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The Virgin Billionaire

Series: The Virgin Billionaire , Book 1.0
By: Ryan Field | Other books by Ryan Field
Published By: Ravenous Romance
Published: Jul 16, 2010
ISBN # 9781607773498
Word Count: 50,000
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Eligible Price: $2.99

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Categories: Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Romance>Contemporary Romance>Erotic Romance


The Virgin Billionaire (The Virgin Billionaire) by Ryan Field - Romance>LGBTQ>Gay eBook

Luis Fortune spends his nights escorting affluent older gentleman to parties, nightclubs and restaurants. And though he's not officially a rent boy because there's never any physical contact, he is paid well. He charms them with his looks and his carefree attitude. He makes them smile by laughing at their jokes and listening to their dull stories. But Luis is only doing this temporarily, until the right older man asks him to settle down. He's looking for something he can depend on, and until he finds it he won't even give the stray dog that followed him home a name.

While Luis is searching for money and security, he takes comfort in reading a blog written by a woman in France he's never met, Elena's Romantic Treasures and Tidbits. She adores gay men and romance, and she posts artistic photos, wonderful stories, and endearing posts about gay men that bring Luis a sense of comfort and security on his darkest, scariest days.

Jase Nicholas is a forty year old high-profile billionaire who can pass for thirty. He's spent the first half of his life running from the fact that he's gay. And now he wants to find out what he's been missing all those years. So he tells his family and friends he's going on a pilgrimage for a couple of months, and then he drops out of sight so he can come to terms with his sexuality and finally lose his gay virginity. But instead of going on a pilgrimage, he rents a small apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side. He changes his appearance and plunges into a world of young gay men. And when one of the young men he meets is Luis Fortune, his life is never the same again...
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Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
When the taxi dropped Luis off at 95th Street and Riverside Drive, the sun had just begun to rise. He pulled a twenty-dollar bill from his white dinner jacket, handed it to the driver, and took a quick look at his face in the rearview mirror. Though his dark beard was beginning to show, his green eyes were still wide and clear and his short brown hair was as neat as it had been ten hours earlier. If he hadn’t been wearing a formal tuxedo, it would have looked as though he’d just had eight solid hours of sleep and he was on his way to the office. At twenty-one years old, he could get away with staying out all night.
He told the driver to keep the change, and jumped out of the taxi with a spring in his step and carefree smile on his face. He jogged across the street without looking both ways and ignored the honking horns, as if the passing cars were merely an inconvenience. When one car screeched to a stop avoid running him down, he didn’t even turn his head. At the edge of the park, he walked up to a food vendor who was setting his cart up for the day. He bought a hot pretzel and a small bottle of Virgin Alaskan Spring Water, his favorite brand.
He took a large bite from the pretzel and walked over to an empty park bench with a view of the river. Before he sat down, he checked to be sure the seat was dry. It was one of those dewy mornings in early May, without a cloud in the sky or a breeze in the air, and he didn’t want a wet stain on his tuxedo. He suspected that by noon, it would be warm and sunny enough to wear shorts and a T-shirt. The joggers and power walkers had already begun to infiltrate the park. While they passed Luis on the bench, with their arms bobbing and their red faces pinched and sweaty, Luis pulled out his iPhone and opened his bottle of water.
Then he crossed his legs and shifted his weight to the right. He lifted the phone, pressed an application, and sighed out loud. When his favorite Web site appeared on the small screen, he smiled and held the phone closer. There was a brand-new post on his favorite blog that would help him get through the rest of the day. This particular blog, for Luis, was like a dose of medicine. All he had to do, whenever he felt jaded or disappointed, was to look at the familiar banner at the top of the Web site and his heart stopped racing.
Elena’s Romantic Treasures and Tidbits was a web site created by a beautiful young woman in France named Elena who had a passion for artistic photos of handsome gay men. Some of the photos were nudes; others were either partially or fully clothed. But they all had one thing in common: a dramatic, imaginative flair that couldn’t be reproduced anywhere else. Whether it was vintage or brand new, each photo was one of a kind. There were days when she posted three or four new photos, and each one had a short, but inspiring, blog post to accompany it. Sometimes she even posted reviews about gay books she’d read, with unusual book covers. Though she was a straight woman, everything about the blog was oriented toward gay men and the people who loved and appreciated exquisite photos of gay men. Luis had been following Elena’s blog for two years, and he’d never been disappointed by anything she’d posted.
This particular morning, Elena had posted a photo of a handsome young man on a long white leather lounge chair. His muscular arms were up over his head, there was a straightforward—almost enticing—half grin on his face, and he was wearing only a loose pair of gray boxer briefs that looked as though he’d been wearing them for a couple of days. He had a rough goatee and serious furrowed eyebrows. But his dark brown eyes were wide and innocent, as if he wasn’t sure why he was even posing this way. The briefs were bunched up between his hairy legs and the tip of his thick penis was sticking out of the right leg opening. He wasn’t erect, but the head of his penis was larger than most. Below the photo, there was a nice little post about the model, explaining where the photo had been taken and some basic information about the photographer.
Luis adjusted his body and read the post slowly so he wouldn’t get confused. French Elena wrote all her blog posts in broken English that was just as endearing as her soothing comments. Some sentences were difficult to understand; she had a tendency to use the English words in the wrong places, throwing the sentence structure into a wild tailspin. But with each comment she made, in spite of the way it was written—or perhaps because of it—the world seemed like a much nicer place to be.
Luis didn’t visit Elena’s blog site just to see naked men. Actually, there was very little about the site that aroused him sexually. He went there for the beauty and the truth, and to admire the artistic qualities other Web sites about gay men couldn’t seem to capture. Even the overall design of Elena’s site was different from others. Her banner was robin’s egg blue, the color of a Tiffany’s shopping bag. There were tiny, ornate golden scrolls and Florentine patterns surrounding the blue background that created a classic, sophisticated look. The name of the blog was done in gold script, with large wispy letters that had soft round curls and wiry turns. The understated elegance and simplicity combined with a formal, classic approach created a feeling of hope and stability Luis couldn’t seem to find anywhere else in his life.
He read the blog post about the young man in the creased underwear three times without looking up from his phone once. While he finished the pretzel and the water, he stared at the photo until he knew every detail about the model and the setting. Sometimes Luis even left comments on the blog thread, thanking Elena for writing a good post, and she always replied to all her comments later in the day with a gracious note of thanks to each individual person.
But that morning he didn’t leave a comment. It was getting late. When he was finished reading, he put the phone back into his pocket and yawned. Then he stood up, adjusted his jacket, and started walking back to Riverside Drive. He had an appointment later that afternoon and he wanted to go back to his apartment for a few hours’ sleep. It was almost seven in the morning. If he went home now, he could get at least five hours’ sleep.
A few minutes later, he walked up to the front door of his building and searched his pockets for his key. While he was looking for the key, he glanced across the street and noticed a familiar man sitting in a dark car. Luis bit his lip and lowered his head, then he stepped to the side so he could lean against the wall. He didn’t want the man in the car to see him going into the building.
Luis lived in one of those older apartment buildings, where you could either enter through the front door with a key or press the buzzer so someone inside the building could unlock the door and let you in. He checked his jacket pockets first, then his pants pockets, but he couldn’t find the damn key again. So he shrugged, rolled his eyes, and pressed the button below his landlord’s name a few times.
The first few times he pressed the button nothing happened. After about twenty times, the front door unlocked and Luis stepped into the vestibule. The building had six floors and no elevator. He lived on the fifth floor, in a one-room studio with a small kitchenette and a postage stamp of a balcony next to a fire escape where he kept a few herbs and flowers.
By the time Luis opened the front door, the man who had been sitting in the car was now standing right behind him. “I’ve been trying to get you for days,” the man said, following Luis into the building without being formally invited. “Where on Earth have you been?” He was a portly man in his mid-seventies, with a receding hairline, thick stubby fingers, and a flat nose. The top of his gray head met the bottom of Luis’s chest.
“I’m sorry, Barney,” Luis said, reaching for the banister. “I’ve been very busy.” His voice was soft and pleasant and he smiled while he spoke, but these confrontations turned his stomach into knots. “I’ve been meaning to call you.”
The man followed him up the stairs. “I’m not Barney,” he said. “I’m Alvin.”
While they climbed the stairs, Luis’s landlord leaned over the top-floor railing and shouted, “Where’s your key? I was sleeping. I don’t get up before ten and you know that. I just gave you a new key last week. What’s the matter with you?” He covered his ears with his palms. “Too much noise.”
Luis looked up and shrugged. His landlord was an older man with a thick accent Luis wasn’t sure about. It could have been German, or maybe Dutch. Luis had never been good with accents. People were people and he hated giving them labels.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Gordon,” Luis said, pounding up the steps with little effort. “I must have left it someplace insignificant again.” Insignificant was one of his new favorite words that week. He tried to use it as much as he could. The week before it had been the word mundane. And he had no idea what the next word would be.
“Well, you’d better find it,” the landlord said, making fists with both hands. “I need my sleep. I have a routine and I don’t like it disturbed.” The louder he spoke, the thicker his accent became.
Luis smiled and yanked off his black tie. Then he removed his white dinner jacket and unbuttoned his white shirt right there in the hallway where both Mr. Gordon and Alvin could watch him. He didn’t know much about the world, but he knew one thing for sure: the only way to calm the old guys down was to start taking off his clothes. It never failed. He could get away with anything if he showed some skin.
While Alvin blinked at Luis’s naked chest, Luis opened the door to his apartment and slipped inside fast. He never locked his apartment. The front door to the building was always locked and he figured locking his door was a waste of time. But he closed the door hard so Alvin couldn’t follow him in, then clicked the lock while Alvin stood in the hall and started to yell at him again.
“I thought you liked me,” Alvin said, banging on the door. “I’ve been paying for you and all your friends for the last month. Dinner here, nightclubs there. I’ve spent a small fortune on you and I’ve treated you very well. And this is how you treat me? I thought we had something together…a future.”
Luis rolled his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. This Alvin character certainly was a persistent little fellow. All Luis wanted to do was go to bed and get a few hours of sleep. Was this too much to ask?
So while Alvin stood outside his door ranting, Luis kicked off his shoes and stripped down to his white boxer briefs. For the life of him, he’d never understand what these older guys wanted. He’d made it clear to Alvin their relationship would never be anything more than platonic, and he’d thought Alvin had agreed to his terms. And now here Alvin was, banging on his door, expecting more than Luis could offer—or was willing to offer. The other thing Luis had learned to watch out for with these older guys was their ability to steal energy. They could be absolutely exhausting. Though they paid the bills, what they took in return couldn’t be replenished. And Luis didn’t like handing out his energy to just anyone.
When Luis reached down to remove his black socks, there was a loud door slam from above. It sounded as if Mr. Gordon was looking down from the top floor and shouting at Alvin. “You get out of my building, you old fool, and leave this nice boy alone. Or I’m calling the police right now.” Evidently, it didn’t occur to Mr. Gordon he was about the same age as Alvin.
Luis took a deep breath and exhaled. He knew Alvin had a wife and a family, and wouldn’t want to get involved with the police. Luis wasn’t sure what Alvin did for a living, but his family was involved in politics and he kept a very low profile.
Sure enough, right after Mr. Gordon said this, Alvin stopped shouting and banging on the door. There was a moment of silence, then Luis heard Alvin walking back down the wooden steps.
When Luis knew it was safe, he opened the door and stepped into the hall. When he looked up, Mr. Gordon was still leaning over the banister, with a telephone in his hand and a finger ready to speed-dial 911. Luis wasn’t wearing anything but white boxer briefs by then. He’d just had his entire body waxed the day before and he’d been to an indoor tanning salon two days before that. His delicate muscles were smooth and soft and bronze.
Mr. Gordon pointed at Luis and said, “I need my sleep. I’m going to get a dozen keys made this afternoon and give them all to you.” His voice started out loud, but grew softer when he realized Luis was in his underwear and bare feet.
Luis looked up at him and smiled. He stuck his thumbs into the elastic waistband of his white boxer briefs and pulled the waistband down to the middle of his hips on purpose. He stopped just before his penis and looked up at Mr. Gordon. He smiled, arched his back a little, and said, “I’ll probably lose those keys, too. It’s no use, Mr. Gordon. I’m just not good with keys and insignificant things like that.” He spread his legs wider and lowered the back of his underwear so that half of his firm, round ass would be exposed. He smiled and said, “Please don’t be upset with me, Mr. Gordon.” He knew Mr. Gordon well. The old guy had a loud bark, but whenever he saw Luis in his underwear, or less, he started to purr.
“Are you upset with me, Mr. Gordon?” Luis asked in a soft, timid tone. Though he wasn’t blond, he’d learned that even brunettes could also play the dumb-blonde routine and get away with it when they were in their underwear.
Mr. Gordon leered at Luis’s almost naked body and pursed his lips. His eyes widened and he had to adjust his eyeglasses to focus. “It’s just that you should be more careful with your keys,” he said. “Nice young men like you have to be more aware these days. Why, anything could happen and you wouldn’t be prepared to get into your own building without a key. I worry about you sometimes.”
“Are you going to throw me out of the building now?” Luis asked, turning to the side and lowering the back of his briefs all the way so Mr. Gordon could see his entire ass.
Mr. Gordon pressed his palm to his throat and ran his tongue across his bottom lip. “It’s okay,” he said, waving his hand. “I was just in a bad mood this morning. You’re a good boy.”
Luis pulled up his briefs and spread his legs. He leaned back and grabbed his dick in a casual, unconscious way. While Mr. Gordon watched him, he moved his dick to the left, then to the right. “Thank you, Mr. Gordon,” he said, pouting. Then he blew Mr. Gordon a kiss and walked back into his apartment so he could get some sleep.

Reader Reviews (12)
Submitted By: enjoy on Jan 26, 2014
From tragedy and heartbreak to acceptance and soul shattering realization - it's all there. Love all Ryan's books and am in awe of his worlds.
Submitted By: lissalou on Jan 16, 2013
Caveat time....I usually like Ryan Field's books. This one, not so much. I just did not like Luis....he was whiny and high maintenance with absolutely no redeeming qualities. I mean, why bother with him. But then again, that's just me....I didn't like "Breakfast at Tiffany's" either.
Submitted By: karenminfl on May 27, 2012
On one hand this seems like a fun story about a man who "runs away" to discover himself. In the process he meets another man who has changed himself to get away. They have feelings for one another but Luis doesn't seem to want to admit them. Then just when it seems that everything is coming together for them the truth of who Jace is gets revealed. Luis completely rejects. Luis was just a bit too whinny at times his reaction was just a bit too much drama.
Submitted By: JymmyRob on Apr 13, 2012
The Virgin Billionaire is the first in a series of 10 stories, to date: The Virgin Billionaire, Wedding, Secret Baby, Revenge, Evil Twin, Sexellent Adventure, Dream House, Hot Amish Escapade, Reversal of Fortune, Little Angel. In short, Ryan Field will have you running the whole gambit of human emotions. He will keep you entertained and you will find yourself wanting to be a friend of Luis and Jase and wishing each story would never end.
Submitted By: JymmyRob on Apr 13, 2012
The Virgin Billionaire is the first in a series of 10 stories, to date: The Virgin Billionaire, Wedding, Secret Baby, Revenge, Evil Twin, Sexellent Adventure, Dream House, Hot Amish Escapade, Reversal of Fortune, Little Angel. In short, Ryan Field will have you running the whole gambit of human emotions. He will keep you entertained and you will find yourself wanting to be a friend of Luis and Jase and wishing each story would never end.
Submitted By: JymmyRob on Apr 13, 2012
The Virgin Billionaire is the first in a series of 10 stories, to date: The Virgin Billionaire, Wedding, Secret Baby, Revenge, Evil Twin, Sexellent Adventure, Dream House, Hot Amish Escapade, Reversal of Fortune, Little Angel. In short, Ryan Field will have you running the whole gambit of human emotions. He will keep you entertained and you will find yourself wanting to be a friend of Luis and Jase and wishing each story would never end.
Submitted By: JymmyRob on Apr 13, 2012
The Virgin Billionaire is the first in a series of 10 stories, to date: The Virgin Billionaire, Wedding, Secret Baby, Revenge, Evil Twin, Sexellent Adventure, Dream House, Hot Amish Escapade, Reversal of Fortune, Little Angel. In short, Ryan Field will have you running the whole gambit of human emotions. He will keep you entertained and you will find yourself wanting to be a friend of Luis and Jase and wishing each story would never end.
Submitted By: shirrana on Mar 13, 2012
I was very disappointed. It is basically the gay version of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. I wouldn't recommending this book, unless you don't mind a large dose of plagiarism.
Submitted By: midknight on Feb 16, 2012
The story was too close to Breakfast at Tiffany's! Is it legal? The only reason I kept reading was to see how far Fields would take it. Apparently, to the soggy end. Again, is this legal?
Submitted By: Shadyrose on Feb 14, 2012
Ryan Fields ripped off the entire plot of Breakfast at Tiffany's! I'm not sure how he can get away with selling this book at all. Other than the blatant plot theft this book was mediocre, the main characters are both completely out of touch with reality and with basic human emotions. I'm just glad I didn't actually pay for this book.
Submitted By: klively on Dec 10, 2011
Interesting premise unfortunately marred by an unlikable and underdeveloped lead, and instances of telling versus showing. Nonetheless, I may pick up the next book in the series to give it a chance.
Submitted By: youngromancelover on Aug 24, 2011
Luis came across as vane with using his body to get what ever he wanted instead of his brain. But the story turned into a loving sexy read with some drama and loving. A good ending but it could have gone into some more detail about the guy's live's. Maybe thats to come in the next episode....

The Virgin Billionaire

By: Ryan Field