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The Green-Eyed Doll

By: Jerrie Alexander | Other books by Jerrie Alexander
Published By: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Published: Dec 06, 2012
ISBN # 9781612174457
Word Count: 96,769
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EligiblePrice: $5.99

Available in: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat

Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller Suspense

Catherine McCoy is on the run. For the past year, she’s been on the move, hiding the secrets and guilt in her heart. When she lands in small-town Texas and meets Sheriff Matt Ballard, he ignites a flame she thought lost forever.

Matt has scars of his own. He left the big city after an undercover operation went bad and his partner was killed. Now, as Matt hunts for a serial killer who paints his victims’ faces like porcelain dolls, Catherine becomes a safe haven for him. Two tortured souls finding comfort in each other's arms—until he uncovers her secret, and their bond of trust is broken.

When Catherine disappears, Matt races to find her, fearing the murderer has found his next green-eyed doll. But the killer has a surprise coming. Catherine will fight to the death before she’ll be a victim again. But will her determination be enough?
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Editorial Reviews:
From Fresh Fiction/Maria Munoz
Jerrie Alexander's debut novel THE GREEN-EYED DOLL is a gritty, thrilling can't put it down romantic suspense.Ms. Alexander is definitely an author fans of romantic suspense should keep an eye on. I'm looking forward to seeing what she has for us next.
From Ms Romantic Reads/Michelle
This story was an absolute hit for me. I'm not kidding when I say that I started reading this at 11pm, and I didn't stop until 5am. I just couldn't put it down. The author managed to plant a romance in the middle of a very chilling and disturbing thriller.
From Satin Sheets Romance Reviews/Krystal
The Green-Eyed Doll is chilling suspense and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The romance is hot and the hero is just gorgeous! I swooned over him a few times. I think Ms. Alexander is keeper for sure and she's made it to my auto-buy list (which is very short).
From Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews/Didi
I have to admit I have read some amazing romantic suspense books this year and this is one of them. Jerrie Alexander is a new author to me and after reading The Green Eyed Doll I will be anxiously waiting for her other books to come out. This book had everything you could want in a romantic suspense.
From RomCon, Inc.
The suspense, the romantic build up, and one seriously bad guy had me reading every line with anticipation. Jerrie Alexanderâs character development is simply superb. I felt a connection and could relate to each one of the pages.
Dark circles and cold, weary, blue eyes marred Matt's Michelangelo face. His black hair fell in disarray and looked like he’d raked his fingers through a number of times today. His chiseled jaw and chin were dark with a long day’s stubble. With a couple of long strides, he pinned her between him and the counter. He framed her face with his hands, closed his eyes, and lowered his forehead to hers. They stood in silence for a long time, unmoving, their bodies not touching. Fear for the missing woman radiated off him.

His anguish, more than she’d planned for, hit her hard. His dedication and concern, traits she admired, shook her conviction that no man could be trusted. His tenderness, something she’d never had, touched a long-neglected place in her soul.

Tears she’d promised herself never to shed again slid unchecked down her cheeks. But these tears weren’t because of her pain or grief. She cried because Matt suffered and grieved for the missing woman. She slid her arms around him, stroking his tense muscles.

He leaned back and studied her face. “Were those for me?”

She nodded. “I have to remove no more tears from the Never list.”

“Why would you hold yourself to such a never?”

“The only thing crying gets you are red eyes.”

“Okay, tough guy. Why’d you break a rule for me?”

“I’ve never known anyone with your compassion and dedication.”

“Careful.” The corners of his mouth lifted. “You’ll be calling me John Wayne again.”

“Same soul.”

The Green-Eyed Doll

By: Jerrie Alexander