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Shadowlove Stalkers

Series: Shadowlove , Book 1.0
By: Claudy Conn | Other books by Claudy Conn
Published By: Claudy Conn
Published: Jun 10, 2011
Word Count: 80,000
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Eligible Price: $2.99

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Categories: Romance>Vampires Romance>Scottish/Highlander Science Fiction & Fantasy


Shadowlove Stalkers (Shadowlove) by Claudy Conn - Romance>Scottish/Highlander eBook

What do you do when your father wants to turn you into a vampire and the man who offers you protection has his own, dark agenda?

Shawna Rawley has no choice but to run. Pentim Rawley, one of the most evil vampires who has ever lived, has just discovered that she is his daughter. Now he’s obsessed with finding and turning her. She doesn’t want Pentim to find the people she loves and use them to get to her. She doesn’t want him to find and turn her. She has only one ace up her sleeve. The human in her may be at risk, but in addition to being half vamp, Shawna is also a white witch!
Reader Rating:   4.7 starstarstarstarstar (48 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Editorial Reviews:
From Review by: Vonnie Faroqui -Writers' in the Sky
Avid vampire and paranormal romance enthusiasts are in for a darkly delicious thrill when they sink their teeth into Claudy Conn's newest series, ShadowLove Stalkers. Conn has a gift for character and plot development that sets her work apart from other romance novelists. There are few romance writers of her caliber. 5 Stars
From Wild about Bones
4.5 Stars!!! Put on your Wishlist, A good paranormal romance filled with vampires, witches, immortals, electricity entities, white magic, black magic and fae
From The Romance Studio
Claudy Conn has crafted a world which immediately draws the reader into the story from paragraph one. The heroine in this tale is strong, witty, skilled and full of conflict and emotion that keeps the reader turning pages. The Shadowlove-Stalkers has many elements that usually perk me up over a book:
From Romance Junkies P. Denise
SHADOWLOVE-STALKERS is a sexy paranormal romance that is a good start in what seems to be a promising new series. Author Claudy Conn has written an exceptional story with her own twist about the origin of the vampire. I found the whole back story of Draculaâs existence and the tie-in to the story quite fascinating, and I hope to learn even more as the series progresses. She does a great job on character dynamics. While the hero, Chad, was quite an attention grabber, I found myself drawn to the secondary character, Damon. I loved his mysterious air and wit. I am so looking forward to his upcoming story. By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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From Cherokee Sanders
Rating: 5 Cups Shadowlove Stalkers is a story that immediately hooks the reader. It reminds me of a roller coaster just beginning, only to plunge into speed, drawing the reader into non-stop action. Intense and spell-binding, this paranormal romance kept this reader engrossed until the conclusion. I loved the passion and chemistry between the main characters. With tremendous action and well thought out characters, this fantastic read sizzles and sparks like a firecracker. One cannot go wrong with this exciting book. Pentim is indeed depicted well as a secondary character full of malice, playing his part well. By Cherokee

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From Cherokee Sanders/Coffeetime Romance
Per my recommendation, your book has received a CTRR (Coffee Time Reviewer's Recommend Award) from Coffee Time Romance & More. This award recognizes outstanding writing styles in all book types and genres. Your book has received this award because I feel it is above and beyond a 5 Cup Rating. It was a super great book! You can see this here: http://coffeetimeromance.com/CoffeeThoughts/
From Joyfully Reviewed 5 stars
Revenge might be a dish best served cold but passion is a dish that is always hot â no matter when you serve it. Chad and Shawna experience both of these emotions along with several others in ShadowLove-Stalkers. Shawnaâs life caused me to share her feelings toward her father from the beginning, and I agreed he needed to be put down. I was a bit unsure of Chad in the beginning but as I learned his story, I knew he would be great for Shawna. The passion that exploded between them was hot and erotic, as much as also being unexpected. I loved how, even with their backgrounds, Shawna and Chad both still faced the human emotions that make us all crazy. I cheered when the battle raged and I saw how Chad, Shawna, and a friend worked so well together as a team to defeat her father. ShadowLove-Stalkers takes magic and suspense, and mixes with erotic passion for a journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I canât wait for the next book in the Shadow series, and I know just who I want the hero to be. I bet you will have the same wish once you have finished this story.

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From Review by: Delphinam on April 25, 2012 :
Claudy did it again! I love, love, love her Fae series, so I thought I would give her vamp series a go. I am so glad I did. One of the many things I enjoy about her writing is that she takes the lore and makes it her own. This book has vampires, black magic, a half vampire/half witch, immortals, and more. She does not stick with the typical vampire story. I love it!!!! The only issue I had with this book was that it kept me up all night reading "just one more chapter". Of course, that "one more chapter" became the whole book. Consequently, I am very tired today ;). I will definitely, without a doubt, be reading the next book in this series. I am so excited to find a new vampire series to dive into!

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Her silver eyes gave nothing away as she looked him over. He stood a few feet from her, and he made no effort to hide himself. He wore an expensive, form-fitting black leather jacket over a dark gray T-shirt. Jeans covered, long muscular legs. Black leather boots with silver tips finished his high-priced ensemble, and then her eyes glanced back at his face. Whew! Sexy, hot, and handsome in an all too memorable way.

Was he following her? She was sure he was following her. Why? This wasn’t the first time she had seen him that day. She had caught a glimpse of his profile earlier…

After all, he wasn’t the sort that could go unnoticed, and this she decided was not a coincidence. She didn’t believe in coincidences.
She pretended to glance at her watch and then hurried along. She felt him move in line with her, and this time, he got closer.

She stopped at the intersection of Forty-Second and glanced around casually. He was only a few feet away. He wasn’t looking at her, and yet, she felt she was in his sights. What does he want?
Reader Reviews (11)
Submitted By: moccha29 on Jan 27, 2014
Okay book. liked the characters but felt the story line had a few holes.
Submitted By: roula on Jan 14, 2014
solid book, good developed characters, hot scenes and free. what more do you need?
Submitted By: sarahd123 on Jan 13, 2014
This was a free read actual book. Have to love that. It was pretty good. The characters were witty and at times funny. Loved the dynamics between the characters. The plot was also good, but wasn't all that great. It had substance, but something was missing in it for me.
Submitted By: ardent_reader on Jan 28, 2013
I try alot of the freebies but this one is an actual book. Have to appreciate that.
Submitted By: kimpau on Jan 6, 2013
I enjoyed this book greatly. The fight screen could of been little more challenging but the book was great.
Submitted By: sassykitty on Aug 6, 2012
Wow! What a wonderfully written exciting book this turned out to be with lots of action and romance. Our Heroine, Shawna, is half vamp & half human and is continually on the run to hide from her crazed, vicious and evil full vampire father that is trying to find her and wants to turn her into a full vampire. Enter our hero, Chadwick, claiming that he wants to help and protect her from her father. Although Shawna does not know Chad, nor does she think she can trust him, there is an attraction between her and Chad that she does not want to admit to. Shawna goes on the run again and moves to a little cottage in Scotland where once again Chad shows up on her doorstep and tries to explain to her that she is in danger and again offers to help defeat her father. After a few problems with some strange and scary experiences, Shawna finally agrees to let Chad help her. This book is full of excitement and action and is a 'must read'. Next book in this series is 'Shadowheart-Slayer'.
Submitted By: anonom on Sep 26, 2011
HOT hot and hotter! The 5 stars they give this one doesn't lie. Love Chat and Shawna...different take on the whole thing and can't wait to read Slayer with Damon in it!
Submitted By: Jestor on Sep 26, 2011
Did not finish. Badly written. Don't wast the money. And the sex is very blah.
Submitted By: candices on Aug 2, 2011
Shadowlove-Stalkers is by far one of the most exceptional, captivating vampire romance stories I’ve read. It has every thing I could possibly want in a story. There was action, adventure, thirlls and plenty of hot lovin to make me blush from head to toe and cause my hormones to spiral out of control. From the moment I started reading it, I was on the edge of my seat, unable to even consider putting it down. So happy it's a series. Can't wait for Damon's story! One word, Claudy, "Hurry!!" :)
Submitted By: Tonya.Denise on Aug 2, 2011
Hate to say it, but I was almost bored reading this book. I continued to read to see what would happen. The book dragged on for me, as I was ready for it to end sooner than it did. I love longer books, but only when they have some substance to back it up. Sexy and cocky Chad was what got me through until the end. Don't think I will be reading the next story, as nothing about this book intrigued me enough to want to purchase another, not even the cliffhanger about Damon.
Submitted By: BigRocky1 on Jun 15, 2011
This is an action packed full of twists and turns book full of romance and suspence. Shawna is a half vampire/white witch that wins your heart at once and Chad is so hot you can't wait for the next scene!

Shadowlove Stalkers

By: Claudy Conn