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The Wild One

By: Theodora Taylor | Other books by Theodora Taylor
Published By: Amorous Publishing
Published: Dec 03, 2012
ISBN # 9780984919345
Word Count: 50,000
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Available in: Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>Interracial Romance>African-American Romance>Erotic Romance


The Wild One by Theodora Taylor - Romance>Interracial eBook

After Layla Matthews chooses his identical twin brother over him, Andrew Sinclair moves to Montana, vowing to forget about the ex-girlfriend that got away.

But when she shows up in Montana, sassier and sexier than he remembered, and seeking refuge on his guest ranch, he doesn't know how long he'll be able to keep that vow ... or resist setting her Montana nights on fire.

The only thing is, this Layla Matthews isn't quite what or who she seems.

The craziest 50 Loving States entry yet, this book features two outrageously handsome twin brothers, a mystery that will keep you guessing, and an extremely hot case of mistaken identity.
Reader Rating:   4.6 starstarstarstarstar (14 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip

“What the hell?” he said, then immediately felt bad for cursing, because this was Layla, and he had always felt bad using explicit language in front of her. The only other time he’d ever really done it was when she announced, with tears in her eyes that she was breaking up with him because she was in love with his brother.

But then again, the Layla he knew would never show up in Montana unannounced, wearing what looked like a sequined mini skirt straight out of a music video and reeking of alcohol.

He’d never seen her drink more than a glass or two of wine, much less enough alcohol to make her pass out. What was going on? And why was she here?

He pushed his many questions aside and shifted her so she was cradled in his arms. Then he bent down and picked up her large purse, which had slid off her arm when she fainted.

Luckily the motel/diner, which didn’t see much of a clientele on weekdays—its local nickname was the “Food Poison ‘em Cowboy”—was particularly dead on this Monday night. So he didn’t have to deal with nosy townspeople asking him why he was carrying an unconscious black woman back to his vintage ’57 Chevy pickup.

Seeing as how he had just bought the entire ranch town of Frasier, Montana and renamed it Sinclair Township, this was not the kind of attention he wanted from the townspeople or its few visitors.

But he was less worried about that, and more about the woman in his arms. There was one other car in the parking lot, a rental, which he recognized as the same non-descript, mid-sized economy car Steve always drove when he dropped off his clients. He assumed Layla must have bussed into town, since the diner also served as a drop-off point for the Greyhound. But why would she take the bus as opposed to flying into Missoula and driving in?

After depositing her into the passenger side of his truck, he took a moment to check her out. Even passed out, she looked more beautiful than ever. She’d lost what had to be at least fifteen pounds, but not in a bad way. She’d clearly been working out. And her skin glowed in the moonlight, looking just as dewy and fresh as it had back in college. With her hair also cropped short, like she’d worn it in college, it was hard to believe she’d aged a good twelve years since they’d dated.

Was it the Montana air? Because he hadn’t remembered her looking this good the last time he’d seen her at her wedding to his brother. Back then, he’d conceded her to Nathan like a gentleman. And he’d left Pittsburgh determined to think of her as a sister as opposed to his ex-girlfriend.

But the way his dick rose in his pants despite the vomit he’d had to wipe off his boots told him he definitely hadn’t succeeded in putting her in the friend zone.
Reader Reviews (7)
Submitted By: same on Mar 18, 2013
Unique read. Some situations characters were in became a bit annoying.
Submitted By: Laters50 on Feb 26, 2013
I honestly loved this book, it was a great read,sexy and hot, storyline good, i only wish the end had more details or sexy and hoped it lasted longer
Submitted By: tracyj on Jan 23, 2013
Yes. This is a sequel. Yes, it is also a stand alone. But I'm glad I had read "Owner of His Heart". It made this book that much more enjoyable. Everything about this storyline was a good surprise. The Hot & Steamy Sex scenes makes this book go on my list of re-reads.
Submitted By: dovi on Jan 14, 2013
Definitely soap opera material. The female lead was a bit annoying. She had no backbone, her mum controlled her and even though she hated it, she didn't really do anything. She was a pushover. But I still kinda liked it. I still prefer the first book.
Submitted By: lurker1 on Dec 14, 2012
Mz Taylor is an excellent author. Great with drama, and story lines not to mention great at keeping us guessing. I absolutely LOVE how she brought everything together. LOL Another fun read.
Submitted By: nverde6 on Dec 14, 2012
I hesitated buying this one because I didn't like the idea of Andrew knowingly trying to sleep with his brothers wife. (cause I love me some Nate and Layla) but of course there's an over the top unbelievable Soap Opera twist. Ms. Taylor delivers a well written, page burning hot novel. and I sooo enjoyed it.
Submitted By: sassymama on Dec 8, 2012
Personally, I enjoyed this book. The story line was great. I will read more of this authors books.

The Wild One

By: Theodora Taylor