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Supernatural Sex Stories (Three Erotic Tales)

By: Aurora Dupree | Other books by Aurora Dupree
Published By: Aurora Dupree
Published: Feb 27, 2012
ISBN # RRDPRX0000020
Word Count: 10,100
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Available in: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat

Categories: Erotica>Paranormal/Horror Erotica>Anthology/Bundle

Come along for some spooky, steamy fun in these three supernatural tales of sex from Aurora Dupree. Stranded in the wilderness, Sarah encounters a group of helpful and horny werewolves. A visit from a vampire turns a boring night into a sizzling, sex-filled car ride. And a wizard's love potion leads to a lustful, erotic threesome.

This 10,000 word collection contains some of the hottest paranormal stories every put to paper. Don't say we didn't warn you!


Stranded in the Alaskan wilderness, Sarah is rescued by a friendly group of wolves. Only, these happen to be werewolves, and all of them are horny. Sarah's about to have steamy sex with the entire pack...and she doesn't know what she's in for!

Warning: This 3100 word story contains hot mmmmf action, anal and oral sex, and sizzling werewolf pounding. It's about to get sexy!


Carly's all alone on a stormy night. She's bored, horny, and not expecting sexy Vlad to show up on her doorstep. She can't resist his seductive charms, but he's got more on his mind than just sex...

This 3200 word story contains a sizzling tryst with a vampire, oral sex, and hardcore pounding. It's so sexy, it's scary!


Sexy friends Saffron and Maryanne are off to see the wizard. They want him to brew up a love potion for the big festival. But when the wizard's concoction proves too powerful, they're in for a steamy threesome that's absolutely spellbinding!

Warning: This 3800 word story contains hot m/f/f action, including oral and anal sex, and paranormal elements. So erotic, it's almost magical!
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Saffron nodded, and Maryanne shrugged. They turned and went into Razman's bedroom. This too was lit with several candles. The ceiling rose high above them, a wall of jagged rock. Razman's bed was enormous, and covered with golden silk sheets. Maryanne sprawled out, laughing, and Saffron curled up next to her. They waited like that for another twenty minutes, getting impatient, until finally Razman came into the bedroom holding two steaming goblets.

"All right," he said, smiling. "It's all ready. Careful, it's slightly hot. Be sure to drink the entire thing. It should begin to take effect immediately, and it will last for at least a week."

Saffron held the goblet in her hand, and saw Maryanne doing the same. She clinked the goblets together.


She tilted it back and poured it down her throat. It tasted surprisingly sweet, almost like root beer. Saffron was almost saw when it was finished. Razman took their empty goblets and set them down. Saffron could feel the potion flowing through her. Her body was getting slightly tingly. But Razman seemed the most effected. He was staring at them now with a very different look in his eyes.

"It's beginning to take effect," Razman said. "Do you think you two could...kiss for me, please?"

"You want us to kiss?" Maryanne asked, incredulously.

"Come on," Saffron said, running a hand through Maryanne's dark hair.

"This is what we agreed on as payment, remember? Besides, we've done it before, haven't we?"

"I guess," Maryanne said. Saffron leaned in close and kissed her, tasting her soft lips. She guided her tongue into Maryanne's mouth, and she received it eagerly. Saffron felt Maryanne's fingers caressing her red hair. Without realizing it, Saffron moved her hands down to Maryanne's breasts, feeling the firmness through her thin dress. They continued kissing, their tongues intertwining, and Saffron pulled off her tunic, revealing her black bra.

Supernatural Sex Stories (Three Erotic Tales)

By: Aurora Dupree