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Series: Dark Elves , Book 1.0
By: Jet Mykles | Other books by Jet Mykles
Published By: Loose Id LLC
Published: Mar 22, 2005
ISBN # 9781596320963
Word Count: 34,414
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Categories: Romance>Fantasy Romance>BDSM Romance>Erotic Romance


Taken (Dark Elves) by Jet Mykles - Romance>BDSM eBook

Diana is infuriated, humiliated… insanely aroused. Who do these black-skinned, white-haired, sex-oozing devils think they are making her into a broodmare and sex-slave? She won’t do it. Who cares if the damned elves were created as sex toys for a goddess? Or if each and every dark elf that visits her is a well-trained, exquisite lover. Or if Commander Salin makes her mind and body hum with desire and pleasure she’s never before experienced? She won’t submit. She won’t. Will she?

Salin’s men have all had their turn trying to tame the hellcat swordswoman. To a man, they’ve brought her to the heights of ecstasy but they’ve all had to rely on trickery or mystical attraction to bring her to heel. Even now, she refuses to submit and accept her new life. Never has a woman been so much trouble. Never has a woman so fired his blood. He will have her. He must.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be used, pleasured… Taken?

Note: This version contains updated cover art and revised formatting.
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Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Obsidian hands anchored Diana to the bed as her body continued to writhe. She groaned, unable to vocalize the explosive ramp to her orgasm. His cock filled her to bursting, and still she wanted, needed more. On all fours, she clawed at the sheets beneath her, bunching a wad of fine linen into her mouth to staunch her screams as he twisted to a different angle and hit her in a spot she'd never known she had. Sweat covered every inch of her body but failed to cool her. Her wet hair plastered in tendrils to her neck, the sides of her face. One heavy lock fell over her eyes, but it didn't matter. She couldn't see. There might be tears in her eyes, but with every other wetness, she could no longer tell.

Her legs threatened to cramp, but still she forced them to slam her hips back against his. The pleasure was torture, but her body wouldn't allow her to stop. With a scream, she came again. Her entire body imploded, so tense her muscles shook. She collapsed to her belly, panting in an effort to get air into her lungs. For precious moments, that was all she could do, all she could think of.

Then as he withdrew, she realized to her astonishment that she wasn't sated! Although she was sore from the inside out, her juices continued to flow, her breasts ached, and her empty cunt was still pulsing.

Desperately, she dragged a hand over her eyes, trying to pull herself from her daze. Moans reached her ears. When she could focus, it still took her precious moments of staring to decide on what she was seeing.

Gala. Her friend. Her companion. Gala lay on her back beside Diana, her smaller body nearly hidden beneath the beast with satiny black skin.

What is he? Diana had enough sense to wonder, even as she refused her hand's urge to reach out and stroke the rippling muscles on his bare back. He was shaped like a human, but she was sure he couldn't be. Even in her haze, she knew nothing with skin that color, ears that pointed, nor eyes that glowing red was human. Silky, soft white hair fell in glorious waves, curtaining his face from her and nearly hiding Gala, as well. Gala, who desperately clung to his big body as his hips slid that wonderful, monster cock in and out of her.

A sudden flip of his head tossed his white locks to the far side of his head, and that wickedly gorgeous face turned to Diana. Reason and rationality left, and she crawled on aching limbs to get close enough to press her lips to his. She didn't care that he was fucking her friend. She didn't care that her position brought her close to her friend's naked body. It didn't matter. She'd do anything to touch him again.

Without thought, she slid her hand down his back to his buttocks. Her mouth now laving at the hard muscle at the back of his shoulder, she slid her fingers down the crack of his ass until she found his balls. His groan of appreciation hit her somewhere below her navel, and she continued to fondle him as he pumped into Gala. Growling, Diana repositioned herself so that her legs straddled his hairless calf. The hard muscle there did nicely to rub her aching clit.

Gala came. Distantly, Diana knew it, but she was far more interested in her own approaching climax. She wanted him to fuck her again. How many times had he already fucked her? How many times had he brought her to climax?

Had he yet climaxed?

Thoughts shattered as she came again. This time, her weak muscles wouldn't allow her to continue riding him. She slumped into a pile beside him as he continued to ride Gala.

What was happening?

Determined, Diana backed away until she could slide in a clumsy heap to the floor. Glancing up, she saw clear red eyes watching her, but he didn't even break stride. Not even as Gala was clearly biting his neck. Hard.

Sweet god of war, she wanted him again! He smiled, and she was nearly mad with the desire to suck that succulent lower lip into her mouth. Groaning, she buried her face in the rumpled sheet. She concentrated hard on finding control, on finding her voice. Something was wrong.

She had no clue how long she sat there. The coital sounds only a few feet from her were tuned out as she sought her center.


Diana's head shot up just in time to catch sight of the business end of a whip slithering off the beast's shining black back. He was kneeling now, Gala half seated, half lying before him.


Diana's mind was suddenly clear, and she scrambled away from the bed. Gala, her face a mask of panic, tumbled from the mattress. They scrambled to the corner and huddled together, heedless of their nudity.

The beast didn't seem to notice, frozen with a look of agony on his face.

A female voice screamed in rage. On the other end of the whip was a woman, or at least a female version of whatever the beast was. Like him, her skin was satin black and her hair shining white, but her ears were not pointed. She wore very little -- a long loincloth draped loosely over her hips, and little slippers. And she was very pregnant.

She drew back and expertly hit him with the whip; at least six feet of supple white leather hissed through the air to cut at his back. He jerked, his head thrown back, but he made no move to escape her. Nor did the whip rip his skin as it should.

"Diana ...?!" Gala gasped.

But Diana had seen it too. He wasn't in pain, not if the bobbing of his erection was any indication. Before their astounded eyes, the cock that had taken them both to countless climaxes burst forth his seed as the female again let the whip go.

With a pleased groan, he crumpled to a heap on the bed.

The female snarled something in what could only be their language, then proceeded toward the bed. The girls scrambled back against the wall, eyeing the whip still uncoiled in her hand.

"We didn't know!" Gala cried.

The female frowned at them. She pointed with the whip handle. "Are you all right?" she asked in clear commonspeak.

Diana scowled, but Gala was effusive. "We didn't know he was yours. We didn't. I mean ..."

"Don't be ridiculous," scoffed the female, coming to stand beside the male, who was almost purring with contentment. "I know very well what happened. You were under a spell." She kicked at the male's hand as he reached to stroke her leg. "And you don't even know yet what's happened to you."

"What's happened to us?" Diana demanded, quickly scanning the room for any sign of their clothing or weapons. Neither were evident.

"Come with me. I'll let you get washed up, get some food for you, and I'll tell you."

"We'd rather leave."

The female's clear blue eyes locked on Diana's. "You can't ever leave. They won't let you."
Reader Reviews (6)
Submitted By: mommag on Jan 10, 2013
I received this as a free read so I wasn't sure I was going to like this book but I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up purchasing the whole series. It is a wonderfully thought out story.
Submitted By: firefly2518 on Jan 8, 2013
5 stars - Really, really good! Wish it had been longer but really excellent writing and story - love the world she's created here :-)
Submitted By: mskitty84 on Sep 4, 2011
Loved it!!!!!! Great BOOK
Submitted By: readingrainbow on Jan 21, 2010
Not terribly impressed with the story line or characters...pretty tedious and heat was lukewarm at best.
Submitted By: Becca2010 on Jan 14, 2010
The book was pretty good, not one of the best I've read in this genra, but it was a odd story I've never seen done before. The writer has an inventive mind. I could of done with-out the pictures though, I would of liked to see things in my own minds eyes through the writers words, rather then in a cartoon like graphic.
Submitted By: Draicun on Dec 19, 2009
The characters were fun and well enough developed for the story. The writing style was a nice change of pace for me. The story line/plot was different from other books I have read and it was HOT!!! I loved it enough that I went and bought the other 5 books in the series already :)


By: Jet Mykles