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That's A Wrap

Series: Mine , Book 3.0
By: Liz Borino | Other books by Liz Borino
Published By: LazyDay Publishing, LLC
Published: Dec 12, 2012
ISBN # 9781612580654
Word Count: 41,399
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Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Epub

Categories: Romance>GLBT>Gay Romance>BDSM Romance>Erotic Romance


That's A Wrap (Mine) by Liz Borino - Romance>GLBT>Gay

That’s a Wrap

As the bright lights of Hollywood dim, futures, relationships, and identities are thrown into question. The once successful television show, Ben’s Life, is in big trouble. For Steve Michaels, the director, in a long-term Dom/sub relationship with Zack Greene, the lead actor, this means impending unemployment.
Through training Josh as their domestic slave, coupled with the care he received during recovery from a debilitating car accident, Steve opens himself up to role reversal in his relationship with Zack. The occasional release of control on Steve’s part, and Zack’s adeptness at taking it, grants them freedom and stability to meet challenges as a unit.
But when the life they had planned is put in jeopardy by one phone call, Steve and Zack will need to expand the safe haven they’ve created together to include one more. Priorities shift and a different light shines the way to new beginnings.
Reader Rating:   4.0 starstarstarstar (1 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip

“Josh left Peter and showed up here looking for a new Master. What is so funny?” Zack paced his and Steve’s bedroom while Steve sat on their bed.
“I told you so,” Steve answered, leaning back on his hands, not even pretending to hide his amusement.
“What?” Zack stood in front of him.
“I told you he wanted you. He’s not looking for a new Master. Josh asked you to collar him.”
“How is ‘I told you so’ helpful?”
Steve pulled Zack to the bed and kissed him. “Helpful? It’s probably not, but it is the truth.”
Zack squirmed away. “You collared me. I can’t turn around and collar him. Can I?”
“Well, technically, you could…” Steve said and Zack tried to stand, but this time, Steve held him on his lap. The joke had gone far enough, as Zack was only getting more anxious. Steve claimed his lips as he held onto his collar, and didn’t pull away until Zack’s heart rate fell. The calm lasted only until Steve opened his mouth to admit the other man’s tongue. He adjusted Zack so he straddled Steve’s hips, and turned to lower him to the bed until his blonde hair splayed over the pillow.
Zack broke the kiss and stared up at Steve, lust and worry shining in his blue eyes. “What are you doing? Josh is downstairs.”
“Which is where he’ll stay.” Steve bent to run his lips over Zack’s neck, but sighed when Zack pushed him away.
“You don’t know that. He could be hungry or bored and come looking for us—”
Steve cut him off with another kiss. “We ordered Josh to stay in the living room. So, that is exactly what he will do, while I handle you.”
One side of Zack’s mouth turned up. “Handle me?” He planted his bent legs on either side of Steve’s body and tugged on his shirt to resume the kiss.
Steve’s hand traveled down Zack’s body and grasped his erection, eliciting a moan. “Handle this, anyway.” He continued stroking through Zack’s jeans as they kissed.
Zack panted underneath him as Steve’s mouth moved to his neck and teased at the collar of his shirt. Zack felt around Steve’s pelvic region until his fingers brushed against the straining zipper. “Seems I’m not the only one needing to be handled,” he commented as he unbuttoned and lowered the fly.
“Stop it.” Steve pinned Zack’s arm to the bed. “I’m not there yet.”
“Well, then, get there,” Zack muttered and blushed after a stern look from Steve silenced him.
Steve lifted Zack’s shirt to hide the smile behind the material as he nipped and sucked the crests of Zack’s six-pack until they turned purple. Steve flicked his gaze up to find Zack’s burning. “Arms up.” Without even a second of hesitation, he complied, and the shirt fell to the floor. Steve took his own off to join Zack’s. He leaned over his partner to reach for the lube, because try as he might to go slow, neither of them allowed for it today. However, just as he had the bottle, Zack latched his hot mouth onto Steve’s nipple, rushing blood throughout his body, and settling it between his legs. “Fine. You win.” He eased his jeans the rest of the way off and motioned Zack to do the same.
“We’re naked with hard-ons and a bottle of lube. I’d say we both win.” Zack spread his legs.
Steve lay on top of him, interlocking their knees, laying them flat on the sheets and rubbing their erections together. Zack grabbed Steve’s ass and brought him closer.
“I’m pretty sure you promised to have my cock in your mouth.” Steve didn’t even complete the reference to the conversation they had before Josh arrived, when Zack made his way to Steve’s member, licking and sucking the head. The movement of his tongue and pressure of his lips quaked Steve’s body with desire. Zack moaned as though experiencing something decadent and delicious. If Steve wanted to have any energy left to perform, he was going to need to get inside Zack, now. “Okay, love, that’s enough,” he said breathlessly as he slicked himself. When he went to put the lube in Zack, though, he found him slippery and ready to be taken.
“What? You wanted your cock sucked and I wanted you inside me. This way, one can flow nicely to the other.” Zack grinned and his head fell back against the pillow.
Steve opened and closed his mouth, but said nothing as Zack’s internal heat hugged his member. After pushing all the way in once, very slowly, he held Zack still, hip to hip. “I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
After taking only a second to smile at the truth of the statement, Steve plummeted into Zack’s welcoming warmth. They met thrust for thrust as Steve ran his hand up and down Zack’s member standing up between them. One hard plunge into the tight hole made Zack whither against him and cry out, ending Steve’s control. “Come for me, love.”
Zack did, all over himself and Steve. A kiss later, Steve rolled off him and went to the bathroom. “Steve? What about Josh?”
Steve washed his torso of Zack’s seed and brought a washcloth out to do the same for him. As the brown cloth collected the white fluid, Steve met Zack’s eyes. “If you want to try and take him on, we can. I’ll be honest and say I have no desire to do it alone.”
“I don’t know where to begin. What would we even do with a slave?”
“We need to establish our limits. What we can handle, and what we can’t. See if it fits with his. Go from there,” Steve said. “The truth is we don’t need a slave, but maybe he doesn’t need to be one.”
A chuckle escaped Zack. “Hopefully we won’t handle him in the same way you just handled me.”
Steve kissed him again. “No, that is reserved for us.” They dressed and went downstairs where Josh was waiting in the exactly the place they left him.
“Have you decided?” Josh asked.
“We decided to consider it. However, it’s important you think, as well. If we’re entering into an arrangement, all of our needs have to be met, which means you need to be clear on what yours are,” Steve said.
When Josh opened his mouth, Zack interrupted, “Those needs must be something other than making us happy.”
“I’ll make a list tomorrow while you’re at work. Thank you for the opportunity.” Josh forced a smile.
Clearly not what the boy wanted, but for now it was the best solution. “You’re welcome,” Steve said, “Why doesn’t Zack show you where you’ll sleep?”

That's A Wrap

By: Liz Borino