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The Manuscript [The Sinful Gentlemen 1]

By: Emma Wildes | Other books by Emma Wildes
Published By: Siren-BookStrand
Published: May 01, 2006
ISBN # 1933563230
Word Count: 16,000
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Categories: Romance>Historical Gothic


The Manuscript [The Sinful Gentlemen 1] by Emma Wildes - Romance>Historical Gothic eBook

Claire Fallon is destitute and desperate. Reluctantly, she agrees to become the mistress of the reclusive but deliciously handsome Viscount Ranleigh, even though the man has absolutely no idea she has been hired to warm his bed. Much to her chagrin, another part of her duties involves translating an ancient manuscript that ends up being little more than an apothecary's guide to recipes for sexual adventure...

Justin Howard has made a mistake, and he has paid a price. His wife is a promiscuous tart he can't escape...or can he? After his new assistant arrives to help him with his scientific experiments, he finds Claire not only opens a world of sensuous and uninhibited delights, but a determination to free himself from a situation that he can no longer tolerate.

A scientist and an ingnue prove love matters more than scandal, and it is possible to find some intriguing ideas for passion in The Manuscript...

Reader Rating:   4.1 starstarstarstarstar (14 Ratings)
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Editorial Reviews:
From Deborah Kimpton, Romance Junkies
5 Blue Ribbons. The Manuscript was my first foray into the world of ebooks and I have to admit that I was very pleasantly surprised. Ms. Wildes' language is rich and colorful, fully immersing the reader in the story and period of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale.
From W.O. Cable, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
5 Stars/Hot. In this story, Ms. Wildes has once again has shown her ability to present new variations of romance in all of its infinite forms. Ms. Wildes' writing style is fresh and very enjoyable. The plot and flow of the story makes a wonderful reading experience.
From Kerin, Euro Reviews
5 Stars/Excellent. Emma Wildes has the unique ability to draw the reader into her stories and make them feel invested in the happiness of her characters because they share so much of themselves. She also creates the most unique storylines that never fail to surprise the reader.
From Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews
5 Angels. The Manuscript is a lighthearted and sexy tale of a needy, studious man and a woman abandoned by society because shes too pretty. Justin is tempted by her; Claire is intrigued by him. Watching these two dance around their attraction is half the fun of this story! The Manuscript is a charming and sultry tale, and is sure to please!
From Romantic Times BOOKreviews
4 Stars: "The Sinful Gentlemen: Two for the price of one is what you get in Wildes' wicked, but touching, Regencies. Readers will have a hard time choosing their favorite from these delightful and sizzling tales."
It felt a little like coercion and a lot like blackmail when Margo said bluntly, “The job pays one hundred pounds a week. That is, I will pay you one hundred pounds a week in addition to whatever salary my brother pays you.”

“What?” Claire Fallon blinked, those incredibly lovely eyes incredulous. “A week?”

It was a staggering amount to someone almost starving. Money was not an issue, and Margot had deliberately chosen an amount so ridiculously high it would not be turned down. “You will have to earn it, of course. Justin will think you are his new assistant, but in truth, what I want is for you to seduce him. I am hiring you, Miss Fallon, to be my brother’s mistress, as well as to assist him in his lab.”

There was a small silence.

Determinedly, Margot went on, “I doubt it will be particularly easy to lure him into your bed since he is still a married man and has an unfortunate sense of honor. However, he is a man and subject to male needs. Now that I have seen you, I think this will work. What my brother needs is a torrid love affair, something to take his mind away from his promiscuous viscountess. Since he rarely leaves our estate, it would be impossible for him to meet someone, so I decided to bring a woman to him. You will be ideal.”

Lounging back after dropping that cannonball, Margot saw a myriad of emotions flit across the delicate features of the young woman sitting in her drawing room, predominantly utter shock. Casually sipping her smooth sherry, she waited, hoping Claire would not get up and walk out in outrage. Her guest seemed to struggle with affront, her eyes dilating, her hand shaking as it gripped her glass with white-knuckled force, but there had to be a measure of interest as well, for she did not get up and leave. Imminent starvation and tedious children were apparently powerful forces, for after several minutes of silence, Miss Fallon said hoarsely, “I cannot find the words to respond to this. Are you serious, Duchess?”

“I don’t know what else to do. He simply cannot go on slaving away and feeling so utterly betrayed,” Margot explained, a certain frustration coloring her voice. “He is very handsome, and obviously intelligent, but not a man who relentlessly pursues every woman in sight. Particularly not now. You are gifted in both mind and body, and he will respond to you, or so I hope. All I ask is that you try to coax him back to some enjoyment of life. He’s not yet thirty. He should not be spending every night alone because of that harlot. She wanted his wealth and his title, but took his trust as well. I am determined to defeat her.”

After that impassioned speech, Claire looked a little taken aback, her cheeks pink, her gaze veiled by her lowered lashes.

Persuasively, Margot leaned forward, her empty glass dangling from her fingers. “Think of it, my dear child. One hundred pounds a week to assist my brother in his laboratory and decipher some odd letters, plus the added bonus of being able to give pleasure to an attractive man who, I promise you, will give you pleasure back. I also have no objection to you bringing your young brother to the estate in Sussex , where you can tutor him between your duties and use the army of servants to keep an eye on him otherwise. The house is huge, the grounds extensive, with plenty of room for a child to play and run. The stables are very fine, as well, since Justin’s other passion is riding. Think of it, your young brother can be well-fed, well-cared for and get to enjoy being a small boy.”

It was a good strategy on Margot’s part. Miss Fallon took a deep struggling breath, a sheen of tears in her glorious eyes. “That’s very generous, Your Grace.”

“I love my brother as you do yours. I may not have to fight to put food in his mouth, but I would do anything to see him smile again.”

“I cannot believe,” the lovely Claire muttered unevenly, “I would even consider this. My lady, I am not even sure I know how to seduce a man.”

That small hint of capitulation made Margot suppress a glimmer of triumph. “I could have hired a skilled courtesan, but Justin would not respond to someone like that. Besides, he would catch on quickly enough and be angry with me for meddling. What he will like about you is your education and the ability to meet him on an equal level in some areas. Your extraordinary beauty will not go unnoticed either. It is like the gods dropped you suddenly in front of me as a gift.”

That violet gaze changed, suddenly direct, almost challenging. “If your brother is such the perfect gentleman, would he even take to bed an innocent young woman that works for his family? Deflowering a servant is certainly not the actions of the paragon you mention.”

“You won’t precisely be a servant, Miss Fallon, and you are right. Your virginity is a problem. Since he could never marry you, I don’t want him feeling guilty for ruining you once the two of you are lovers. He has to think you are experienced, at least somewhat. You will have to hide the fact you have never been with a man until it is too late.”

The girl looked a little curious under her shocked expression. “Can one hide such a thing?”

The Manuscript [The Sinful Gentlemen 1]

By: Emma Wildes