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Taken and Milked

Series: Milk for Master , Book 1.0
By: Jolene Avonn | Other books by Jolene Avonn
Published By: Firewalker Press
Published: Jan 04, 2013
ISBN # LLSXXX0000045
Word Count: 8,100
Heat Index      
Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Erotica>Sci-fi/Fantasy Erotica>BDSM Erotica>Contemporary


Taken and Milked (Milk for Master) by Jolene Avonn - Erotica>BDSM eBook

Whisked away from her home by an unknown intruder, Rielle is quickly confined and given a combination of salves and tinctures that cause her already large breasts to grow enormously and lactate nearly constantly, all in service to a mysterious Master. The treatments have a side effect, too -- Rielle grows more aroused with each passing hour. Thankfully, a sensuous and buxom nurse named Maggie treats her very kindly -- Master, when he's not pleasuring other women in nearby rooms, is not so gentle! Rielle can't help but grow attached...or can she?

Warning: This 8100-word erotic short story contains explicit content that may be considered disturbing, including forced lactation, forced milking, and other lactation and adult breastfeeding fetishes; reluctant consent; rough sex; sex toy play; light bondage; group sex; f/f sex acts; and M/f+ sex acts, among other kinks and fantasies.
Reader Rating:   3.0 starstarstar (1 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplip

Again and again Maggie went to the jar for more cream. I thought she’d move elsewhere on my body, but she focused entirely on my breasts. Wringing and cupping and squeezing, smiling at me the entire time. Her green eyes held me in a trance. The heat built in my chest and between my legs; my hottest juices spilled freely and uncontrollably from my pussy now, soaking the sheet beneath as my lips blossomed open with every tug and tweak Maggie made up above.

I realized I was moaning. Low, strange noises escaped my throat. Maggie only smiled and continued her work, pulling one engorged tit at a time now, studying my firm and slick nipples intently. She squeezed a little harder. She made milking motions, first one breast, then the other, and I felt tiny spasms begin to fire off. Almost before I realized what was happening, I was climaxing, wanting to buck my hips up off the cot and thrust and squirm in delight...but completely unable to do so. The panic at being trapped only heightened the erotic pleasure. Maggie ignored my obvious distress and worked her warm, slippery hands all over my chest. Then, as the height of my orgasm rendered me completely mute, she let out a quick “Yes!”

My left tit, which she was pulling and working firmly, released a small drop of milk from the nipple. Then a longer spurt. The warm milk ran down to Maggie’s finger and dribbled on my side...
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Submitted By: PianoACS on Mar 18, 2014
A bit confusing but I can see the fantasy there. Could have maybe used an outside explanation or the man's POV. Also it was very short and details were fussy at best especially the sex act details.

Taken and Milked

By: Jolene Avonn