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The Heart of Winter

By: Maggie Shayne | Other books by Maggie Shayne
      Day Leclaire | Other books by Day Leclaire
      Linda Winstead Jones | Other books by Linda Winstead Jones
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Jan 01, 2011
ISBN # 9780373837588
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Categories: Romance>Drama


This trio of irresistible stories from Maggie Shayne, Linda Winstead Jones and Day Leclaire touch the heart of who we are and what we desire….

Melinda Terwilliger is a mild-mannered teacher—until she accidentally becomes The Toughest Girl in Town. But she meets her match in an undercover cop determined to get to know the real Melinda…with kisses hot enough to melt any woman's heart!

When law secretary Nell Rose is snowbound with a handsome stranger, keeping her New Year's Resolution becomes nearly impossible. Why swear off men when a romantic weekend with a reclusive writer seems to be the ideal way to ring in the new year?

Plain Jayne Myleston seduced her office crush at a masked ball—and then found she'd turned up the heat with the wrong man! Even after the ball, she can't say no to her Mystery Lover. That is, until Jayne finds out who he really is!

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The Heart of Winter

By: Maggie Shayne, Day Leclaire, Linda Winstead Jones