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Sweet Submission

Series: What Alex Wants , Book 1.0
By: Eliza Gayle | Other books by Eliza Gayle
Published By: OmniLit / All Romance eBooks, LLC
Published: Feb 13, 2011
ISBN # 9781936387311
Word Count: 18,300
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Categories: Romance>Multiple Partners Romance>BDSM Romance>Erotic Romance


Sweet Submission (What Alex Wants) by Eliza Gayle - Romance>Multiple Partners eBook

Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year for Harper Allison and her cupcake bakery. She's not personally interested in the trumped up holiday until she receives an anonymous gift with explicit instructions that include a rendezvous at the most upscale and secretive club in the city.

From the moment Alex lays eyes on Harper at the Glass Kat Club he wants her. And what Alex wants Alex gets. He formulates a plan with his best friend, one guaranteed to fulfill Harper’s unspoken desires and hidden fantasies.

Unfortunately for Alex, one night is all Harper is prepared to give. Her life is complicated enough without having two Doms pushing her to submit, no matter how incredibly sexy they are. Until the familiar voice of a stranger reminds her…Maybe she doesn’t know Alex at all.
Reader Rating:   4.4 starstarstarstarstar (24 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Editorial Reviews:
From Monica, I Read Romance
I love a good romance; who doesn't? Throw in a little bondage and blindfolds and it's definitely time well spent. This is one of those reads. It is one hot story, with a Dom who knows who he wants and a strong woman who just wants to be able to submit to the right partner.
From Sizzling Hot Books
...a wonderful story. You can feel the heat coming off the pages.
From Jae, Dark Diva Reviews
I've really enjoyed Eliza Gayle's work and Sweet Submission is most assuredly no exception. It's almost a fairy tale story of taking chances and finding just what you want, even when you think it's all heading in the wrong direction.
Chapter One

“I really hate Valentine’s Day.” Harper piped the final petal on her thirty-third frosting rose.

“You say that every year.” Her best friend Susan sat on a stool on the opposite side of the workbench watching Harper put the finishing touches on the cupcakes for what would be one of her bakery’s busiest days of the year.

“And every year I mean it.” Harper lined up the latest rose on the counter and flexed out her aching fingers. Only sixty-seven more to go before she could call this order complete. “I’ve been here since midnight, baking and frosting hundreds of cupcakes.”

“Speaking of… Why the hell are you doing this alone? It’s seven a.m. and you open in just a couple of hours. Shouldn’t someone be here helping you?”

“I told everyone else to be here at eight. Just because I don’t have a personal life, doesn’t mean I have to inflict my holiday pain on them. Besides you’re here.”

“That’s your own fault, missy. Your divorce has been final for over a year now. It’s way past time to get back on the horse.” Susan dipped a finger in the frosting bowl and sucked the sugary confection into her mouth. “God, I love this stuff. Are you ever going to give up your recipe for it?”

“Nope. The whole point of a secret recipe is keeping it a complete secret.”

Susan frowned in her direction. “Fine. That just means I need to focus on your love life.”
Harper groaned. What had she gotten herself into opening the door to her friend on Valentine’s Day? If Susan ever got out of bed before nine in the morning, you could count on her having an agenda. “Let’s not and say we did, okay?”

“No way, no how. You’re not getting off that easy. I have an idea.”

Before she could start down her list of arguments against whatever Susan might have planned, the chime at the front door buzzed.

“Saved by the bell.” Harper set down the icing bag and wiped her hands clean on her apron. She hurried out of the kitchen and into the bakery before her friend got in another word. She didn’t think twice about getting a delivery this early. She often did. What with all the fresh ingredients she needed on a daily basis.

She saw the uniformed deliveryman standing on the other side of her glass door with a long white box in his hands. Harper furrowed her brow. What kind of delivery was this?
With quick precision she turned the multiple locks and yanked open the door. “Can I help you?” She was certain he’d come to the wrong business and would now need directions to his real destination.

“I have a delivery for Harper Allison. Is that you?”

Harper nodded. He thrust an electronic clipboard in her face. “I’ll need you to sign in the box on the screen please.”

Harper scribbled her name and handed it back to the delivery guy, who exchanged the long white box tied in silk red ribbon for his clipboard.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he murmured as he wandered off in the direction of his truck, which was nothing more than a standard delivery service.

She walked back into the kitchen and caught Susan red-handed in her frosting bowl again.


“I can’t help it this stuff is addicting. It’s no wonder your business is booming, I think you’ve addicted half the city on this stuff.”

“Ha ha, very funny.”

“What’s that?” Susan pointed to the box still clutched in Harper’s hands.

“No idea. Delivery guy just dropped it off for me and wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh my God, someone sent you flowers? Today? You’ve been holding out on me.” Susan jumped from her stool.

Harper set the box down on the counter and stared at it. “No, I haven’t. I’m still thinking this must be some sort of mistake. Or…” She glared at her friend, “Did you have something to do with this? Is that why you’re in my bakery practically in the middle of the night?”

“Jeez, Harper, paranoid much?” When she didn’t rise to the bait, Susan continued, “To answer your question, no, I have no idea what this is about. I did come here to see about a potential date for tonight but the flowers were not part of my plan.”

Harper fingered the envelope tucked into the ribbon. “The last thing I need is a setup from my best friend. Don’t pity me just because I don’t have a date on a trumped up holiday.”
Susan shook her head. “I’m worried about you. Your cynicism is spreading like wildfire.”

She glanced at her friend, saw the pure look of concern marring her lovely face and softened. “I’m not that bad. I’m just not in a hurry to jump onto the dating circuit again. The thought of going somewhere in the hopes of picking up a man curls my stomach.”

“Well, you aren’t going to catch one here. Unless that envelope happens to contain the ticket you’re waiting for.

Harper snorted. “It’s way too early in the morning for this. We need some more caffeine. Why don’t we go grab some coffee before I finish those roses.”

Susan walked in front of her. She placed her hands on Harper’s shoulders. “Stop stalling and open the goddamn envelope.”

Holding back a smile at her friend’s brash words proved impossible. Besides, her stomach had begun flipping with a wicked combination of excitement and nerves ever since the delivery guy spoke her name. Harper grasped the edges of the envelope and tore through the seal. “We’re probably both getting worked up over nothing.”

She pulled out the simple red card with a single rose embossed on the front. A very elegant start. She flipped it open and read the handwritten note to herself. Blood drained from her face as she read through the invitation. If she’d had a drink in her mouth she’d have spewed it across the counter.

“C’mon tell me. What does it say?”

Trapped between disbelief and shock Harper reluctantly began to read the note aloud.

Dear Harper,

Please accept this gift as a token of unspoken desire and intention for a very special Valentine’s Day. Your previous visit to the Glass Kat did not go unnoticed, nor did your obvious reactions. Your presence is requested at the private dining room of the Glass Kat Supper Club at precisely eight o’clock p.m. for a night of desires and needs fulfilled—one of which includes this gift. Rest assured your safety is of utmost importance so you will need to check in with the Concierge when you arrive. Give him your name and he will follow up with further instructions. On this night of lovers uniting, your every fantasy can and will come true. Don’t be late and be sure to bring your gift with you.
Reader Reviews (4)
Submitted By: blueisland23 on Jun 29, 2014
This is the 1st in the What Alex Wants series. This story was sexy, engaging and well written. I look forward to subsequent stories in the series.
Submitted By: firefly2518 on Jan 31, 2013
2.5 stars - too short to get into the characters.
Submitted By: twiwitch on Jan 29, 2013
Eliza Gayle never dissapoints me with her BDSM romances! And this is no different with Alex and Harpers story...I love the sparks that fly between them at the BDSM club and the love that grows..even though Harper tries to resist!
Submitted By: Sarajane1953 on Mar 8, 2012
Erotic, fun and sensual - Alex makes it all about her while questioning how and why she's gotten under his skin. Readly good short story.

Sweet Submission

By: Eliza Gayle