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Tales From The Mist

By: Stacey Joy Netzel | Other books by Stacey Joy Netzel
      Scott Nicholson | Other books by Scott Nicholson
      Meredith Bond | Other books by Meredith Bond
      Natalie G. Owens | Other books by Natalie G. Owens
      Lizzie Starr* | Other books by Lizzie Starr*
      Rhonda Hopkins | Other books by Rhonda Hopkins
      Catie Rhodes | Other books by Catie Rhodes
      Mitzi Flyte | Other books by Mitzi Flyte
      Cate Dean | Other books by Cate Dean
      Greg Carrico | Other books by Greg Carrico
      Marty Young | Other books by Marty Young
      Tamara Ward | Other books by Tamara Ward
Published By: Anessa Books
Published: Oct 04, 2012
ISBN # 9781939143136
Word Count: 80,400
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EligiblePrice: $7.99

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Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror

TALES FROM THE MIST will take you on a journey into the dark world of the paranormal. These twelve stories vary in their degree of horror, yet all reach across the boundaries of their genres into the chilling realms of the macabre. Witches, ghosts, shape-shifters and vampire rats are some of the creatures that reign within these pages.
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Tales From The Mist

By: Stacey Joy Netzel, Scott Nicholson, Meredith Bond, Natalie G. Owens, Lizzie Starr*, Rhonda Hopkins, Catie Rhodes, Mitzi Flyte, Cate Dean, Greg Carrico, Marty Young, Tamara Ward