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The Dom Who Loved Me

Series: Masters and Mercenaries , Book 1.0
By: Lexi Blake | Other books by Lexi Blake
Published By: DLZ Entertainment LLC
Published: Sep 27, 2011
ISBN # 9781937608002
Word Count: 99,645
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The Dom Who Loved Me (Masters and Mercenaries) by Lexi Blake - Romance>BDSM eBook

A routine mission…

Sean Taggart is hunting a deadly terrorist, and his only lead is the lovely Grace Hawthorne. She's the executive assistant for an employment agency Sean suspects is a front for illegal activities. To get the truth, he is going to have to get very close to Grace, a task he is all too eager to undertake when he discovers her deliciously submissive nature.

…turns into a dangerous seduction.

Soon, Grace Hawthorne is living a double life. By day, she is the widowed mother of two college-aged sons. By night, she submits to Sean's every dark desire. She's living out her wildest fantasies of pleasure—intimate acts of trust she's only read about. As passion engulfs her, a murderer strikes, and Grace learns that Sean has a deeply hidden agenda. Will Sean choose his mission and break her heart or be the Master of her dreams?

Includes an excerpt from the upcoming A LITTLE HARMLESS SUBMISSION by Melissa Schroeder.
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What was he doing? He’d thought that he could charm Grace and get the information he needed, but one little encounter with her had Sean panting and thinking in the long term. He’d so much as told Grace he wanted a relationship with her. And he did. God help him, he was crazy about her. It was just one more reason to back off the intimate relationship with Grace.

Sean felt infinitely more in control as he dried off. He shut off the water and stepped into Grace’s delicate, little bathroom. It was a confection of feminine frivolity. He was surprised by it since Grace always dressed so austerely. This was a little peek into her soul, like those hot shoes she wore. Sean smiled at the neatly organized bath salts and bubble bath oils she kept in an antique bin next to the clawfoot tub. There was a stack of paperbacks on the window sill. He could tell from the flowery-looking covers that Grace enjoyed lying in her tub reading romance novels. He looked through the books and quickly figured out they mostly featured BDSM. She would be very interested in what he could teach her. He looked at that tub and pictured her there.

Of course, a tub that big was really built for two.

Not going there. He didn’t need to get his brain caught on the image of lying back in that tub with Grace cuddled up between his legs. He could wash her hair and then allow her to bathe him. Nope. He wasn’t going there.

Sean wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the bathroom door. He’d ask Grace if maybe one of her sons had left behind something he could wear. Anything would be easier than sitting around her kitchen almost naked trying to explain that he didn’t want to have sex with her when his cock so obviously did.

The sight that met him when he opened the door made him stop in his tracks. Every single thought of leaving Grace further untouched suddenly fled as his cock firmly took command.

Grace sat in the middle of her queen-sized bed. She was completely naked and on her knees. Her palms were up, lying on her thighs, and her lovely head gazed to someplace on the floor in front of her. Her eyes were submissively down, and long, auburn locks flowed around her shoulders like a silky waterfall. It was the graceful position of a sub waiting for her dominant partner’s command. Everything inside Sean responded to it. He’d seen submissives waiting for him in this position countless times, but his heart leapt at the sight of Grace. This wasn’t some nameless sub looking for a good time. This was Grace. She’d never sat in this position for anyone else. Just for him.

“Not on the bed, Grace,” he heard himself saying. “When you greet me, you do it on the floor.”

She moved quickly and found the position again. She never looked up at him, merely followed his command. Her red hair flowed freely down her back. It was wild and wavy from the humidity. It went well with her nude body, making her seem primitive and tempting. He took in every inch of her lovely, feminine form. She was petite, but curved in all the right places. Her breasts were large and natural. Her waist flowed gracefully into full hips he could grip while he fucked her. She was the most desirable woman he had ever seen. As though he hadn’t just had an orgasm, his cock fought the cotton of the towel, trying to break free.

He placed a hand on her head and gave up the fight. He would regret it. He knew he would. And he also knew he couldn’t walk away from her. He let the towel drop. “Your form is next to perfect. Straighten your spine a little. Those novels you’ve read seem to have the right idea. Look up at me.”

Her chin came up. Her lovely face was placid. Those big, hazel eyes were perfectly calm, but the slight curve of her lips gave her away. She was thrilled with his response. She’d known what she was doing. His little one was going to try to top from the bottom. It would be an intricate dance between them for power. He was looking forward to many, many years of such a struggle. This was what you didn’t get from a slave, this fire and passion. She would always surprise him. Perhaps it was time to surprise his little sub, too.

“Did you do as I asked?”

She nodded, though a little wariness entered her expression now. “I opened the wine, Sir. It’s on the table.”

Sure enough, she’d followed the letter of his command, but not the intent. The bottle was chilling in a little, silver bucket with two wine glasses beside it on the bedside table. “Grace, I told you I wanted to talk. Did you have any intention of talking to me?”
“Oh, yes.” Her response was bouncy, as though she was happy he’d phrased it in a way she didn’t have to lie about. “I think we should talk.”

He would have to be more direct. He hid the smile that threatened. He was supposed to be in control. “Grace, are you trying to seduce me?”
Now her face fell, and her teeth sank into her full bottom lip. “Can I seduce you?”

He sighed. That was what this was about? Did the woman not have eyes? In the week he’d known her, he’d always had an erection around her. She was his fucking Viagra, and he’d gone way over the “erection lasting four hours” point. He didn’t need a doctor. He needed her. He was far past thinking about the job. He was thinking about Grace.

And he needed to teach his little sub a lesson. “I believe you’ll find you can seduce me, but first things first.” He sat down on her bed. “Over my lap.”

He didn’t miss the hitch in her breath. It wasn’t nervousness.

“I won’t ask again. Right now, it’s a count of five. Every second you delay, I add on to it.”

Grace’s gorgeous, heart-shaped ass was across his lap in no time. Her stomach pressed against his cock. She wiggled a little, trying to get situated. Sean steadied her with his left hand. “Do you know why I’m going to spank you, little one?”

“Because I was trying to manipulate you?”

“No, darling. I’m going to spank you because you’ll like it.” He brought his hand down in a short arc, the sound cracking through the silence of the room. Her skin was so pale it immediately pinkened, and her breath came out in a sweet, little squeal. She squirmed slightly. His hand came down again, on the opposite cheek. “I’ll allow your sounds this time. Know that in the future, I will tie you down and gag you if you disobey me.”

He planted a little slap to the center of her ass then let his fingers slip underneath to make sure he hadn’t misjudged the situation. Sure enough, his Grace was sopping wet and getting more aroused by the second. She liked her spanking. He wasn’t cooling off any either, though. He could feel his cock pulsing against her heated flesh.

He shoved two fingers straight into her cunt. She was so slippery that he slid in unencumbered. He watched her back rise and fall, uneven with every jerky breath. His sweet sub was trying so hard to follow his orders. Her skin was perfectly pink and hot to the touch. She responded so well to his discipline. He would have to be careful when he used a cane or a whip on her. He couldn’t wait to tie her down and put his mark on her. He pulled his fingers out and smacked her ass again two times in quick succession. He was past the point of waiting. He needed her. He lowered her down so she knelt between his legs. Her face came up. She flushed with need. Her tongue darted across those full lips of hers, and Sean’s cock throbbed.


She didn’t hesitate. She opened her mouth and allowed him to thrust his aching dick between her lips. Her tongue came out to swirl around his head, making him groan. He thrust his hands into her hair. Later, he promised himself, later he would spend an evening instructing her on just how he liked his cock sucked, but for now he was overwhelmed with the need to simply use her, to know that she was his.

Why this woman? Why now? He couldn’t lie to himself. Grace did it for him. She was smart and funny and challenging. She was so sexy that he couldn’t think about her without getting hard. How had he ever thought he could play games with her and walk away?

“Wider, Grace, you can take me all the way.” He held her ruthlessly, shoving his cock in and out. He peered down. The sight of his erection disappearing between her lovely lips was just about enough to undo him. When he pulled out, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked furiously trying not to lose him. Her tongue rolled over and over his turgid flesh. He let his cockhead just brush her lips before burrowing back in to that soft place at the back of her throat. One more thrust and he would spill his come down her throat. Sean’s cock came out of her mouth. He wasn’t coming down her throat the first time. He wanted to be buried deep in that wet pussy of hers.

“On the bed. Spread your legs.” His voice was harsh even to his own ears, but Grace didn’t seem to mind. She scrambled up onto her clean, quilt-covered bed, and her legs were splayed in seconds. She was gorgeously spread out for his pleasure. His fist found his cock and stroked it as he prepared to climb on the bed and claim her. He suddenly wanted to punch a wall. “Goddamn it. Grace, I have to go out to the car for something.” He hadn’t intended to make love to her. His condoms were in the car.

She smiled a little weakly at him and pointed to the bedside table. “I’ve had college boys in my house for a couple of years and no desire to become a grandmother. I made sure there were condoms in their bathrooms.”

And she’d thoughtfully brought them down. She’d manipulated him, and he couldn’t resist her. He reached over and grabbed one. He regarded her with his most menacing stare as he rolled the condom over his grateful cock. “I should have spanked you more.”

“Later. Right now, please fuck me, Sir.”
Reader Reviews (15)
Submitted By: daisydoodlers on Dec 4, 2015
Fun read! Memorable characters and fun story.
Submitted By: tinab0917 on Oct 25, 2015
This is my first Lexi Blake book and I loved it!! Sean is a man with a job, but has a secret agenda where Grace is concerned. Grace doesn't think of herself as "relationship" material, especially for younger Sean. It was fun to watch him convince her. They were HOT together. I liked the whole team and am looking forward to the next one! ;)
Submitted By: shelakay on Jan 31, 2015
The storyline was great and the characters were believable.
Submitted By: AngieC1 on Jan 1, 2014
Lexi Blake can really tell a story. Characters are well developed, story is fast paced. It draws you in from the very beginning. all this and some really hot romance. Did I mention really hot romance, I think I am blushing. If you are into Alpha males dom romance then this is a must read. The whole series is fabulous.
Submitted By: AngieC1 on Jan 1, 2014
Lexi Blake can really tell a story. Characters are well developed, story is fast paced. It draws you in from the very beginning. all this and some really hot romance. Did I mention really hot romance, I think I am blushing. If you are into Alpha males dom romance then this is a must read. The whole series is fabulous.
Submitted By: ardent_reader on Jan 28, 2013
Interesing. Personally, my favorites aren't usually the begining journey into BDSM. Didn't stop me from buying it though, lol.
Submitted By: cgirl99 on Jan 28, 2013
Good start to a new series. It's a BDSM-lite approach. Will pick up the rest of the series.
Submitted By: 67afrostdo on Jan 27, 2013
The first installment in the Masters and Mercenaries series, it did a good job describing the premise of this series and the characters for the next books. A team of alphas like in the best action movie looking to defeat the bad guys. Sean is supposed to jungle teaching Grace submission with extracting the truth from Grace, and the "be truthful" rule for D/S relationship is being tested here , but like every man worth his salt (and commitment), Sean will come around. Great other characters.
Submitted By: tmh0616 on Jan 7, 2013
Enjoyed this story. Sean and Grace's journey to love is filled with a lot suspense keeping me on my toes, romance and hot steamy sex, as well as enough relationship trouble to make you want to say "Really are you two that dense?" Enjoyed their story and look forward to reading the next books in the series.
Submitted By: robinsjane on Jan 2, 2013
Excellent. Kept my interest and was just the right amount of submission/sex/spanking and of course,love.
Submitted By: DrJ on May 31, 2012
An intense novel that puts and undercover operative in the path of a woman he can't resist. Their relationship is "off the charts" but there is trouble in their future. It is a fine piece of romance fiction with the tensions of a very good mystery paired with the sexual tension of a warm and loving BDSM relationship.
Submitted By: leighannathomas985 on Feb 2, 2012
Fun, fast, exciting, hot, lots of adventure!
Submitted By: karenminfl on Jan 24, 2012
Wow this story really sucks you in from the very beginning. Its a great story. I love that it has the story of the developing relationship between Sean and Grace but also it is a very good intrigue story as well. This was a great read and I can't wait to read more of the story.
Submitted By: GlassLass on Nov 26, 2011
Loved this book, all 271 pages!! Fabulous characters , wonderful story line and steamy sex. This is a must read if you love D/s relationships and spy mysteries. Would love to read more from Lexi Blake, please.
Submitted By: kelpos on Nov 14, 2011
I absolutely I loved this book. Sean YUM YUM cann't wait for the next book in this series. It has been one of my best buys for 2011.

The Dom Who Loved Me

By: Lexi Blake