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Taken (Dirty Cowboy): A One to Take primer

Series: One to Hold
By: Tia Louise | Other books by Tia Louise
Published By: TL Productions
Published: Dec 11, 2015
ISBN # e000000000805
Word Count: 3,000
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Categories: Erotica>Contemporary Erotica>Western/Cowboys Erotica>Free


Taken (Dirty Cowboy): A One to Take primer (One to Hold) by Tia Louise - Erotica>Contemporary eBook

Stuart Knight is an injured Marine turned angry cowboy.
Mariska Heron is a beautiful young artist with vivid dreams and a healing touch.

When the two cross paths, their chemistry is explosive, their attraction undeniable. But Stuart has one thing on his mind--returning to active duty.

He says he's leaving. She walks away first. Still, neither of them can deny their hearts are taken.

"Taken" is the specially packaged "primer" for ONE TO TAKE, coming Feb. 22. It contains key scenes from ONE TO LEAVE, smoking-hot sexytimes, and everything you need to know to be ready to head back to Big Sky country. (**For the complete "Taken" story, grab your copy of ONE TO LEAVE, available NOW!)
Reader Rating:   3.0 starstarstar (2 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplip
* Stuart *
Mariska’s chestnut hair is braided into a thick rope. Her heart-shaped ass is perked up, waiting for me, and damn if the sight doesn’t make my mouth water.

“I’m going to fuck you hard.” It’s a low order, and I see her body shiver in response. “Open your thighs.”

She immediately complies, spreading her knees and giving me full view of her beautiful body. My dick points straight up, ready to plunge inside, but instead I bury my face in her gorgeous scent.

“Stuart! Oh, god!” She gasps as I grip her ass, spreading her apart and tasting her. My tongue explores every part of her, starting with her clit before making my way up again. She’s perfectly delicious, and I want her scent all over me.

I kiss and slide my tongue over and over until her elbows bend. Her face is buried in the sheets of my king-sized bed, and her entire body shudders as she moans. She’s coming so hard. She’ll be so wet and throbbing.

“Straighten up,” I order, grabbing her braid in my fist and giving her a pull.

With some effort, she pushes against the bed, lifting her shoulders as I position my cock and drive into her core. “Fuck,” I growl.

“Oh!” she wails, taking my full length.

I have to hold myself a second so I don’t lose it like a fucking teenager. Mariska is beyond perfect for me. She’s submissive, she’s responsive—hell, half the time she initiates this—and if I don’t fucking watch it, I’m done before I’ve even had a chance to savor what a lucky bastard I am.

Once I’ve regained my bearings, I start to rock. “Oh, yes, Stuart,” she whimpers, a noise that registers like a pulse of energy straight to my dick. My hips move faster, and she’s pushing back against me, meeting me with every thrust.

“Shit...” My voice breaks, and I can’t hold it any longer. From her taste to her scent to her incredible way of moving with me, I’m coming, pulsing deep inside her, filling her to the core.

My grip on her hair loosens, and I reach beneath us, holding her stomach as we collapse onto the bed. Her back is against my chest, and my face is buried in the crook of her neck.

A few moments pass, and I notice her fingers tracing lines along my forearms. One is locked around her waist. The other is over her chest, clutching her small breast in my hand.

My voice is lazy, satisfied when I speak again. “What kind of witchcraft have you used on me?”

Her small body ripples with her laugh, and she pushes out of my arms. I release her and she rolls onto her stomach, lifting on an elbow to narrow sexy, golden-hazel eyes on me. I love the way she smiles.
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I got lost and bored

Taken (Dirty Cowboy): A One to Take primer

By: Tia Louise