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Song from the Abyss

By: Margaret L. Carter | Other books by Margaret L. Carter
Published By: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
Published: Nov 23, 2010
ISBN # 9781419929267
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary


Song from the Abyss by Margaret L. Carter - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Alyce always spent her summer break at her aunt's beach house. It was there that she met Dean-her first love. She thought Dean loved her as much as she loved him. Until the summer when they were eighteen and he vanished from her life. Just gone. No explanation, not even an email.Alyce tucked away her memories of Dean, though she never forgot him. Three years later, her aunt did something that destroyed their relationship as well. She drugged and used Alyce in an arcane ritual that opened a portal into another dimension.Now Alyce has inherited the house where she endured that terrifying night. She finds a recording of the eerie music from the dark rite. When she plays it, the portal opens again, and Dean returns. Their passion ignites, more intense than anything Alyce has ever known, but he's no longer quite human. Dean has spent years in another dimension. Sinuous tentacles are only the most visible mark of his alien transformation. Who is he now? What is he?
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Copyright ? MARGARET L. CARTER, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing,

Alyce pressed her palms to the hardwood floor to
reassure herself that she and the world were still
solid. Could that memory be real or had she hallucinated everything that
had happened after drinking her aunt?s potion-laced wine on that long-ago
night? She blinked at the picture on the wall. Was she really seeing it
morph the way it had back then?

Again a barrier between her reality and some other realm
dissolved. The scent of ozone stung her nose. She saw the web of light that
enveloped Dean?s body like spider silk around a trapped insect. He floated
there, frozen in the act of reaching for her, the same as in her last
glimpse of him at the end of the ceremony. The four pairs of tentacles were
still there and so was the erection he?d had when the window between
dimensions had closed. The rhythm from the disk pounded on the network of
light-strands while otherwordly music from the
far side of reality played a counterpoint. One by one, the threads snapped
and unraveled. The sphere that surrounded him shattered in a blinding

Alyce yelled in pain and covered her eyes. When she
looked again, through the afterimages of light and dark spots she saw Dean
lying on the floor between her and the wall. She groped for the CD player
and switched it off. For a few seconds the silence rang in her ears. The
room snapped back to its normal shape and dimensions. The star-spangled
void disappeared and the picture took its place.

She crawled to Dean on her hands and knees. He lay on
his back with his eyes closed. His face looked taut with suppressed pain,
older than when he?d disappeared. Placing a hand on his chest, she found
him icy cold. He was alive though. His heart raced under her palm. He
didn?t have any body hair except for a blond tuft at his groin and the
ragged shock of golden-white hair on his head. He did have tentacles. She
could hardly get her mind around that fact, even though she was looking
right at them. Delicate and supple, they curled at his sides but would
probably stretch to about ten inches if extended. The floor seemed to drop
from under her again. This time though, she knew the upheaval was happening
inside her head. The sight of what Dean had become cracked her world wide

His chilled flesh felt too solid to be a drug flashback.
The blue veining had faded, leaving his skin pale but no longer
marble-white. The tendrils still glowed with shades of opal and rose,
though. She fingered one of the appendages that lay against his rib cage.
It felt as smooth and cool as satin. On its underside she discovered
feathery cilia as soft as a kitten?s fur.

The tentacle lashed around her wrist. A cry of alarm
escaped her. His eyes opened. ?Alyce?? His voice was slurred.

?Yes, it?s me,? she whispered. She ran her free hand
over his skin. Tears blurred her vision. ?You?re really here.?

?I am free. Back in this body. I have arms, legs, eyes,
ears, genitals.? He shook his head. ?Words. I have not used words in so
long. Not sure how to say what I feel.?

He struggled to sit up, clutched her shoulders and
stared into her eyes. ?You opened the portal the way I told you.? Without
warning he shoved her onto her back.

Her head hit the floor with a jarring thud. She let out
another yell, this time of pain. Ignoring it, Dean lay on top of her and
pinned her down. Before she could catch her breath, his mouth covered hers.

He caught her with her lips parted. His tongue thrust
between them, demanding. She dug her fingers into his shoulders and
welcomed his invasion. Warmth spread from that spot over her neck and down
her chest and stomach. Kissing her heated his lips until they seemed to
scorch hers. His weight on her breasts made her nipples harden. His stiff
cock branded her thigh through her shorts.

After a long, harsh ravaging of her mouth, he raised his
head to glower at her. ?My penis hurts. I want to copulate with you. No, I
remember. The words are coming back. I need to fuck you.?

?Dean, please!? She wasn?t sure whether she was begging
him to be gentler or to hurry up and take her.

?Where is Cora??

She gasped. Lightheaded from lack of breath, she took a
second to process the question. ?Aunt Cora? What about her??

He gave her a single brisk shake. ?Where is she? Is she
here with you??

?She?s dead. She died over a month ago.?

He sat up, his legs splayed on either side of Alyce. His
erection pressed aggressively against her mound.

In spite of her confusion and alarm, wetness trickled
from her slit. She wanted to strip off her clothes and clamp her legs
around him. His glare, though, contradicted the passion she?d felt in the

?Damn. She cheated me. Well, you?ll have to do.?

?What are you talking about? Do for what??

?Pay me back for the eons I was trapped in the portal.
You?re just as guilty. You were the bait.?


Song from the Abyss

By: Margaret L. Carter