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The Hidden Glade

By: L.J. Holmes | Other books by L.J. Holmes
Published By: MuseItUp Publishing
Published: Dec 12, 2012
ISBN # 9781771272285
Word Count: 4,191
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Short Stories Romance>Erotic Romance


The Hidden Glade by L.J. Holmes - Romance>Contemporary

She comes here to this hidden glade to unwind and dream, but today her dream is going to ignite!
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The air was cool, a decided bite in the wind, but the sun, high up in the cloudless sky, radiated warmth that touched her skin as she lay there. A bird twittered, answered by yet another perched among the yawning leaves of the maple trees. In the distance, an animal scuttled from one hiding place to another in search of its daily sustenance, but for her, sustenance came from the intoxicating scents of lilac and honeysuckle, the rich blanket of freshly mown grass beneath her, and the heat of the sun penetrating her weary body.

She'd come here, as she often did, to drink in the tranquil beauty, letting her mind drift, and her burdens flow away. This was her private place, here where the babbling creek and the softly rolling hills remained secreted from the nearby road by a dense forest of trees and brush. Here she could strip off the mantle of society and be at one with Nature's elements.

Rolling onto her back, she cushioned her head on her over-stretched arms. The sky, she noticed, as blue and as infinite as she'd come to depend upon it to be. There were few constants in her world, but her sky and this haven were two. A squirrel scampered above her, followed by a younger version. Mother and baby, she decided with a smile.

The Hidden Glade

By: L.J. Holmes