story sweet.

Thor's Yule

By: Shara Azod