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See Lynne Chased

Series: See Her Fall , Book 2.0
By: Melissa Blue | Other books by Melissa Blue
Published By: Confessions of a Romance Author
Published: May 08, 2012
ISBN # CNFFRM0000005
Word Count: 56,520
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Eligible Price: $3.99

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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Interracial Romance>African-American


See Lynne Chased (See Her Fall) by Melissa Blue - Romance>Contemporary

Nathan Craine eats small businesses for breakfast. There's one store he is dying to buy, but this time it is for very personal reasons. He's certain the owner will hand over the store; it's only the matter of naming a price. To his surprise, Lynne Kelley refuses to sell, now or ever.

For Lynne, this is more than a business--it's a home. For Nate, it is a way to honor his father and right a past wrong. Both are determined to win, yet the more time they spend together, the deeper their attraction grows. In this battle, someone has to lose. And the cost of winning might be far more than either is willing to pay.
Reader Rating:   3.0 starstarstar (2 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
“Will you let me kiss you?”

This time she didn't want it to be a spur-of-the-moment thing. She didn't want him to come back with the lame excuse he'd been drunk. She half hoped it wouldn't make her toes curl and could finally write off the first kiss as a fluke.

One moment his entire frame felt stretched tight, the next, he melded against her.

“Yes,” Nate said as though he was conceding to a number of unspeakable sins.

She balanced on the tips of her toes and met his mouth. It should have been a crime for a man to have lips that soft and impossible for the brush of someone else's lips against hers to send her heartbeat into overdrive. His tongue flicked at the corner of her mouth, and her toes wanted to curl. Instead she settled back on her heels, leaning against the counter. She couldn't quite catch her breath and she needed a moment to get it back.

“If we are going to do this, we might as well do it the right way,” Nate said.

Before the meaning registered, his mouth was back on hers. Lynne let out a frustrated moan. The three-piece suit was like a damn chastity belt. She wanted them to be skin to skin. Really, she wanted to rip each button from his shirt so he could never find them and be forced to walk around shirtless. She would leave the tie on though. It could come in handy.

Nate explored her mouth, swallowed her breathy sighs, all without losing his cool. She wanted him to kiss her for an eternity. To always let his taste fill her as it did now. The need grew roots and she knew she wanted this to turn into something more or end now.

See Lynne Chased

By: Melissa Blue