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By: Jill Myles | Other books by Jill Myles
Published By: Jill Myles
Published: Jun 03, 2011
ISBN # 9781458104229
Word Count: 16,000
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Categories: Romance>Time-travel Romance>Erotic Romance

Chloe Sorenson's just started a brand new job at Ms. Muffet’s art gallery. However, no one told her that the latest auction piece – a sculpture of a handsome Roman soldier – comes to life. Think it's hard to explain to your boss why you're fondling a statue? Try explaining to the statue why you're holding his, uh, fig leaf.

Chloe never thought that touching the statue would turn him into a sexy, aroused man, but she's not saying no to this delicious Roman soldier. The curse requires that she touch him at all times? Such a hardship...

But there's a problem in their lust-fueled relationship; she’s falling dangerously in love with a guy that cursed to be hard as a rock - literally - unless she can somehow free him. And the statue of Titus just went up for auction. If she doesn’t do something, he’s going to be out of her life and trapped for all eternity…

This novella contains explicit scenes and backdoor play.

This is a companion to MIRRORLIGHT. If you like SHIMMERLIGHT, check out MIRRORLIGHT, also available on All Romance Ebooks.
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Chloe shut and locked the door behind her and then stepped over to the statue and tugged it free, revealing the Roman soldier.

Nothing was different. His expression was the same as it had been when she’d first seen him. His stance exactly the same, the spear tilted just the right direction. Even his fig leaf – impressive though it was – was simply a stone carving, not an actual leaf.
She was a little crestfallen to see that.

Maybe…Chloe chewed on her lip and wiggled her toes on the cold floor, thinking. Maybe she’d done something to wake the statue up? She remembered running her hands all over it yesterday, unable to resist that smooth-looking marble.

Tentatively, she reached a hand out and touched one stone buttock, then jerked it away, feeling guilty. If it was a statue and not a man, he wouldn’t care if he was manhandled, right? So why did she feel so weird about caressing him? She brushed her fingers over him one more time, just to make sure. Nothing. Chloe frowned up at it. “So that’s it, then? I’m crazy?”

No response. She sighed, unable to give up on the fantasy just yet. It had seemed…so real. She’d felt alive for the first time in five years. Like a young, sexual, beautiful woman. And she’d loved it. Please don’t let it be a figment of my imagination, she wished.
She wasn’t ready to have that side of her disappear again.

Chloe studied the statue for a bit longer, then glided her fingertips up one muscular marble thigh. “Maybe you need a bit more encouragement, then? Need to get warmed up?” She asked it, even though it was obvious he wouldn’t respond. Her hands slid over the thighs of the statue, hoping for warmth and feeling only cold stone. Across the chest, the rippling pectorals, the flat, hard nipples.
Then she slid her hands down to the fig leaf and cupped the package there.

It was hot under her fingertips.

“I…oh,” she said aloud, and looked up.

The light shimmered around her, full of silver sparkles that made her eyes want to unfocus and refocus all over again. The statue – no, the man – stared down at her, his flesh deepening to the bronze tan of a man that spent his days outdoors. Brilliant blue eyes shone out of a square, hard face that was all masculinity. He grinned down at the sight of her and she gasped, realizing her hands were still on his package and it had grown hard and thick in her grasp.


By: Jill Myles