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Someone To Cherish

By: Kate Rothwell | Other books by Kate Rothwell
Published By: Kate Rothwell
Published: Mar 08, 2013
ISBN # 9780578004242
Word Count: 73,000
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Eligible Price: $2.99

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Someone To Cherish by Kate Rothwell - Romance>Historical America eBook

The death of Callie Scott’s fashionable father left her with nothing—except an inquisitive mind not even her grandmother’s puritanical upbringing could quash. An adventurous spirit doesn’t get her much in New York City, however, except an abysmal position as a ladies maid.

Things are looking up when she lands a trial job in a “special” library. Her benefactor’s offer of wine before noon should have signaled something amiss—not to mention the heated text she’s asked to translate. The more she reads, the more wine she needs to cool her blush.

Detective Cutter can’t quite place the tipsy young woman he encounters in a notorious brothel, but when she plants a dizzying kiss on his lips, he’s sure she doesn’t belong there. The resulting scandal of the police raid leaves Callie on the street, and Cutter feels responsible for her welfare.

Despite the cruel knowledge that he will never be part of her world, Cutter impulsively offers her a job in his home, where she turns out to possess more than the face of an angel. She has an irresistible, innocent sensuality—and an insatiable curiosity that could bring her one step too close to a murderer.

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Callie calmed herself by staring at the ceiling of her bedroom and making lists of what she needed to do. First of all, she had to ensure someone took care of Mauschen. Perhaps Izzy could fetch the dog? Mrs. Lucien would be awed by a girl with Izzy’s social standing.
Then, perhaps one of the indifferent lawyers who had settled her father’s estate would be willing to help her, should she end up in prison.

Voices sounded outside her room. The door creaked open and she blinked in the sudden light. Three faces peered in. One was the odious Connors, another was a policeman. The third took a step forward, clearly in charge of the group.

Oh, no, it couldn’t be. At that moment, the situation showed it could sink to new nightmarish depths.

“Detective Cutter,” she croaked. “You. Again.” Her heart sank a few more feet.

“Do you know,” she said, as she rose from the bed that gave its usual squeaking protest, “You do seem to appear at the worst moments of my life lately.”

He didn’t speak, merely shifted back on his heels and waited for her to shake out her skirts and walk into the hall. The uniformed officer behind him watched, but didn’t move. She was glad they didn’t grab at her or yank out irons to lock her up.

Downstairs, Mrs. Lucien scampered about, still filled with frenzied emotion. “She pushed me over. Do you see?” With a trembling finger, she pointed to the gash on her forehead.

“It was an unfortunate accident. I was trying to move away from Mrs. Lucien and she fell.” Callie pointed at the brass umbrella stand. “She tripped on that. I’m very sorry.”

Callie turned to look into the tall Mr. Cutter’s pale eyes. But she had to look away at once, for that brought up vivid and embarrassing memories.

“I took pity on you,” Mrs. Lucas babbled. “But I should have known. She wanted to make me the laughingstock though I showed her nothing but Christian . .”

“Ma’am.” Detective Cutter interrupted. “Let it go. Forget arrest.”

He crossed his arms and waited as Mrs. Lucien carried on about the insult of his suggestion. It was rather like a small dog yapping at a patient cab-horse, Callie thought.

He at last cut her off. In a steely voice, he said, “Well, then. You come along to the station, Mrs. Lucien.”

Mrs. Lucien’s eyes goggled. “What? Why?”

“To lodge a complaint.”

She shook her head so vigorously that her garnet earrings rattled. “No, no I just did that. With you and the policeman.”

He did not raise his voice, but the stony repetition was more intimidating than a shout. “You go to the precinct with us, ma’am. To file a complaint.”

“Ah.” For the first time, Mrs. Lucien’s voice dropped. Her hand crept to the lace at her throat. “No. I can’t. No. No one’s told me to go anywhere on previous occasions.”

Callie swore she saw a twinkle in his eyes. “Called the police before, eh. No complaint, the young lady goes free.”

Mrs. Lucien was silent. She and Officer Cutter stared into each other’s faces, until she gave a single angry shake of the head and turned her glare to Callie. “I want her out this minute. Now. I don’t want to see her again.”

Callie blurted, “I have nowhere to go.” She regretted the words at once. She wanted to pretend that she didn’t care – at least in front of these people.

“Out, or I shall certainly have you arrested for trespassing. Even if it requires a visit to – to . . . ” Mrs. Lucien couldn’t finish the sentence. She turned to the uniformed officer. “You must go and watch her to make sure she doesn’t steal anything. Go on! Follow her.”

Officer Cutter’s face was not the sort Callie could ever imagine look dangerous or hard. But something shifted on his pleasant features as he examined Mrs. Lucien and the lady drew back with a hiss. He touched his hat in an exaggerated gesture, then he swung around to the other officer.

“Rally. Stay here.” He looked at Callie and jerked his head toward the stairs but the brusque motion was softened by his almost apologetic manner, “After you, miss.”

“You ungrateful female,” Mrs. Lucien shouted after Callie, her voice growing shrill again.

“Rally, get that woman quiet,” Officer Cutter said as Callie made her way back upstairs and he followed close behind.

Stand up straight, Callie ordered herself. Pride, retain pride. She mechanically opened the bureau and removed her few blouses, all black, and tossed them onto the bed. The last drawer contained her chemises and other underclothing, too horrible to think of a male seeing . . . She glanced sideways at him.

Officer Cutter stood in the doorway of the small bedroom for a moment, then wandered across the room to stare out the small barred window, his broad back to her. A sign, she suddenly understood. He gave her privacy and showed her that he knew she would only take what was hers. The small gesture was too much. For the first time in the long, hideous day, she broke down.

Someone To Cherish

By: Kate Rothwell