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The Warriors of Sir Guy (Witches and Demons 3)

Series: Witches and Demons , Book 3.0
By: Saloni Quinby | Other books by Saloni Quinby
Published By: Changeling Press LLC
Published: Nov 09, 2015
ISBN # 0750502420
Word Count: 21,000
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The Warriors of Sir Guy (Witches and Demons 3) (Witches and Demons) by Saloni Quinby - Romance>Fantasy eBook

In 1205, a faithful knight was excommunicated for using his powers as a warrior witch to battle evil. Joining forces with other witches, he started a fellowship and for ten years led his brothers into battle against demons.

Then he was captured, tortured and killed by the demoness, Cassia. His companions, calling themselves The Warriors of Sir Guy, hunted and destroyed her, but her offspring by Sir Guy fled. For eight hundred years The Warriors of Sir Guy have tracked the half-demon, vowing not to rest until the creature is destroyed.

Born with the powers of a warrior witch, Robin was sent as a boy to train with the fellowship. Now a man, he is on the verge of fulfilling his coven's quest for justice by slaying the half-demon child of their founder. No one realizes that the offspring is his father's son. Only Robin sees the good in him. When he warns Robin that demons have infiltrated the Warriors of Sir Guy, the lovers are thrust into a battle that might destroy them.
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Warriors of Sir Guy (Witches and Demons 3)
Saloni Quinby
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2015 Saloni Quinby

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"I don't believe in Yeti, but we all know demons exist," James said during a short break on their grueling hike.

James and Martin were both tall men, though not as tall as Robin's six feet four inches. All three were athletically built from years of training. They were modern day knights, battling the forces of evil in a world that often denied its existence.

"We believe in demons, but not Yeti." Robin shook his head and smiled. "Strange, isn't it?"

"Not when you've seen what we've seen," James muttered, his dark blue eyes staring toward the mountaintop.

"Yeah. Well." Martin scrubbed a gloved hand over the dark beard covering his jaw. "We'd better get going. Got a lot more ground to cover before nightfall."

The journey to the area where James and Martin believed the half-demon dwelled took five days. It was a frigid morning when they left camp to hike the final miles to the caves where James and Martin believed Guy might be hiding.

"If he lived in a demon realm like a normal monster, he'd be easier to reach," Martin said as he and Robin checked their gear while James stood nearby, snapping a picture of the scenery. They might be warrior witches, but they had hobbies and James loved photography.

"True. At least for those of us who can travel between this world and the demon realms," Robin said. While many witches were warriors, few warrior witches -- those with the ability to travel between worlds and heal quicker than normal humans -- existed.

The boy, Torrance, had been born with such powers as well. Robin couldn't help thinking about him and feeling that both the Coven of Celestial Sleep and the Warriors of Sir Guy were treating him badly, not giving him the chance that every child deserved to be free and happy. Serious training was difficult for older boys and even adults. Robin couldn't imagine what it must be like for Torrance. What kind of a coven molded children into killers, even if they had the powers of a warrior witch and their targets were demons? What sort of parents allowed such a thing?

"Robin, are you listening to me?" Martin asked.

"Sorry. I was thinking about something."

"We know someone lives in the caves," Martin went on. "A white man. Pale. Blond. We've seen him and so have the villagers. They say he arrived about a year ago and rarely comes to the village, even for supplies. Keeps to himself."

"And you think it's Guy?"

"Around the same time he got here, the Yeti appeared."

"That doesn't mean he's a half-demon."

"But from the few encounters our fellowship had with Guy in the past, we know that in his demon form he resembles a hairy animal."

"An albino bear or gorilla, some say," James added.

"Yes, we've all been educated in the history and possible appearance of the demon Guy," Robin said. "But the fact is, no member of the fellowship has actually seen him in three hundred years. We're going on hearsay. For all we know, other demons might have killed him by now."

James and Martin exchanged glances.

"If Anthony heard you, he'd say those are treasonous words," Martin said.

"I'm just saying what most of us have thought at one time or another."

"Can't argue with that," James said. "But something is going on out here. We've put a month into this."

"Freezing our asses off up here. Interviewing natives. Watching caves. It's as boring as watching shit petrify," Martin said, shaking his head. "But there's something about this hermit. Something strange."

"I'm assuming you've talked to him," Robin said.

"No. We saw him walking once and called to him, but he ignored us. Disappeared in the squalls, but that day I got a bad feeling," Martin replied.

"So did I," James agreed. "That's when we contacted Anthony. Gut feeling told me that if we tried to approach this guy again, he'd run or worse."

"He might just be a weird hermit," Robin suggested. "Like in the story of Sir Guy."

Martin raised his eyes to heaven. "I didn't think you were such a dreamer, Robin. Are you in some kind of denial?'

"You're suggesting this guy is either Yeti or half-demon, but I'm delusional?" Robin scoffed.

"We can sense most demons. We have that power," James reminded him. "Instinct tells me we're on the trail of one now. Maybe this man isn't Guy, but he's unnatural."

"Evil?" Robin asked.

James and Martin exchanged glances again.

"Unnatural," James repeated.

That description didn't sit well with Robin. Unnatural didn't necessarily mean evil.

"Let's go," Martin said. "We're burning daylight."

The men trudged upward through the snow. By noon, they neared the cave where the hermit dwelled. From their position, the only way to reach the cave was by crossing a frozen stream. They proceeded carefully, since the ice wasn't particularly solid.

Robin maneuvered across, knowing the weight of three large men, even without the gear they had left at their campsite, might crack the ice. If an accident occurred, they had only themselves to depend on, as they were days away from the nearest village.

Nearing the caves, Robin sensed power -- a combination of scent and sensation, familiar yet foreign. It wasn't quite like the magic of his warrior witch companions, nor was it like that of any demon he had ever met.

James glanced over his shoulder at Robin and said, "You sense it too, don't you?"

"Yes," Robin murmured.

Martin also looked in his direction but didn't speak. They continued their careful trek, Martin in the lead.

When they reached the cave, they climbed inside and glanced around. Dimly lit, it was spacious enough for the men to stand. There was no sign that anyone -- human or animal -- dwelled there.

James trudged toward the back of the cave and noticed an alcove. "Looks like there are other chambers," he said. "We should check it out."

"That's why we're here," Martin said, glancing around. "The creature is close. I can feel it."

"What if we're wrong?" James suggested. "It could be --"

"Yeti? If such a thing exists, then the only logical explanation is it's a demon. The hermit fits the description of Guy. I don't believe in coincidence and neither does Anthony. He expects results."

Robin studied Martin carefully. He'd known the man for years and realized he would do anything to gain Anthony's favor. The fellowship leader trusted Martin and granted him freedom and power. No doubt Martin saw himself as Anthony's successor.

"You haven't said much, Robin," Martin pointed out.

"I haven't seen much, but I suggest we keep alert. If we can sense the creature, it probably senses us as well." Whether a demon or a natural animal, it would know intruders stalked its lair.

The men made their way into another dim corridor. Ahead, light shone through holes in the cave. The trail tilted upward until they once again emerged in the frigid outdoors. They gazed at the incredible view -- snow covered mountains and a steep drop to the icy river below.

A strange feeling crept down Robin's spine. They were being watched. He turned and saw a pair of vibrant blue eyes staring at them.

The Warriors of Sir Guy (Witches and Demons 3)

By: Saloni Quinby