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The Bride And The Buccaneer

By: Darlene Marshall | Other books by Darlene Marshall
Published By: Amber Quill Press, LLC
Published: Dec 06, 2009
ISBN # 9781602726123
Word Count: 93,000
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Categories: Romance>Pirates Romance>Historical America


The Bride And The Buccaneer by Darlene Marshall - Romance>Pirates eBook

"Lucky Jack" Burrell's quest for revenge against Sophia Deford will have to wait until he discharges a debt. He has to help her find the fabled pirate treasure Garvey's Gold, then he can wring her dainty neck.

Sophia has no intention of sharing anything with anyone. She will have all of Garvey's Gold, no matter how much Jack's lean-muscled body makes her want to get to know him just a little bit better before she gets rid of him.

As the two adversaries squabble their way across Territorial Florida following the clues on their treasure map, they know that before they're through they're either going to kiss each other, kill each other, or both...
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From The Romance Reviews
"4 STARS!...Historical romance fans looking for an exciting and adventurous novel need look no further...Ms Marshall pens a fantastic novel with all the right elements and everything a romance fan could ask for. A dazzling time period, lovely characters and adventure throughout, this is a novel you should not miss."
From Penelope's Romance Reviews
A- RATING!...A charming, well-written historical romance set in 19th century Florida. It combines adventure, fascinating historical tidbits about 19th century Florida... The hero is a sexy-as-hell 'pirate,' the heroine is a spunky treasure hunter, and their love story is sweet if not somewhat predictable. I loved this!"
From Jayne, Dear Author
"B+...A fantastically matched couple, fun and adventure, seeing Captain Sinister again equals a happy Jayne when I electronically flipped the last page."
...She looked up at him.

“I have a gift, Mr. Burrell. I remember every piece of writing I have ever seen. Including the map showing the clues to Garvey’s Gold.”

“I do not believe you.”

She shrugged.

“No one ever does. Mr. Deford won many wagers based on people refusing to believe I had this talent.”

She stopped, aware she’d revealed more about her personal life than she wished. Now was the time to focus on the future, particularly the next few moments, not dwell on the past.

Jack stared at her, then said, “Wait here.”

Sophia thought about jumping up and making a run for it, but it was a thought quickly squashed. He wouldn’t kill her. Not after she showed him. And aboard ship she had no place to run to.

Jack rummaged through a chest and returned with a slim green volume.

“Pick a page at random and read it.”

Sophia took the book from him, glanced at the cover, and then tried to open it in the middle.

“The pages are stuck together.”

Jack’s face flushed and he grabbed the book back from her, opening it himself. A smile curved his lips.

“Here. Read this.”

Sophia looked at the point indicated, read it silently, then handed the book back to him.

“Now,” Jack said in triumph, “tell me what you just read.”

“‘Slipping then a pillow under me, that I might give time the fairest play, I guided officiously with my hand this furious battering ram, whose ruby head, presenting nearest the resemblance of a heart, I applied to its proper mark…’”

Sophia continued reciting the page of text from The Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure in a steady monotone while Jack Burrell read along, his face changing from triumph to puzzlement.

“You read the entire page without an error.”

“Of course. I told you I could do it. And I can recite the clues for the treasure from memory as well.”

“That is an amazing talent, Miss Deford.”

“It is a parlor trick, nothing more, Captain Burrell. But in this case, a useful parlor trick.”

He was watching her now with a new look on his face, one of speculation.

“Draw me this map then, Miss Deford, and I will let you go unharmed.”

“I am offering you a business opportunity, Captain Burrell, a chance to find a sizable treasure and to get it ahead of a man you have a grudge against. What gain is there for you in molesting or killing me?”

“Satisfaction!” Burrell snapped. “For five years I dreamt of what I would do when I caught up with you, Miss Sophia Deford! You cost me everything I had, put me at the mercy of press gangs, and meanwhile you were living comfortably off the proceeds of my efforts!”

“Running a bookstore is hardly living a sybaritic life of revelry, Mr.—Captain Burrell. What a whining person you are, to carry on so after all this time! Take me to Florida, Captain, and we will find enough treasure that all your dreams of avarice and luxury will be fulfilled. You can retire from robbing ships and play at highwayman or do whatever else suits you. And you never have to see me again.”

“If I throw you to the sharks, I also never have to see you again!”

“Yes, but you will not have Garvey’s Gold. And Whitfield might get it. Then how would you feel?”

“You don’t have what it takes to find Garvey’s Gold,” he sneered, firing his last salvo.

She stood and leaned forward, hands flat on the table, her face so close to his she could see the stubble on his square chin.

“The treasure is estimated to be worth fifty thousand pounds, Captain Burrell. Fifty thousand pounds. I would walk through Hell, barefoot, to get fifty thousand pounds of gold and silver. And I wager you are willing to put up with me to get your share of the booty.”

“If I join you in this fool’s quest, your share might be only twenty-five thousand.”

“We shall see,” was all she said. She sat back down in the chair, and watched Jack Burrell stand and pace his cabin, glaring at her. Sophia could tell this wasn’t playing out as he intended. No more so than the scene in the cave some five years back. He still underestimated her, and that was a good thing. She couldn’t relax her guard, not now, but if she could keep leading him along, she might get the prize in the end.

And then she could deal with Lucky Jack Burrell once and for all. The man simply was not cut out for a life of larceny, at least not with her in his vicinity...
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Submitted By: cleochicago on Jan 12, 2013
This is fun romp, complete with treasure maps and double crosses. The heroine is an unapologetic survivor, the hero is a privateer (not a pirate) and the sparks fly between them.

The Bride And The Buccaneer

By: Darlene Marshall