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Sex Club Secrets

Series: Gods of Love , Book 3.0
By: Jennifer Lynne | Other books by Jennifer Lynne
Published By: Jennifer Lynne
Published: Jan 22, 2013
ISBN # JNNLNN0000003
Word Count: 21,000
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Available in: Epub, Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc)

Categories: Romance>Multiple Partners Romance>Erotic Romance Romance>Bisexual/Transgender

Ella is in love with her best friend Kade. But her love has not been returned, and when the bisexual Kade shows no signs of becoming romantic towards her, she decides to call a halt on her unrequited love and accept an invitation to a celebrated sex club.

Kade is distressed when the woman he is beginning to see as more than a friend decides to visit Secrets before he can tell her how he feels. He follows her into the club and witnesses her at play with the enigmatic Anteros, a sexy god-like man who seems to know exactly how to satisfy her innermost cravings. But Anteros also feeds the hidden desires within Kade. How can he admit his feelings for Ella when he’s not sure he can commit with his whole heart?

Anteros is one of the erotes, an aspect of Eros and the ancient Greek god of requited and unrequited love. He has heard the call of these would-be lovers and intends to show them that friendship can sometimes be the best place to kick start a lasting romantic relationship.

But love cannot flourish unless it is returned, and how will he convince Kade – a man who occasionally enjoys other men – that he can be true to the woman he loves? What will happen to this couple when the night ends and they return to the real world outside the door of Secrets?

Has one of the gods of love finally taken on a challenge he cannot fulfil?

This 21,000 word novella is suitable for Adult readers 18+ only. It contains menage a trois threesome sex, voyeurism, oral sex and anal play.
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One too many margaritas and she was about to spend the first night of her thirties holed up in a sex club. Hmm. Not much of an excuse, really, when she thought about it. Not like I'm drunk or anything. Three drinks, mostly laced with watered down lime juice, did not a crazy woman make.
So why the heck was she standing here on the street in front of a door covered in padded black leather, about to accept the dare that her friends had automatically assumed she'd refuse?
"Do it," Theo had insisted, and the other three echoed his laughing plea. "You're thirty, now, Ella; it's time you did something exciting in your life. For once."
Only Kade was silent, his long, slim frame rigid, staring at her with those penetrating hazel eyes that reminded her of an amber gemstone bracelet she'd recently assessed. He'd been so quiet tonight she couldn't read him, even though they'd been friends for close to ten years—a third of her lifetime.
"Kade?" What was going on behind that dead-pan expression? "What do you think? Should I go ahead with it?"
He shrugged and shook back the light brown hair that always threatened to flop down into his eyes. "It's not you, Ellie. You're too…vanilla for what's behind that door. I think you should go home."
Too vanilla? The muscles across her shoulders and neck began to tie themselves into an unpleasant knot. Oh, Kade. You should have known better than that.
She smoothed her hands down her short black dress, adjusting the hem of the skirt over her hips and giving herself a moment to gather courage, before pressing the buzzer set discreetly into the wall beside the door. "Right then," she said. "Guess I'm going in."

Sex Club Secrets

By: Jennifer Lynne