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The Danger of Desire

By: Elizabeth Essex | Other books by Elizabeth Essex
Published By: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Published: Nov 29, 2011
ISBN # 9780758251589
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Categories: Romance>Historical Other


The Danger of Desire by Elizabeth Essex - Romance>Historical Other eBook

An Unlikely Partnership and an Uncontrollable Desire. . .
Naval Captain Hugh McAlden is accustomed to taking on deadly, high-stakes assignments—and being rewarded handsomely for his success at them. But to accomplish his latest mission, he'll need someone more inconspicuous among his own ranks. Someone like the larcenous beauty who just relieved him of his pocket watch under his very nose. . .
Meggs Tanner's livelihood—as one of London's stealthiest thieves—depends on her remaining un-tethered and unnoticed. But when she is caught by an icy-eyed Scottish officer with an unusual proposition, she sees a chance to escape her life of crime forever. Ever wary, she accepts the job even as she plots her exit strategy, ready to cut and run at a moment's notice.
But as Meggs and Hugh come nearer to the danger of their shared mission, thoughts of betrayal and distrust begin to dissolve. . .overshadowed by a passion worth any risk. . .
Praise for The Pursuit of Pleasure
"Intrigue, sensuality and romance collide." —Jenna Petersen
"Elegant, evocative, and absolutely dangerous to a good night's sleep." —Courtney Milan
"I couldn't put it down." —Anna Campbell
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The Danger of Desire

By: Elizabeth Essex