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Tackled by the Girl Next Door

By: Susan Scott Shelley | Other books by Susan Scott Shelley
      Veronica Forand | Other books by Veronica Forand
Published By: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Published: Oct 15, 2014
ISBN # 9781628304565
Word Count: 15,597
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Eligible Price: $1.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi)

Categories: Romance>Contemporary


Tackled by the Girl Next Door by Susan Scott Shelley, Veronica Forand - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Jason Black is a newly retired professional football player. Forced off the playing field due to an injury, he returns to his hometown to contemplate his future and finds solace in his relationship with his best friend, Samantha O’Brien.

Sam has spent the past five years caring for her younger brother. Home from college for Thanksgiving break, he parties hard and bullies his sister. When Jason comes to her defense, protecting her from a crowd of drunken college kids, Sam begins seeing him as more than a friend. Yet, she fears acting on their attraction could ruin the friendship she’s grown to depend upon.

Just one kiss changes everything for Jason. Sam is no longer the girl next door but the woman of his dreams. Now, he just has to convince her that his feelings are real. But when the football world comes calling again and career decisions are on the line, both sacrifice all to put the other’s needs first. They must decide whether to follow their hearts and make the catch of a lifetime.
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Sam lifted the brownie to his lips. “You first.”

He took a bite and groaned. The sound drew Sam closer. She rested her fingertips on the rough denim covering his knee. Jason set the other half of the brownie on the plate and turned to her. He was so close his breath tickled her cheek. “Really good.”

She inhaled his scent and popped the rest of the brownie in her mouth. Rich, dark cocoa exploded on her tongue. Chocolate chips melted into perfect gooey consistency enriched the flavor. She blew out a breath.

“This is definitely better than sex.” How had that slipped out? No more wine for her.

Hazel eyes burned into hers. “Sam.”


“You’ve got chocolate on your lower lip.”

“Oh.” She reached for her napkin.

His hand stopped hers. “I’ll get it.”

Instead of his fingers, his lips descended. His gaze intense, his movements controlled, he leaned in. Slowly.

Sam moistened her lips and inhaled. Dream or reality? Jason’s lips closed over hers, too warm, too firm to be a figment of her subconscious. Fireworks exploded behind her eyes. The room erupted with the sound of cheers.

She tasted the heady combination of chocolate and wine and Jason. Kissing Jason was better than she’d imagined. She fisted his sweater, holding him to her. Strong hands pressed her back into the cushions. His hand cupped her breast, eliciting moans from them both, and continued its journey to massage her hip.

Humming her approval, she shifted the angle, deepened the kiss, and stroked her tongue along his. Strength and power formed from years of training had turned his body into a hard machine. She gave in to the temptation to explore. Her fingers slid under his sweater, over the ridges of his stomach. He sucked in his breath and groaned. Would his back feel as strong? His muscles bunched under her hand.

Tackled by the Girl Next Door

By: Susan Scott Shelley, Veronica Forand