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Sky Of Dreams

Series: Passionate Hearts , Book 1.0
By: Jenna Jacob | Other books by Jenna Jacob
Published By: Dream Words, LLC
Published: Oct 12, 2015
ISBN # 9780986430619
Word Count: 107,000
Heat Index      
Eligible Price: $4.99

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Categories: Romance>Contemporary


Sky Of Dreams (Passionate Hearts) by Jenna Jacob - Romance>Contemporary eBook

After escaping an abusive ex-lover and business partner, Kaitlin Grant is broken and bruised—but determined to find a safe haven so she can resurrect herself and forge a new future. Kaitlin doesn’t anticipate the potent electricity still sizzling between her and Sky Whitefeather—the Native American lover she left years ago.

Returning from Iraq with a daughter and an unforgivable secret, Sky tries to bury the past, until Katie—the woman who once annihilated his heart, reappears. She stirs up emotions he longs to forget and rekindles desires that might burn him alive.

Can new love grow from the ashes of their past, or will a trail of death and betrayal destroy their dreams?

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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
The sound of churning gravel and the purr of a car engine drew Sky’s attention to the road. A silver Jag slowed to a stop in front of Gran’s. His heart clutched in his chest. The air stilled in his lungs.
He didn’t need the shimmer of her glossy, auburn hair reflecting in the setting sun to recognize her. The blistering pull of every cell in his body and the rush of conflicted emotions rolling through him were proof enough. Anger, desire, sadness, and rejection brought with them a sting that burned the backs of his eyes. Forcing down the lump of emotion clogging his throat, Sky tried to tamp down the familiar vibration humming through his body. A part of him wanted to whoop with joy before yanking Katie into his arms to kiss her senseless, while another part of him wanted to forget she even existed…wipe away the ball-churning memories that flooded his brain and focus on the hurt and anger he’d felt when Gran had broken the news that Katie had left. Yet all he could think about was touching her, kissing her, holding her in his arms before he dragged her beneath him again.

Sky Of Dreams

By: Jenna Jacob