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Sorority Sluts: The Initiation

Series: Sorority Sluts , Book 1.0
By: Stephanie Chase | Other books by Stephanie Chase
Published By: Stephanie Chase
Published: Aug 10, 2012
ISBN # STPCHS0000006
Word Count: 6,046
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Eligible Price: $2.99

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Categories: Erotica>LGBTQ>Lesbian Erotica>Multiple Partner


Sorority Sluts: The Initiation (Sorority Sluts) by Stephanie Chase - Erotica>LGBTQ>Lesbian

Barely-legal Bree has been desperate to get to college for as long as she can remember. Now that she's there, only one thing will make her experience complete: joining the elite Kappa Upsilon Mu sorority.

But when she finally tries to pledge as a Kappa, Bree discovers that the richest, hottest girls on campus are also the horniest girls around – and they're going see just how far she's prepared to go when she goes Greek.

Warning – this explicit adult short story contains horny college girls, a depraved initiation ceremony, and a lesbian orgy so hot it might melt your e-reader!
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
If this was what it took, I suddenly wasn't so sure. But before I could say anything, the girls around me were pushing me over the object, my feet stepping awkwardly either side of it as I was shoved forward, facing the two girls on the couch. From behind me I felt hands under my dress, and the white panties were stripped quickly off my legs. I could feel cold air on my wet skin, and my knees buckled – I was weak from being constantly horny, constantly hypersensitive all evening. Hands under my arms helped lower me down towards The Stool.

‘Oh god – woah – easy,’ I gasped, my thighs tensing as I crouched over it. The girls around me took most of my weight, giggling at me.
I felt the tip of the pink plastic nudge against my bottom. ‘It's too far back,’ I said – ‘it needs to be the other way round.’

‘It's for your ass, silly,’ Charity laughed, wriggling her own naked butt against the settee. ‘You've been very bad tonight, Bree. You're supposed to be a good girl – you were supposed to come to college to get an education and a work ethic and a nice sensible boyfriend. Instead, you've been licking other girls until they come all over your face. So you see, we need to make you feel just as dirty as you really are. If you want the Greek system, you need to try some Greek love….’

Sorority Sluts: The Initiation

By: Stephanie Chase