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The Pirate's Secret Baby

By: Darlene Marshall | Other books by Darlene Marshall
Published By: Amber Quill Press, LLC
Published: Mar 02, 2014
ISBN # 9781611245622
Word Count: 112,000
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The Pirate's Secret Baby by Darlene Marshall - Romance>Historical Other eBook

The captain of the Prodigal Son has a deserved reputation as the deadliest (and best dressed) pirate in the Caribbean, but Robert St. Armand’s totally at sea when it comes to “Marauding Mattie,” the daughter he never knew he had. How in the world can he deal with the littlest pirate, one who prefers knife-throwing to arithmetic lessons, and who’d rather be keelhauled than eat her beets? He needs help!

Lydia Burke is living a safe, respectable life, separated from England by an entire ocean. It’s exactly what she needs and she’s not going to risk her boring, but secure, position as a governess to consort with pirates, especially one who’s too pretty for his own good or her peace of mind.

No self-respecting governess would be willing to come aboard the notorious Prodigal Son, but Robert didn’t fight his way to the top by letting small obstacles like scruples stop him. If he can’t hire Lydia Burke, he’ll steal her and take her to England with them, certain he can charm her into his bed along the way as an added bonus on the voyage.

It will be a true voyage of discovery for the pirate and the governess, as one learns to navigate the rocky shoals of parenthood while the other tries to keep deadly secrets hidden, and both will find that while it’s a child who initially brings them together, the growing passion between them offers the greatest temptation.

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Editorial Reviews:
From Cindy Vallar, Pirates And Privateers
5 STARS! ...a well researched historical romance spiced with humor...weaves an invisible spell that tugs at your heart strings...I enjoyed it on so many levels...a wonderful tale of cunning pirates and captivating would be pirates.
From Karen F., Goodreads
4 STARS! ...Another adorable and fun pirate romance from Darlene Marshall. Robert, the charming, handsome pirate from Castaway Dreams is back. I love that he is a man that knows his own charm...Lydia is the typical uptight governess, dressed in drab colors and trying to blend into the woodwork. They both have secrets...I just love these books...
From Carrie S., Smart Bitches Trashy Books
...sure is a lot of fun...Lydia and Robert both have depth, which grounds the story...there were plenty of sexy times in the book in which boundaries were respected, and they were emotionally moving, sometimes very funny, and sexy as well...
From Jayne, Dear Author
...well researched...this is a welcome addition to your 19th century pirates oeuvre...With its smart and sexually aware heroine who has reached for the gusto she wants in life... and delightfully self assured hero...plus a pint sized dynamo just begging for her own story to be told, I had a great fun reading it.
...“What is it you want?” Macdavid said, looking about the deck at his shabby little vessel, which looked like a flounder alongside the sleek, sharklike Prodigal.

Robert gestured at the trio coming abovedecks.


“You! Reprobate! Wastrel! Knave! Scoundrel! Libertine! Villain!” Miss Burke sputtered to a finish having run out of epithets for the moment. The two crewmen escorting her looked at her with new respect, but she needed a few weeks aboard a pirate vessel. That would add salt to her vocabulary.

A slow smile curled his lips. The governess’s ugly linen cap was absent. While her hair was pinned tightly against her head, it shone in the sun, a glorious shade of chestnut with highlights of russet and gold. A few wisps escaped to curl across her forehead, with enough amber depths that it made one itch to unpin the mass and see all the colors gathered there. No wonder the little hedgehog kept it covered! Hair like that would inspire naughty thoughts in her employers and jealousy in their wives.

She was also younger than he’d suspected when he first encountered her, pegging her age at around twenty-five years old. The day just became that much more interesting.

“You missed me, didn’t you, Miss Burke?”

“Why have you stopped this ship? What do you want with me?”

Anger looked good on her. The gray sack she wore hurt his eyes though. He’d have to do something about that.

Robert turned back to the hapless captain of the Clementine.

“This is what I came for.”

“You want her?” Captain Macdavid looked at her and scratched his beard, puzzled. “Well, all right, go ahead and take her.”

Miss Burke gasped, and pulling free of the men holding her, marched over to Macdavid. “You don’t protest this man kidnapping a passenger from your vessel?” she angrily pointed at St. Armand in case there was any question exactly who she meant.

Macdavid shrugged. “Your passage is already paid, so it’s all the same to me. I never guaranteed a safe journey, miss.”

She stood nearly toe to toe with the older man, her fists clenched. “Return my money!”

“I never promised that neither!” he protested, and Robert stepped forward and took the governess by the arm before there was bloodshed...

The Pirate's Secret Baby

By: Darlene Marshall