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The Martinez Marriage Revenge

By: Helen Bianchin | Other books by Helen Bianchin
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Apr 01, 2008
ISBN # 9780373127153
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Fiction


The Martinez Marriage Revenge by Helen Bianchin - Romance>Contemporary eBook

When Shannay's marriage to billionaire Marcello Martinez ended, she returned home carrying with her a precious secret....

Now, four years later, Marcello has tracked his wife down and discovered she has kept knowledge of his child from him!

Marcello will make Shannay pay for her deception-by returning her to their marital home...and their marriage bed?
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'Can we have another turn? Please.'

The noise and colour of the carnival was all around them. Loud music, laughter, childish shrieks in wonderment of the merry-go-round, the Ferris wheel...so many sideshows to capture the attention of a young child.

There were striped tents providing exciting adventure for children, booths selling candyfloss, hot dogs, and stands offering a variety of stuffed toys as prizes for knock-em-down revolving ducks.

Beauty in miniature, Nicki's smile was to die for, her sunny nature a blessing, and Shannay caught her young daughter close in a loving, laughing hug.

Small arms wound round her neck. 'We're having fun, aren't we?'

Shannay felt the familiar pull on her heartstrings for the gift of an unconditional trusting love of a child, in all its innocence.

'One more time,' she agreed, and paid for another ride. 'Then we really need to leave.'

'I know,'Nicki capitulated sunnily. 'You have to go to work.'

'And you need a good night's sleep so you can be bright-eyed at kindergarten tomorrow.'

'So I can grow up and be clever like you.'

The music grew loud, the merry-go-round began to move, and Nicki clutched the reins attached to the brightly painted horse.

OK, so she'd graduated from university with a degree. But not so clever, Shannay mused reflectively, when it came to her personal life.

A broken marriage less than two years after vowing to love and cherish for a lifetime couldn't exactly be viewed as a plus, despite mitigating circumstances.

Water under the bridge and no regrets, she assured herself silently as the merry-go-round slowed and drew to an easy halt.

'All done.'

Shannay stepped down and lifted her daughter from the colourful horse.

Beautiful dark eyes sparkled with delicious laughter as she giggled and planted a smacking kiss on her mother's cheek.

Nicki's father's eyes, Shannay reflected, and tamped down the slight tension curling her stomach at the thought of the man she'd married in haste five years ago in another country.

Marcello Martinez, born in France to Spanish parents, raised and educated in Paris, and attended university in Madrid.

Multi-lingual, attractive, sensual, charming...he'd swept her off her feet and into a life far different from her own.

She had told herself she would adjust...and she did, successfully. Or so she'd thought. But not according to his family, who had made it plain she didn't match their élite social status.

An added complication had been the family's favoured choice of a suitable Martinez bride...Estella de Cordova. The stunning raven-haired, dark-eyed socialite possessed impeccable credentials, stellar lineage and obscene wealth.

Something the Martinez family and Estella never permitted Shannay to forget. Or the fact that Marcello and Estella had been lovers...a situation which continued soon after their marriage, if persistent rumour could be believed. Rumour actively fostered by some members of the Martinez family in a bid to diminish Shannay's defences.

Seemingly irrefutable proof of Marcello's infidelity just twenty months after their marriage was the ultimate betrayal, and following an explosive argument Shannay had moved into a hotel and taken the first available flight back to Australia.

Within a matter of weeks she'd obtained a good job in a local pharmacy in suburban Perth, leased an apartment, purchased a car...and become determinedly resolved to dispense Marcello where he belonged.

In her past.

Difficult, when his image had intruded during her daylight hours and haunted her dreams each...

The Martinez Marriage Revenge

By: Helen Bianchin