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The Rebel's Promise

By: Jane Godman | Other books by Jane Godman
Published By: Front Porch Romance
Published: Feb 05, 2013
ISBN # FRNPRC0000002
Word Count: 66,721
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Categories: Romance>Historical Regency Historical Fiction

In December 1745, Jacobite troops, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, march on Derby intent on seizing the throne. Rosie Delacourt’s quiet existence is thrown into turmoil when she rescues a rebel lord from certain death. A passionate attachment blossoms but there is a price on Jack’s head and he must flee the country. Before he leaves, he makes Rosie a promise that he will return and claim her as his bride.

Rosie believes that Jack has been killed in battle at Culloden. She is threatened with ruin and forced into a distasteful betrothal. When Jack returns, he is unable to hide the anguish he feels at her betrayal ... and Rosie dare not risk telling him the truth. It seems the only feelings which remain between them are bitterness and anger. But, when danger throws them together again, they are reminded of the tenderness they once shared.
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Jack paused to watch the dancers and his eyes were drawn immediately to Rosie. She looked stunning, but too much like every other woman present, he decided savagely … and she had far too much flesh on display! Her youthful partner was unashamedly ogling her breasts as they came together in the dance. Jack felt an unaccountably strong compulsion to take the stripling by the throat and shake the life out of him. He resisted this unsociable impulse by ramming his hands into the pockets of his breeches and leaning his shoulders against the wall. A giggly debutante, who much admired his heroic good looks, advanced towards him. Noticing the brooding frown on his face, she thought better of it and drifted nonchalantly away.

When the dance ended, Rosie curtseyed low to her partner who, to Jack’s further outrage, took the opportunity to snatch another lecherous eyeful. Without thinking, he marched over to where she stood and, ignoring the blaze of hope which lit her eyes, bowed stiffly.

“Your servant, Miss Delacourt,” he could barely speak for rage, “May I claim the pleasure of your hand in the next dance?”

Rosie’s smoke-grey eyes showed her dismay. She had no idea what she had done to provoke this mood, but he was clearly seething with ill-concealed outrage. But surely even Jack, unquestionably the most audacious man alive, would not dare to cause a scene here … at her engagement party?
Reader Reviews (2)
Submitted By: MandyAJ7 on Feb 20, 2013
Loved this book. Had me laughing and crying and a sweet love story.
Submitted By: icedgemma on Feb 16, 2013
Sweet, funny and charming. Loved the story and the characters, like reading a soap opera or an episode of Downton Abbey

The Rebel's Promise

By: Jane Godman