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The Cowboy Queen

By: Patricia Logan | Other books by Patricia Logan
Published By: Rebel Ink Press LLC
Published: May 03, 2012
ISBN # RIP0001007
Word Count: 55,350
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Available in: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat

Categories: Romance>GLBT>Gay Romance>Multiple Partners Romance>Westerns/Cowboys

Beautiful, androgynous Ricky La Grange, drag queen extraordinaire, has a huge following at “The Red Room,” a famous, gay drag club in West Hollywood, Ca. His boyfriend, super model Michael Francis, has cowboy fantasies and Ricky decides to surprise him with a trip to a Texas dude ranch, complete with sweaty cowboys in chaps. Once on the cowboy scene, Ricky is distressed to find out Michael has his sights set on one particular cowboy and no interest in his own, naive boyfriend.

A handsome cowboy who rolls his own cigarettes captures both of their interests but Maverick Walker has eyes for only one man, the sweet, young blond Ricky, a man he knows will rock his world. Will Ricky find everlasting happiness in the arms of his super model boyfriend or will he be pushed aside for the tall, handsome cowboy, the man of Michael’s dreams?

Maverick has his heart set on Ricky La Grange the minute he sees the younger man. His foolish desire for the ethereal blond can only have one outcome and Mav isn't going to be outed that easily. The only option? Stay away from a man that is so obviously taken by another and forget the forbidden longings for men completely. Besides the fact that his life has been complicated by another man, Dmitri Hernandez, and his attraction for both he and his lover, will Maverick be able to forget the past and move on or will he forever be hidden in the closet?
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The Cowboy Queen

By: Patricia Logan