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Their Virgin's Secret, Masters of Menage, Book 2

Series: Masters of Menage , Book 2.0
By: Lexi Blake | Other books by Lexi Blake
      Shayla Black | Other books by Shayla Black
Published By: Virgin Series
Published: Dec 23, 2011
ISBN # 9781937608033
Word Count: 65,312
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Categories: Romance>Multiple Partners Romance>BDSM Romance>Erotic Romance


Their Virgin's Secret, Masters of Menage, Book 2 (Masters of Menage) by Lexi Blake, Shayla Black - Romance>BDSM eBook

Two Men on a Mission

Security Professionals Burke and Cole Lennox have shared women before but never meant to fall in love with one. Their lives are precarious, always on the edge of trouble. But Jessa Wade is too tempting, too perfect to let go. They’re on a dangerous mission, but they can’t help but get close to the beautiful, innocent artist. When their mission takes them to a foreign land, they reluctantly leave their love behind, promising to return for her one day.

A Woman with a Secret

After her lovers disappeared, Jessa Wade bravely moves on with her life, protecting her secret. But when she becomes the target of one of Burke and Cole’s enemies, the men leap into action, vowing to save their woman and to never leave again. As danger stalks all three, they must come together and face the mistakes of their past. On the run and out of time, Burke and Cole will fight for their future with Jessa
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It was time to have a relationship. This might not last more than a week, but she would know what it meant to belong to someone.

“We should celebrate,” Burke offered. “I think dancing is in order.”
Cole groaned. Though he hadn’t been much of a dancer, she’d loved being held in his strong arms when they’d danced on Christmas Eve. He’d sighed and called himself an elephant with two left feet, but being close to him made all the grousing worthwhile.

“How about a movie?” Cole practically pleaded. “Or a show. I’ll go see a show. See, I can compromise.”

She took a long sip of margarita, wishing she had a tequila shot instead. Liquid courage, she needed it. Instead, she drew in a breath and plowed ahead. “I think we should all go to bed.”

They both stopped, and in perfect synchronicity, swung their dark heads her way.

“What did you say, sweetheart?” Burke asked.

She licked her suddenly dry lips. “You heard me.”

“I heard that you want us in bed.” Cole stared at her like a lion about to pounce on something soft and furry. “All of us. Together.”

Yep. They just stared in silence, those blue eyes hot, dissecting. Embarrassment swamped her. Had she been wrong about them? Had she let the fantasies in her head color her judgment?

Burke’s eyes narrowed. “You want a ménage, sweetheart? Have you ever had one?”

She shook her head. Oh, she didn’t want to admit more than that. Surely she could fake some experience. She’d seen movies. Mostly R rated, but Jimmy from concierge services had once had a party where some of the guys had gone to the back and watched porn films. She’d sneaked a peek. A long peek.

“Do you understand what you’re asking for?” Cole asked. He’d completely closed his expression off. Burke had relaxed, his sensual expression almost decadent. But Cole sat stiffly, his whole body seeming to shut down.

Jessa fought the tears that threatened. She’d thought they both wanted her. Cole, it appeared, was just being nice. If she couldn’t have them both, she wondered if she shouldn’t just walk away. It would be like accepting half of something. Ever since that first night, she’d viewed them as a single unit. She forced a bright smile on her face, hating the sniffle that came out. She’d gotten herself in this mess. She could get herself out.

“Just kidding.” She forced a laugh. “Sorry, guys. I’ll stop telling bad jokes, I promise. Let’s just have a nice dinner, then I’ll head back to the hotel since I have to work tonight.”

“No, you don’t. Eric is working. I saw the schedule.” Burke raised a dark brow.

She was a horrible liar. She couldn’t hold the sunny pretense anymore, not with humiliation stinging every corner of her body. “Why don’t I just go?”

Grabbing her coat, she stood.

“No,” Burke barked with a ferocious frown. “Jessa, sit back in your seat. We need to talk about this.”

Slowly, she set her coat aside and eased back into her chair. “There’s nothing to say. If you don’t want—”

Cole snorted, his gaze looking as if it had heated up ten thousand degrees in the last minute, though the rest of his body remained frozen.

But Burke spoke. “Sweetheart, we’re not shocked by the idea. Trust me. We’ve done this a time or two. We prefer to share lovers, but you’re very young.”

“And very inexperienced.” A fact that obviously made Cole grit his teeth.

“How would you know that?” Jessa challenged. It was true, but his assumption annoyed her. She fought the urge to get up and walk away—end this whole embarrassing evening. “You don’t know my history. I could have had a bunch of lovers.”

Both men snorted. Somehow they made it seem elegant.

“Sweetheart, if you’ve had more than a couple, I’ll eat my socks.” Burke watched her closely, then paled. “You have had a couple, right?”

She took another long swallow, wringing her hands. They could see right through her. No sense in lying now. “Fine. All right. No.”

Cole clenched his jaw and sent Burke an accusing stare. “I told you the minute we met her that she was a virgin. Goddamn it.”

Jessa suddenly felt alone. The twins were looking at each other, their eyes speaking while their mouths stayed closed. Sometimes they retreated into a private world where she couldn’t follow.

Moments later, Cole stood, buttoning the jacket of his suit coat. “It’s time for me to leave. She’s too innocent for what I need. I can’t put that on a virgin. Besides, she’s more interested in you. I’ll go back to the hotel. We do have work to do, remember?”

Burke’s face fell. “Can’t we talk about this?”

“What the fuck is there to say?”

She sat there watching them, wishing she hadn’t ever spoken up. They could still be sitting here having a nice dinner and planning to go to a movie or a show together. But no, she’d needed to forge her own path. She always did. She could hear her mother complaining in her head about what an ungrateful daughter she was for turning aside all their plans for her and making her own. Painting, not international business. Two men, not one.

Jessa listened to them argue. She was on the outside now, but then she’d felt that way all of her life. Even at the lavish parties her parents had thrown, she’d been on the outside. When she’d tried to fit in, going to a school she didn’t want to go to, studying what she didn’t love, it had been terrible. Always on the outside.

The best thing she’d ever done had been defying her parents. She’d stood up and gotten kicked out, but it had been for the best. She would have suffocated if she’d stayed. She’d been happier since leaving all that behind and didn’t regret her choice for a minute. So why was she retreating now instead of fighting for what she wanted? Wasn’t she simply proving Cole’s point that she was too inexperienced to handle him?

She wasn’t a child. She might not have slept around, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t deal. She looked at him, really looked at him. She tried to look past her insecurity and see him as he truly was. Jessa gnawed at her lip. How would she draw Cole in this moment? His face was all broad lines and bleak angles, but under the pain she saw gentleness lurking. Yearning even. She would love to draw him, then transfer that image to canvas, the colors of her palate bringing everything to life. Time slowed for Jessa. She studied him as she would a subject she painted, looking deep. Bold colors. He required them. He wasn’t as black and white as he tried to portray. He was a million shades, just like his brother.

He turned to her, and she realized his carefully blank stare wasn’t about her. He was scared of something.

Maybe she was fooling herself or seeing what she wanted to see, but his sudden refusal didn’t make a lick of sense. For four days, Cole had been right beside her, eating her up with his stare again and again, silently seducing her with the desire in his remote eyes. Burke was more blatant, but she hadn’t imagined Cole’s attraction to her. What was he afraid of?

“Goodbye, Jessa.” His voice sounded ragged. “You have a good time with Burke. He’ll take care of you, baby.”

“No.” The word slipped out. Now that she’d truly seen him, she knew deep down that if he let his fear win, it would haunt them all.

Burke smiled, but Cole scowled, suddenly on the offense.

“No?” Cole challenged, leaning in. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Stopping him in his tracks emboldened her. Jessa stood, certainty running through her veins, settling her face inches from his. She was still nervous, but no one got what they wanted by giving up. And she just knew she was doing the right thing.

“It means that you two are a packaged deal. I won’t settle for half, and that’s what I would get if I only gave myself to Burke. I would get the good and the gentle, but there’d be no balance.”

“Fuck balance. Stick to Prince Charming. I’m a ruthless bastard.” Cole’s eyes narrowed. His fists clenched.

She was getting to him.

“I don’t need gentle all the time,” Jessa assured him softly. “I need what you can give me.”
Reader Reviews (6)
Submitted By: AnimeLady04 on Sep 21, 2015
I had some problems with this story because if the two men were so serious about Jessa, why did they leave her for so long without any hard proof (i.e. pictures?). Maybe they loved her so much they would be killed inside if they saw her happy with someone else but because of the lack of trust and determination, they waste a long time being apart. Though the danger does bring them together, and it does end in a HEA, the men understand it was their fault and Jessa even admits to partially being at fault. I did enjoy the story a lot but I do wish the men hadn't been so stubborn in some parts of the story.
Submitted By: cgregory on Jan 27, 2015
This book continues the hot factor from the first one. Loved it and am reading the entire series all over again.
Submitted By: endlessreader77 on Jan 14, 2014
Love these authors. They are the best at what they do. This series keeps you truly engrossed in the story. Lots of action twists and of coarse great sex. This series will keep you asking for more and flipping page after page.
Submitted By: tmh0616 on Jan 31, 2013
Enjoyed this story. The tie into the first book and the lead into the next help to keep me hooked.
Submitted By: tara_neale on Jan 29, 2013
Love this series...lots of hot guys and BDSM, what more could a kinky girl want! But this is my least favorite, but still a solid 4. My problem was the heroine; she always topped from the bottom and was a true brat.
Submitted By: hollins89 on Jan 8, 2013
I liked this 2nd story best of the 3 in the series thus far. I felt like the backstory and character development here was stronger than in the first and third books. There was a lot more emotional punch here. Still had great sexual action and tension, though. Overall great read with added bonus of thrilling suspense and jeopardy.

Their Virgin's Secret, Masters of Menage, Book 2

By: Lexi Blake, Shayla Black