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Taming Julian: Leather and Pleasure 6

Series: Leather and Pleasure , Book 6.0
By: Jennifer Labelle | Other books by Jennifer Labelle
Published By: Romance Divine LLC
Published: Feb 15, 2013
ISBN # 9781939010025
Word Count: 12,110
Heat Index     
Eligible Price: $4.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, HTML, Epub

Categories: Romance>BDSM Romance>Contemporary


Taming Julian: Leather and Pleasure 6 (Leather and Pleasure) by Jennifer Labelle - Romance>BDSM eBook

Rachel Hanson learned the hard way that love is not always what it’s cracked up to be. She’s more of a love em’ and leave em’ type and doesn’t have plans to change that status anytime soon. That is, until she meets Julian and that makes her nervous. Julian Banks is a notorious ladies man and likes to have a good time. So when he starts a new job at the ever popular Leather and Pleasure club as a bouncer, he never imagined he’d meet the woman of his dreams let alone on the first night. Past hurts drive Rachel away, and during the four years since, he’s finally realized that it’s time to settle down and the only woman he wants is her. But, can he convince Rachel of the same, or will she run again?
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
Excerpt 1:

It was the night before his first shift on the job. Rhys had just given him the low down about company policy and what was expected, not acceptable, and yadda, yadda yadda… It was his job to be the muscle, working security inside the club, one of many to keep watch and make sure there wasn’t any trouble when he spotted her getting a drink at the bar. Her red hair fell loose almost covering her ass, and instantly his cock hardened just picturing what he could do with it. He could bend her over the bar and sheath himself deep inside her soft welcoming pussy, using those locks to hold her in place, pulling a little to expose her neck and taste her salty and albeit sweet skin. And, those breasts…hot damn! She wore a black corset that exposed them to everyone’s view. They were just enough to fill his big hands. She had a curvy middle, narrow waist, and eyes he could get lost in. Yep, right then and there he knew he had to at the very least get to know her name. Red would be his one day from that first moment, he just knew. The possibilities were endless; this was a sex club after all.
“Can I buy your next round, Red?” Julian casually leaned against the bar beside her and smiled.
“Red, huh?” Her eyebrow went up before she took a sip of her drink, and openly checked him out. Julian loved it.
“Yeah,” he reached over feeling a little more confident, and slipped a strand between his fingers before continuing. “Since I don’t know your actual name yet, I’m going with Red.”
“I think I like you already.” Her lips twitched as if she fought a smile, and she extended her hand. “The name is Rachel, Rachel Hanson, and you are?”
“Julian Banks, at your service.”
“Are you now? Well, it looks like this might be your lucky night, Julian. I came here solo tonight looking for a good time.”
“Well if it’s a good time you’re looking for, it wouldn’t be a hardship for me to fill those shoes…” Rachel put her finger on top of his lips to stop him right there and interrupted.
“I’m sure you’d be great, but the thing is I’m the kind of girl who likes to call the shots and I have a feeling you’re the type of man who also enjoys that position. Do you see the problem that might cause?”
Julian took a moment to look around the bar before meeting her gaze again and just when he was about to convince her he was game for anything, she began to leave. “Wait,” He reached out for her arm to halt her and she eyed it strangely until he let her go. “I can be anything you want me to be. Please don’t go.”
“Really?” She slapped him across the face and his cock suddenly began to deflate, and a muscle in his jaw twitched in aggravation. “Then the first lesson you need to learn when talking to your Dominant is that you never maintain eye contact when speaking or being spoken to, unless directed otherwise.”
Julian immediately diverted his gaze, and began to wonder if it was worth it after all. She actually slapped me in the fucking face…WTF! But then she pressed her body flush against his, blew on the hand print indented in his left cheek and licked her way up his face to his earlobe. She nipped on it, and her warm breath against his ear made him shiver.
“Number two: I’m normally addressed as Mistress or Madam, but I kind of like “Red” so you will continue to address me so.” She leaned back with a twinkle in her eye. “Number three: I need you willing and ready to trust me to meet your every need without question. Think you can handle that?”
Julian gulped and kept his gaze locked on her sexy boots, finally nodding his consent. “Teach me, Red.” Next thing he knew she fisted the front of his shirt and dragged him into a private room where spanking, restraints, and sexual limits were tested. Rachel taught him all right, and she’d given him the best sex of his life. Much to both of their surprises, when she showed up a week later she hadn’t been expecting to see him again, and he hadn’t expected to see her playing the role of submissive when she’d been his dominant the week before.
A fucking switch, and as sick as it may sound, it turned him on even more to think about playing either role for that woman. What sucked like shit was that she seemed spooked once their first night ended and it took him forever to get past her barriers to get to the friendship they had today. He intended to find out why, and intended to push those barriers a little further because where Rachel Hanson was concerned, he wanted it all.

Excerpt 2:

The car ride to his apartment only took about ten minutes, and as soon as she gained entry she immediately began to strip and ordered him to do the same. It was time to get clean so they could get dirty all over again, and she wanted to hurry to get the latter.
His apartment was a spacious bachelor pad with very masculine furnishings surrounding the living room. A large leather sofa, chair and loveseat dominated the middle, he had a large flat screen TV mounted to the wall, wood bookcases on either side, and a very intriguing nude painting of a man and woman embraced lovingly on a chaise. It was bold, well done, and totally Julian. She smiled and pointed to it. “I really like that piece, and have I ever told you how sexy it is to know that you love to read?” She pointed to the stacks of books on his shelves, and winked. “Yet another thing we have in common.”
His gaze flicked to her before he dropped it again to play his role. “No, Red, but I’d love for you to show me how sexy you think I am.”
“Oh, I’m about to, why don’t you lead us to the bathroom and we’ll get started.”
Water cascaded down his very sculpted torso, and his head was tilted back as she took in her fill of him. Broad shoulders, strong arms, washboard abs, muscular thighs, and a well-endowed package, and tonight it was all hers to play with. YUM! She licked her lips. “I can’t keep my hands to myself any longer.” She gripped his arm and pulled him closer before taking the soap and dropping to her knees. “I’d like you to stay as still as you possibly can while I play a little, and under no circumstances are you allowed to come unless I allow you to, are we clear?”
“Crystal, Red.” He nodded and averted his gaze to the side to avoid eye contact and it made her smile.
“That’s a good boy.” Rachel grabbed the soap and lathered her hands, starting from his feet she began to massage them with her soaped-up fingers and then ever so slowly worked her way up his legs. Julian’s breathing escalated the closer she came to his crotch and instead of washing it with the soap right away she used her tongue, licking a path right up his shaft and then around his head to taste all of him. She reached around his legs to wash off the excess soap from her hands and gripped his base, pumping it a few times before deep throating him. Her head bobbed, her tongue moved, and her left hand pumped while the right one cupped his balls.
Julian’s hands fisted at his sides as he fought for control and he moaned. Mission accomplished, and she kept at it until the salty taste of his earlier cum left her mouth.
She lathered her hands again and finished washing the rest of him. “Now tell me, sub, would you like to watch me wash?” Without waiting for an answer she cupped her breasts, and brought one up to her mouth. She laughed when she caught him taking a peek. “Go ahead big boy, watch. You have my permission.” She flicked her tongue over the aroused point and circled her nipple, before sucking it. She did one, and then the other. Leaving them with a pop, she looked Julian in the eye again and pinched her nipples several times. She continued to please herself and lathered her upper body, then watched him follow her hands when they worked their way lower. With deliberately slow movements Rachel spread her folds and dipped a finger inside, pumping in and out before circling her clit. Her back arched and both she and Julian moaned in unison.
“May I have permission to speak, Red?”
“Permission granted.”
“You’re killing me, here.”
“Really?” She straightened, and squeezed by him so she could wash everything off under the spray of water and then bent over to turn the water off once she was done. “I’d definitely hate for that to happen.” Draping her arms around his neck, she licked her way up and nipped on his lobe. “Now why don’t you carry me to the bedroom so we can get started on phase two.”
There was no asking him twice, but instead of carrying her normally he enthusiastically gripped her ass and lifted so that she was forced to wrap her legs around his middle. A mischievous chuckle left his throat, and she narrowed her eyes at him. “Be good, or I may have to punish you.”
The playful Julian seemed to be back. “Is that a promise?”
“As much as that turns me on to think about, babe. I do believe it’s my turn now, don’t you?”
“Oh, hell no!” She tried to sound stern, but failed miserably when she smirked. “I was just getting started.”
“And so was I back at the club. I had the alley, you had the shower, wouldn’t that make the bedroom my domain to call the shots. We are taking turns after all.”
“No because we haven’t come yet, and my turn doesn’t officially finish until we’re both satisfied.”
“Making up the rules as you go along, huh, Red?” Julian shrugged, “But if you insist those are the rules, I’m willing to let you play it out. Hell, I’d do pretty much anything you’d asked at this point.”
“Good, because I want you so bad. Let me have tonight, and tomorrow’s all yours. Deal?”

Taming Julian: Leather and Pleasure 6

By: Jennifer Labelle