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The Taste of Magick

By: Riley Shane | Other books by Riley Shane
Published By: Riley Shane
Published: Nov 02, 2011
ISBN # RLSHNX0000001
Word Count: 6,428
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Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Romance>Short Stories


The Taste of Magick by Riley Shane - Romance>Paranormal/Horror eBook

Warlock Jason Prescott hates Halloween with a passion. His boyfriend, Travis Byrne, loves it with equal fervor. When Halloween time rolls around, the couple’s relationship hits its breaking point. In order to save it, Jason will have to learn to open up, step outside his comfort zone, and show Travis how much he means to him. With the help of a little magick, Jason will deliver a Halloween surprise that turns into a bewitchingly erotic night neither he nor Travis will ever forget.
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Travis was sitting on the floor, juggling some small orange pumpkin lights in one hand, something he did when he was in deep thought. He concentrated on the swirling mass in front of him, not looking up at my approach.

"What's his problem?" I asked, as half a dozen cutlasses appeared on the floor in front of Travis.

"Hmm?" He was focused on conjuring up more stock. "Oh, Balthazar. He just came to bitch. He volunteers at the haunted houses every year and not even children find him scary."

"Only you would play therapist for the dead."

"Just sounding board, really." A pile of vampire makeup kits joined the swords. "All done." Travis put the lights down before he looked up at me and smiled. "For now. Powers above know what else will be needed before tomorrow night." I joined him on the floor and he leaned in and kissed me. "Hello, lover."

I couldn't help but smile back. Travis' normally short, strawberry blond curls were dyed black, straightened, and probably magick'd so the now-midnight-colored locks fell just past his chin, the tips dyed bright orange. He'd covered his gorgeous bottle-green eyes once more, this time with orange cat-eye contacts, and the 'twenties gangster costume had been replaced. Instead of a suit and spats, he was anachronistically dressed in a pirate costume that looked like it had fallen off a vintage Harlequin cover. On any other man, the combination of hair, eyes, and clothes would look bizarre, but on Travis it worked. Especially, in my opinion, the tight leather pants.

I wondered how fast I could get him out of those leather pants. He seemed back to his normal self today, which meant I had a high chance of seduction success, barring ghostly appearances or broomstick emergencies.

The Taste of Magick

By: Riley Shane