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Sweet Tooth: A Tasty Tale of Sex and Cupcakes

By: Sophia Valenti | Other books by Sophia Valenti
Published By: Sophia Valenti
Published: Apr 10, 2011
Word Count: 3,219
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Categories: Erotica>GLBT>Lesbian Erotica>BDSM Erotica>Contemporary

In “Sweet Tooth: A Tasty Tale of Sex and Cupcakes” a street smart woman meets her match in a deliciously dominant femme, with thoroughly satisfying results.

This tale of lesbian lust contains an explicit girl/girl encounter, including oral sex, anal penetration--and a creative use of buttercream frosting. “Sweet Tooth” was previously published in Best Lesbian Erotica 2010. This story is for adults only!
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“Welcome to Cupcake Heaven. I’m Aimee!” she said, extending her hand toward me. Acting on autopilot, I took her delicate hand in mine and shook it, checking myself at the last minute and lightening my touch before I crushed her with my stronger grip.

“Cupcake Heaven?” I asked, barely hiding my smirk.

“Yes,” she said, batting her long lashes and glancing toward the parade of little cakes marching across a rectangular paper doily. “A little piece of heaven you can hold in your hand,” she added slyly as she returned her gaze to me, her look all of a sudden seeming much less innocent. Her eyes roamed up and down my figure, taking in every inch of me. And in an instant, I felt myself switch from hunter to hunted. It still seemed like a dream, but the aching hunger in my sex that hadn’t yet been satisfied urged me to keep my options open.

“Today’s the grand opening,” she said, her voice a little lower in pitch but still maintaining its singsong quality. “I wasn’t quite ready to open yet, but I can make an exception for special customers.”

I stared back at Aimee, communicating my interest with an unblinking stare. “Well, then,” I said as I considered the living, breathing confection in front of me, “this must be my lucky day.”

Sweet Tooth: A Tasty Tale of Sex and Cupcakes

By: Sophia Valenti