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The Chalet

By: Tara Fox Hall | Other books by Tara Fox Hall
Published By: Beau to Beau Publishing
Published: Oct 05, 2012
ISBN # 9781618451248
Word Count: 12,000
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Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Chick Lit Romance>Erotic Romance


The Chalet by Tara Fox Hall - Romance>Paranormal/Horror eBook

When Madeline honors her mother's dying wish and returns to The Chalet, she discovers the true secret of the old mansion; a seductive spirit whose undying love has waited decades to claim her for its own.
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The Chalet was not just a walk down the street. It was located in Minnesota near a large forest, surrounded on three sides by state land. How many hunters and campers got seduced to go behind those great twin oak doors I’ll never guess. But I know that at least a few did; the ones who got reported to my family over the years. What they saw, I’m not sure. Perhaps it was Madeline herself, or the force that remained of her, since she had died in that house 40 years earlier.

The Chalet had been a gift from an admirer who hoped to woo Madeline. Joseph Martelli was not the kind of person you said no to, even if you were a big star like Madeline. He controlled a big section of the Chicago mob. He also loved to trophy hunt, and he took to the Minnesota woods every winter to do just that. The Chalet had been Martelli’s place before he had given it to Madeline lock, stock, and barrel. Just why a pure blood Italian of seven generations had gone overboard for a black singer wasn’t understandable, not with a wife and a mistress already. Maybe it had been her music. Madeline’s voice was pure magic. Or maybe Martelli had done enough evil here over the years that the place was haunted already and he wanted to dump it.

What happened behind the closed doors before the murder isn’t known, not conclusively. Whatever disturbed Madeline’s packing also is not known. But Madeline ran from it, whatever it was.

The Chalet

By: Tara Fox Hall