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Shaken and Stirred

Series: Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller , Book 1.0
By: Sable Jordan | Other books by Sable Jordan
Published By: Fresh Whet INK Publishing
Published: Jun 18, 2011
ISBN # FreshWhet000002
Word Count: 13,800
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Shaken and Stirred (Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller) by Sable Jordan - Romance>Action/Adventure eBook

An easy operation goes FUBAR fast…

Secret agent Kizzie Baldwin is tasked with a simple mission: Infiltrate the yacht party of Xander Duquesne and steal Intel on Formula 3-19. Kizzie’s expects caviar and champagne, but when she lands dab smack in the heart of a wild BDSM party and comes face to face with the sexy Xander Duquesne, the veteran agent realizes she might be in over her head.

Criminal mastermind Xander Duquesne prides himself on being prepared. Finding the alluring Ms. Baldwin skulking around his boat doesn’t surprise him. He knows what she’s come for, even knows who sent her. And, being a Dom, he knows exactly how to punish the vanilla agent for daring to cross him. But his overwhelming attraction to her proves more than even he can handle.

Can Kizzie get her mission accomplished and avoid Xander’s punishment? Or will they both end up shaken and stirred?
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Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
Operation 3-19

Location: Indian Ocean, the Island Republic of Mauritius, Africa
Target: Xander Duquesne
Objective: Secure “Formula 3-19”

Kizzie strolled along the white sand beach with one thing on her mind: Nguyen had stood her up. It was a gamble to use him in the first place, but Bill Connolly assured her the gunrunner would be the perfect cover to get access to the party…and the formula. Now she’d have to do it on her own.

A dozen paces ahead, five sarong-wrapped girls followed meekly behind two men dressed in black linen. They’d been doing it a half-hour or so—the entire time Kizzie had been on the beach; the women with their heads bowed, shuffling single-file and barefoot across the hot sand. She hadn’t paid much attention before, but now the group seemed to have a purpose she could use, headed as they were toward the inflatable speedboat waiting to ferry another batch of partygoers to a massive Lürssen yacht anchored 2.3 miles out to sea. Yes, Kizzie knew the precise distance—when the sun set in four hours, she’d have to swim it. Provided, however, everything went according to plan—a plan dependant on the presence of one Ri Nguyen.

A glance over her shoulder to see if he would show revealed nothing but tourists splashing in the clear blue water.

“I’m moving.” She spoke in a low tone, knowing the transmitters in the sapphire pendant around her neck, working in concert with matching earrings, would relay the message to her two-member team stationed in a van a short ways down the beach.

Solomon’s nasally speech came through the earpiece inserted deep in her ear. “He’s a few minutes late, Baldwin. Hold position.”

“Negative, Nevins,” she said, lips barely twitching. She quickened her pace to fall in with the people ahead. “I’ve got an opportunity. I’m taking it.”

“Affirmative, KB,” a southern voice confirmed. It belonged to Gale Freeman, the third point of the triangle. “’Cordin’ ta’ Intel, this is the last scheduled boat. I put out a few feelers on our buddy Nguyen; no nibbles on the line yet. If ya’ got an in you go right on ahead an’ take it.”

“Outvoted as usual,” Solomon griped.

“But ya’ had a vote,” Gale drawled. “Thank the Lord fer da’mocracy.”

Kizzie smirked, coming up behind the last girl in the bunch. Unlike the people yammering in her ear, the group she walked with was oddly silent.

Instinct said something was off; training said start with details.

Taking a peek at the blond she was now beside, Kizzie noted the woman’s gaze fixed firmly on the bound feet of the girl toddling directly in front of her. Blondie’s arms were tied before her at the wrists with black rope, and a heavy length of chain draped her neck like a necklace; the pendant a gold padlock.

The hell…? Kizzie slowed a bit, lifting her gaze to inventory the other women: varying heights, shapes, and ethnicities; two brunettes, two more blonds—one bleached, one dirty; same bent heads; same bizarre neckwear; same tight white sarongs; same wobbly gait indicative of bound feet. She assumed their wrists were also tied. The men were too far ahead to make any useful assessment, both having similar heights and builds, the only difference being one was bald.

The men started into the water, their charges following suit. Kizzie quickly removed her sandals and stuffed them into the tote hanging from her shoulder, and then lifted the hem of the strapless, dark green maxi-gown she wore. January was the middle of summer in Mauritius, and the floor-length cotton dress was too hot for the weather. She couldn’t wait to strip and dive into the warm ocean, but right now the outfit looked the part of afternoon yacht party. Or so she thought.

“That the last of you, then?” the driver of the speedboat asked the men as the group approached.

The one with hair nodded, spinning around and catching sight of Kizzie. He headed back toward her, splashing through the water, his dark brow furrowed. “And you are…?”

Bond. James Bond. The thought always came to her with that question, the theme music never far behind. Ten years in the business and she still couldn’t shake it. “Doesn’t matter who I am.”

One of the women turned, making eye contact with Kizzie. The bald man slapped her. Hard. “Sorry, Sir,” she said quickly, although she looked anything but. A euphoric calm bloomed on her pale face in time with the reddening handprint.

Kizzie schooled her reaction. Everything in her wanted to break the second man’s jaw, but the steel gray eyes of the first were still on her.

“Who’s got your collar?”

Collar? She shifted her gaze to the speaker, brow rising. “Ex-cuse me?”

“You heard me. You leashed? ‘Cause this boat’s for the sluts.”

Her temper flared, the hand fisting her skirt tightened.

“Let it go, KB,” Gale warned. “Kick his ass lay-tuh. Don’t blow yer cover.”

If anyone knew how much she detested someone even hinting at calling her a bitch, it was Gale. Kizzie smothered the memories of days long gone, bringing herself firmly back into the present.

She cleared her throat, squared her shoulders. “Mister Duquesne’s expecting me.”

“Master Duquesne, huh? Expecting a trainee who doesn’t know his title? I doubt it.”

Kizzie didn’t flinch. Water sloshed around her calves, wetting the hem of her dress.

“Uh…Master Eldridge?” Gray Eyes turned to Bald Head, who motioned at his neck. “The sapphire….”

The one named Eldridge faced her again, eyes widening at the sight. He dipped his head slightly. “Forgive me, Mistress—or,” he added quickly, “or is it Princess?”

“I like princess, personally,” Gale offered.

Solomon sighed. “Princess Kizzie…we’ll never live it down.”

“Princess, Master Eldridge.” Kizzie inclined her head, ignoring the voices in her ear and moving confidently toward the boat.

Bald Head held up his hand. “Would Princess like assistance? Can’t have you show up wet.” Without waiting for a response he pushed the girl at the head of the line to her knees and barked, “On all fours, every one of you.”

The women obeyed, shifting to proper position, creating a path of human stepping-stones to the boat. The one farthest out could barely keep her head above water. Master Eldridge took Kizzie’s hand, motioning for her to step up.

What the hell are these chicks on? Bile rose in her throat, disgusted at assisting in demeaning these women while her foot pressed into the tiny back of the blond she’d first taken notice of. With Master Eldridge’s help, Kizzie stepped from blond to brunette, both surprisingly strong under her weight. As she passed from one fleshy ottoman to the next, each girl enthusiastically recited, “Thank you, Princess.” The last woman gargled it around a mouthful of seawater.

Settled in the boat, Kizzie reclaimed her hand. “You’ve trained them well.” It sickened her to say, but it seemed to be expected.

Bald Head beamed at her praise. “Stand.”

Heads still ducked, the women pushed to their feet; the one nearest the boat disappeared beneath the water before resurfacing, completely soaked. Drenched sarongs clung to practically naked flesh, outlining the curves of each woman’s body and making visible what lay beneath. Their breasts were bound with black rope that circled each orb, jutting the meat forward and out, nipples dark against the wet material. Lower, a wide leather strap between each woman’s legs connected to a strap around her waist and secured by multiple locks.

Chastity belts? Surprise at the discovery must have shown in her expression.

“Can’t have the little cunts coming, can we, Princess?” Bald Head chuckled. “Master Eldridge will accompany you. It won’t do for you to arrive with these slaves, so we’ll wait for his return.”

“Thank you…?”

“Master Scott,” he supplied, as Eldridge hoisted himself into the rig beside her.

She smiled thinly and added both names to her shit list.
Reader Reviews (10)
Submitted By: enjoy on Jan 28, 2014
A short contemporary romance that was great to read and that made me excited for more.
Submitted By: BonDarKen on Feb 13, 2013
Sneeky, sexy, hurtful, and funny.
Submitted By: tmh0616 on Jan 30, 2013
This story sarted out really exciting. Some kickass action. Then it ended on a hanger. I can't wait read more of this story. I'm hooked.
Submitted By: uniqueblack on Jan 4, 2013
Hot, sexy and frustratingly good!! This story will keep you on the edge and its too much to handle!!
Submitted By: aliensan on Jul 22, 2012
Three phases that went through my head while reading this, "Oh My God," "Hot Hot Hot," and "Oh H*ll No He Didn't." And yes this book was HOT HOT HOT HOT! If you're even slightly interested, get you will not regret it, I didn't ahha
Submitted By: your1chef on Mar 9, 2012
I really enjoyed this. I could totally picture this as a movie and it would be hot. Kizzie is a total bad arse and has been waiting for someone to dominate her, literally- but she doesn't know it yet. Xander is Master X and he has some moves that will tempt Kizzie into the unknown.
Submitted By: karenminfl on Jan 23, 2012
Cute and enjoyable. Want to know what happens next. The shortness and non-ending part are a bit frustrating but it was a fun read.
Submitted By: neneburge on Sep 3, 2011
Short but very good!! I want to read more from this author!!
Submitted By: nosceteipsum on Aug 30, 2011
Absolutly awesome! Very well written! She captures your interest and your need for more with this sexy and erotic story. Can't wait for "Wallbangers" book 2! Two thumbs way way up!
Submitted By: Tris on Jul 23, 2011
What a cool story. Excellent read.. cant wait for the rest of it! Very well written. Highly recommend this read.

Shaken and Stirred

By: Sable Jordan